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  1. The next stage was to drill out the centre of the cowl to house the engine eventually.An appropriate drill bit was used and then sanded down so that the engine cylinder heads will just touch the inside of the cowl.The front of the cowl was then tapered to shape.
  2. Hi to all My family have now departed back to UK so its back to the work bench!!!.....and the dreaded cowl!!!!! So as you can see from the photo I started by laminating 6 pieces of 5mm balsa together with glue and left to dry overnight.With a compass I drew the front view shape of the cowl on what at the time was a block of Balsa wood.......does that make sense? Difficult to explain as I am new to this.....so apologies! Then the shape of the cowl was sanded with fine glass paper checking all the time with the plans for the shape of the cowl.....see below
  3. Hi Tony Obviously I like large scale and I have always found the Lysander's cockpit glass and area interesting because you can see so much.So I thought that the bigger the better!!!(not being too big to fit in the display cabinet!!!)I scratch built a 1:30 Sopwith Camel once and loved the ease in replicating parts in that scale(on website)....thanks for your interest Fozzy(Martin)
  4. Hi guys sorry haven't posted for a week but family over from UK and everything has ground to a halt model-wise!! Looking forward to getting back to normality - that's me in my man-cave working on my Lysander! Cheers Fozzy
  5. Hi guys And to continue!............Okay so all the formers are in place so the next task was to glue the stringers to the formers,making sure that they don't sit flush with the formers.I sat them protruding about 1mm.The reason for this is so you don't see the formers when the skin has been applied or so I have been told!! here's a pic... As you can see in the photo I have placed the cowling nose plate on ready to receive the cowling...well when I have made it!! The Lysander was built around a steel tube structure and being covered with sheet aluminium from the nose to just aft of the pil
  6. Hi to everyone Fozzy the Newbie here!!! I thought I'd have a go at posting on this forum a project that I started a month ago...namely the MK 1 Westland Lysander. This is going to be a 1:30 scale project and will be totally scratch built......I have only scratch built one other aircraft in my life and that was a Sopwith F1 Camel(see my website (http://www.martinfosteraviationmodels.com) and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd have a go at the Lysander. I'm under no illusion that this is going to be easy,but hopefully with plenty of feedback from this forum I hope to pull it off!! Abou
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