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  1. For some reason lost half the photos.....here are the ones that disappeared!! Lets try again...see if we cant lose these! Thanks for taking a look Cheers Fozzy
  2. Hi chaps My Mojo needed re kindling after 2 years of concentrating on a scratch built B17G....and I found the solution with this ZVEZDA 1:35 L 4500R kit. Wow!...it was a real pleasure to build...and on a subject I know diddley squat about I had some real fun! Previous to this build I built a F14A which was such a trial to put together that when it came to this kit I was a bit sceptical weather I would ever finish it considering that in the 61 years I have been on this planet this is probably one of the handful of times that I have dabbled with an AFV subject!...how wrong was I?....loved every second of the build! Here it is ...............
  3. Hey Jari....thanks a lot for the info on the catalog....I will take a look at it Whats 3 years ...4 years....when your having fun eh Craig? Hi Kev....yes that is true of course but there will be a few niggly parts I will have to overcome ...but that's the game isn't it?...cheers I'm just glad I have someone on board to spur me on Mark! Fattening myself up as we speak Tim!!!
  4. Very very true when it comes to scratch building Jim....and I'm glad my SE5 gave you inspiration for your Fury
  5. Just got back from my 2 month break from everything that is modelling....to see this absolutely beautiful scratch built Fury! Jim ...you must be very proud of what you have achieved..I know I would be. Excellent mate! Fozzy
  6. Well hi there everyone! After a long break that was had in dear old Blighty! I have returned to my office in downtown Bulgaria where the temperatures are at a sizzling 32C...real feel 37c...so just as well I am locked away at my bench! I do hope that everyone had a good summer...I know I did! So on the subject of this B17G.......well I thought it best to make the second display stand.... which I wanted to be the same as the front section stand. In the photos I have taken I hope that it kind of shows where I am going with this project......here they are..... I was thinking the other morning as how long I thought it would take to finish this project....and I came to the frightening conclusion that it will be another 3 years in the finishing!....seems crazy really but I just have to do it....and I do hope I have you guys on board to spur me on!... Each section takes me about a year to complete and I have another 3 sections to go! I am in the process now of gathering info and photos of the Radio room section which is next on the agenda....but before I start building I think I am going to put together one of my kits that I have in my ...very small stash!...just as a warm up for the Radio room. So until then.......see you in a bit! Cheers Fozzy
  7. Hi Guys Due to the delightful people at Photobucket I decided to re place all my photos on this RFI thread ....this time from postimage.org. ...This P51D and hangar is a blast from the past from 2011!...hope you still enjoy the photos! Cheers Fozzy
  8. Once again...thanks everyone for your comments! .......oh and no problem Bill Cross
  9. Thank you all so much for all you comments I really appreciate the feed back that I receive here on LSP. Hi Tim.......to answer your questions.......I will be displaying the finished project with each section approximately an inch or so apart so that you can see inside each section.........Unfortunately I can not photo the two sections together at the moment as I am over 2000 miles away from my office and the model!....will do it in September if you can wait that long!!!
  10. Thanks a lot guys for your comments...see you soon!
  11. Here is what the B17G looks like so far!....only another 4 sections to go! I will be starting the radio room section this coming September. Thanks for your time for having a look! Fozzy
  12. Good afternoon chaps! Some of you might remember a few years back that I scratch built the front section of a B17G in 1:20 scale. Well I made a rather crazy decision to continue down the fuselage and try to build the whole thing! I started building the bomb bay on 17th September 2016 which once upon a time you could have looked at if you were interested but Photo bucket destroyed the whole lot over night which I'm sure you all know! So after a years work on and off and a lot of heart ache at times...I present to you the B17G bomb bay section.....I do hope you like it!
  13. Hi chaps So here it is ...(at long last ).....Bomb bay all finished! I had a lot of fiddly things to do starting with all the detail on the bulk head where the hydraulic pump and the Engineers circuit breaker board is....here are some photos. Here are the hydraulic fluid tanks which is connected to the hydraulic pump further in the cockpit.... Here is the circuit breaker board for the Engineer to play with!! So here it all is put together and painted....... Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed my self with this section of the B17G. I also managed to complete it before my trip to UK...which is good news for me as when I return to my office at the beginning of September I will be able to start a fresh on the next section which will be the Radio room!....I think I need this time off from this build as it is the toughest project I have ever done....I really was only going to do the front section....but I guess I got carried away with it all!!. Thank you to you chaps who have been watching this and giving me support and help to get through the build....but I will need you in a few months time to encourage me for the next section...so don't go away! I will post a few photos on RFI a little later Cheers guys.......I'll be back soon! Fozzy
  14. Coming from you Rich....that's a real compliment!
  15. Hi everyone Here is my next post.... I am very close to the finishing post for this section of this mammoth task I have set my self of scratch building this B17G!...what on earth was I thinking?...but once I start something I just have to finish it! . What I am attempting to do is finish the Bomb bay before I have a break in UK for a few months...so that when I come back I will be able to start on the next section which will be the Radio room....but I mustn't get ahead of myself!:nah: So this post is all about the gubbings behind the wing fillets!....there's pipes and cables and I believe some sort of hydraulic pump thingy....well at least I think it is!. I have to say that this for me is when I am at my most content when model making...trying to make something look as real as I can out of bits of plastic and wire...oh the joys of scratch building! So here we have the Starboard side with the pump thingy!!!.......... (I hope that Postimage won't give me any hassle....unlike those b#$%a** at PB!) ...and here is the Port side..... Time now to apply paint and artists oils....port side Now for the Starboard side........... ...and for the overall effect I put it on the front sections display stand again Now then....all I have to do now is the detail on the Bulk head nearest the front section...Bulkhead number 5 and then a few pieces of tidying up and that's that for this phase....oh and a stand ! Best get on Oh BTW...Post image .org is simple simple and fast... Thanks for looking in Fozzy
  16. Yea ..doing good!...hope you are ok as well..A real bugger this PB thing!
  17. Cheers Craig! Hi Jim.....Yes I started using Alu Tape on this project simply because I wanted a really realistic aluminum finish on my B17....instead of the green camouflage scheme that I would have just painted. In the future I would use the tape again for this type of finish...great stuff!
  18. I have now switched to Postimage.org.....very simple and fast! I am lucky as most of my photos that are on PhotoBucket I had backed up on discs as I went along so I won't be bothering to do any transferring....I am still livid to think that all the past posts that we all did have vanished into the ether...really not on PB!....seems illegal to me that there was no warning....but that's seems to be the way things are going now on the internet.
  19. Here you see the brackets for the actuating rods and the door hinges.... all painted up..... Here is the Alu tape on the out side of the doors.............. Here are the doors attached (not permanently...as I have to place the actuating rods at a later stage) ....and now up on the display stand for the nose section...haven't got round to building one yet!!! So next up is the detail to be found behind the wing fillets....until then.... Thanks for looking in Fozzy
  20. Hi Chaps OK so I have now changed to Postimage.org to host my photos....seems very quick and easy to use when you get used to it....a lot user friendly than Photo Bucket....so I can now have a go at posting my next post! The Bomb bay doors are now complete....here are some photos ....
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