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  1. Hi there Here is the next up date! I have spent the last few days getting the fuselage structure built...I started with the lower half and then moved on to the upper half...almost symmetrical or but a few millimeters here and there!. Here are the two halves........ Placing them on top of each other gives us the definite shape of the fuselage area.... So to try and explain what the plan is for this phase of the B17 build I have tried to put a few arrows here and there....... The blue arrow at the rear shows you where I am intending to detail the
  2. Yes......well most of it Shawn...I'll give it a go!...if I have enough time in my life!! Hi Thor.....I have been around but scratch building a 1:48 scale Dewoitine D510...far too small for this forum!!! I often have that problem Jim!....I usually try to do something completely different to try and get my mojo back!
  3. Good afternoon to you all...I hope all is well in the modelling world! After a break from this build I now think its time I got back to the task in hand ......and that is to continue with this beast! It was good to put this B17G down for a bit and have a go at something else but there is so much to do with this project that I am now ready and sort of focused to continue!! For those of you that have been following this build...(you must all be mad!)...and as a recap..you know that I started with...... Phase 1.....Nose section back to the top turret Phase 2.....Bomb bay S
  4. Hi Guys I am going through all my ready for inspection posts to replace the stolen ones from PhotoBucket! Some of the photos are missing as PhotoBucket seem to have lost them for me.... outrageous behavior if you ask me!....and what a pains taking drag to replace the photos...but I just don't want them to get away with it after all the work that went into this SE5a a few years back! So apologies for dragging this post up again! Cheers to all Fozzy
  5. I will be starting on the Radio room in a few weeks hopefully Bil !
  6. Hi Bil....there is but most of the photos have gone due to photobucket... but near the end of the blog from page 16 you can see the photos!...... Here you go..... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64522&page=16
  7. Hi guys I am going through some of my RFI posts to rectify Photo Buckets damn cheek!!....and replacing all the photos...a real drag! So apologies for dragging this post up again Cheers Fozzy
  8. Well ..we shouldn't let them have the upper hand Kev!
  9. Hi everyone I have managed to go through this post and re place all the photos that PhotoBucket robbed off me using Post image....so much easier to use I have to say!.....so apologies for dragging this post up again!! Have been really busy with maintenance on the house so the next section of this build has suffered I'm afraid....but long before I re start with the Radio room! Cheers Fozzy
  10. Sorry Lothar.....don't know whats going on!!....as you see above...I lost half the photos for some reason!
  11. For some reason lost half the photos.....here are the ones that disappeared!! Lets try again...see if we cant lose these! Thanks for taking a look Cheers Fozzy
  12. Hi chaps My Mojo needed re kindling after 2 years of concentrating on a scratch built B17G....and I found the solution with this ZVEZDA 1:35 L 4500R kit. Wow!...it was a real pleasure to build...and on a subject I know diddley squat about I had some real fun! Previous to this build I built a F14A which was such a trial to put together that when it came to this kit I was a bit sceptical weather I would ever finish it considering that in the 61 years I have been on this planet this is probably one of the handful of times that I have dabbled with an AFV subject!...how wrong was I?....lov
  13. Hey Jari....thanks a lot for the info on the catalog....I will take a look at it Whats 3 years ...4 years....when your having fun eh Craig? Hi Kev....yes that is true of course but there will be a few niggly parts I will have to overcome ...but that's the game isn't it?...cheers I'm just glad I have someone on board to spur me on Mark! Fattening myself up as we speak Tim!!!
  14. Very very true when it comes to scratch building Jim....and I'm glad my SE5 gave you inspiration for your Fury
  15. Just got back from my 2 month break from everything that is modelling....to see this absolutely beautiful scratch built Fury! Jim ...you must be very proud of what you have achieved..I know I would be. Excellent mate! Fozzy
  16. Well hi there everyone! After a long break that was had in dear old Blighty! I have returned to my office in downtown Bulgaria where the temperatures are at a sizzling 32C...real feel 37c...so just as well I am locked away at my bench! I do hope that everyone had a good summer...I know I did! So on the subject of this B17G.......well I thought it best to make the second display stand.... which I wanted to be the same as the front section stand. In the photos I have taken I hope that it kind of shows where I am going with this project......here they are.....
  17. Hi Guys Due to the delightful people at Photobucket I decided to re place all my photos on this RFI thread ....this time from postimage.org. ...This P51D and hangar is a blast from the past from 2011!...hope you still enjoy the photos! Cheers Fozzy
  18. Once again...thanks everyone for your comments! .......oh and no problem Bill Cross
  19. Thank you all so much for all you comments I really appreciate the feed back that I receive here on LSP. Hi Tim.......to answer your questions.......I will be displaying the finished project with each section approximately an inch or so apart so that you can see inside each section.........Unfortunately I can not photo the two sections together at the moment as I am over 2000 miles away from my office and the model!....will do it in September if you can wait that long!!!
  20. Thanks a lot guys for your comments...see you soon!
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