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  1. cool, the UM may be my next build
  2. that looks very nice.... i am tempted by the Ouragan they want to do
  3. only shipping inside Germany (????) can someone there maybe order for me (small amount) and forward to me in Austria? this is like a shop in new york not shippping to new jersey....
  4. its two pack bondo used for repairs of cars, it comes in different grades. i use the normal (not fiber reinforced) for creating masters, the fine grade i use for putty work on PLA 3D prints
  5. very nice work! i had sucsess with using carputty for masters, these polish up very nicely and dont transfer imperfections to the pull easily.
  6. i may have to add more weight in front, even though the pit and canopy parts are still missing
  7. how did i miss this? stellar work, Mark
  8. i wish i´d "suck" at scribing like you.....
  9. late to the party, but alles Gute! and gute Besserung!
  10. i have one at my office. Heinz brought it so i can do some Skyblazers decals for it looks like the kinetic kit a little toy like but lots of space for detailing
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