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  1. Sorry, fellows, but I pleaded with them to remain WW1 pure...
  2. Ordered, but I'll probably need another....and another....<<heavy sigh>>
  3. I must agree with Jennings - RAL 7011 seems much too dark for lettering. Based on the RAL chip site I would recommend RAL 7040 or 7042 as a good match for the grey used for squadron codes (no matter what the paint name really was.) I guess I must double-check my previously trustworthy paint cross-reference chart in the future. Thanks for the sharp eye, Jennings.
  4. Dark Green - FS595 34079 - RAL 6031 should be OK Dark Earth - FS595 30118 - RAL 8025 is close but needs a little more green in it Sky - FS595 34504 - RAL 6027 or 6034 might do Medium Sea Grey - FS595 36270 - RAL 7011 is good Roundel Blue (Dull) - FS595 35048 - RAL 5013 or 5000 might do Roundel Red (Dull) - FS595 30109 - RAL 8003 is close but needs to be darker with more red Roundel Yellow - FS595 33538 - RAL 1003, 1017, 1018 are all good. I hope this helps.
  5. By mid-1940 the "standard" scheme would be Dark Green and Dark Earth uppers in either the 'A' or reverse 'B' pattern. Undersides would be one of the "Sky" variations. Roundels on the upper surfaces would be Red/Blue. Undersurfaces could have no roundels or have Red/White/Blue ones. The fuselage roundels would be Red/White/Blue/Yellow but the overall size and the proportions of the rings could vary. There were several variations of fin flash, all being Red/White/Blue with Blue at the hinge. Squadron/Aircraft codes would be in Medium Sea Grey and also varied in size, shape and style. As is almost always the case it is best to have photos and/or other references for the specific aircraft being modeled. I recommend "The Battle of Britain On Target Special" by the former Aviation Workshop Publications. I believe all their publication inventory went to Hannant's upon the cessation of operations. I hope this gets you pointed in the right general direction.
  6. Wingnut Wings is offering most, if not all, of the engines from their kits as separate items. Just the ticket for upgrading other manufacturers' kits or for quick insertion into a (mostly) scratchbuilt item. Prices seemed quite reasonable.
  7. Brilliant finish to a most interesting project. Well done!
  8. How about going for a clean sweep this year with a Siskin, Bulldog and a Gamecock? Your products are exquisite and your awards are well-deserved. Keep up the great work.
  9. One of the most stunning models I have ever seen. Your investment in time (and rubles) has certainly given a great return. Certainly a front runner for Build of the Year(s) award!
  10. Wow! Who would have thought that clunky Tamiya kit could be made to look so good? Joke, just a joke... Seriously, that is a gorgeous end result with a beautiful (understated) weathered finish. Bravo Zulu!
  11. Right on, Stephen! I can narrow it a bit more by not wanting a model of any aircraft first flown after 1935. That should narrow the manufacturers field to Wingnut Wings and Silver Wings and I already have a lifetime subscription to their 1:32 products. This has been a supplement by your friendly old grump to the above public service announcement by your friendly know-it-all - now back to my 1:32 Douglas O-2H (dans du papier.)
  12. A. This thread is four years old. B. This thread asked what do you NOT want to see (in 2008.) C. Perhaps this thread should be locked and a new "not wanted in 2012" thread started...
  13. You could do the "paper-to-plastic" challenge with Skyline Paper Models F2H-3.
  14. Space vehicles aren't on my list of "must haves" but I would imagine there are many who would like such a model.
  15. The resin wicker seat may be a Pheon product?
  16. Thanks, DaneBramage - there is no such thing as too much cowbell and too many B-25 threads!
  17. Oh, that weathering is so fine! In a world of over-weathered and over-presprayed panels this model shines like the sun.
  18. Check out eCardmodels for some 1:48 scale F3H models. I recommend them not because they are card models but because one may be helpful in determining cross-sections. If you enlarged them by 150% and substituted styrene sheet they might make a good "foundation" for a more detailed rendering of the aircraft.
  19. Beautiful model, stunning photos.
  20. I concur with Stephen - the subject of WWI colors has been researched, re-researched and over-researched on specialist sites like The Aerodrome and the discussions there can be "warm" to say the least. I am familiar with the WNW, Pheon and Roden decals and find that they are all within my acceptable range, especially when given a very light "dusting" of anything in the pale brown to pale grey range. I respect the research done by Pheon and WNW and can certainly find no fault with their products. I am not familiar with the other brands mentioned. Of equal importance in the proper appearance of WWI German aircraft with the polygon camouflage fabric is getting the orientation of the "fabric" correct - some were applied chordwise, some spanwise and some at a diagonal across the surface. Rib tape application and color is also important. As always, it is best to work from photos of the subject whenever possible.
  21. Thanks for the posting! The downed SE5a diorama gets my vote...
  22. Rowan has not posted on Britmodeler page since September of last year. There are several decal products that were slated for release last year that have not yet appeared. My last contact with Pheon was in later August 2011 when I confirmed that several pre-orders were still waiting for finished product.
  23. The painting and weathering is absolute perfection. Bravo!
  24. Being primarily a WW1 devotee I will wait until (IF!) the various B-25s are actually in someone's shop and have an actual price before making a final decision. I wish all parties involved good luck and many (profitable) sales but based on the negative comments about the pricing of recent 1/32 single-engine models I am afraid that the actual sales of the announced 1/32 twins (let alone the 4-engined bombers) are likely to fall far short of the number needed to make such projects worthwhile for a manufacturer in the future.
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