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  1. Thanks Tony.....as for the suggestion?....on yer bike!
  2. Thanks Dan...your too kind! I did try once upon a time looking at a CAD programme but must admit that I didn't understand it all and decided to stick with what I knew that I could do!...of course I do understand that computer generated drawings are very accurate for scale etc and that my work is not exactly 100% true to scale. but I guess I can live with that!...I also tried my hand at using aftermarket stuff but again found that I was restricted by what was on the market and thought it was all too expensive for me..and to be honest like your self Dan I love "the learning how things work" and want to try to have a go at building something completely without any help other than copying what I see in photos and drawings.....I guess I am an "old school" modeler!! I wish you all the best with your project and will look forward to seeing it....you just got to love this hobby!..I just wish we all had more time to build all the models we want to .............
  3. Here is the turret temporarily placed in the fuselage to get some idea of what it might look like when finished!....  Well done for sticking around to look at all the photos! So now its back to the Radio room section of the fuselage which will incorporate this ball turret. I will start by skinning the interior of the bottom section half and will post again when I have made some progress. Thanks a lot for looking in Fozzy 
  4. Hi guys I am pleased to announce that the ball turret construction has come to an end! leaving me with just the detail above the ball that will be shown inside the fuselage. I have to say that although it was a challenge.... I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the B17G build!......I didn't realize from the offset how much equipment there was inside the turret and I have learn' t a lot about the operation of the turret along the way. Since my last post I finished off by placing an electrical box and cable on top of all the other detail!...and had to make the gunners hatch door that I will show you first......... the next photo shows the inside of the door..... I have temporarily blue tacked the gunners door in its place on the turret for these next set of photos..... So here is the completed turret at different angles placed on a medicine dispenser I found that held it steady whilst photographing!!....took me ages to scratch build this so no apologies for the amount of photos!! Here it is turned upside down so you can see the detail!.....
  5. Thanks a lot guys for all your comments! Thanks for the link Kev....I'm with every one else....I am sticking with postimg...not going back to that outfit!
  6. Good afternoon chaps May I just say before I start on this post....... Has anyone else noticed that some of the photos are coming back on the posts from Photobucket?...really odd as there was no warning....all the photos from some of my old posts from other models I have made years ago are returning!...please let me know if you are experiencing the same thing....not complaining but don't trust the beggers and I won't be returning to them! Any how..onto the old ball turret! I have added yet another layer of equipment that is found in the turret!....this time its the control pack for the gunner to move the turret from left to right and up and down and also the firing buttons for the 50 cals! The control box was difficult as I really didn't have many photos of different angles of it , so some of it was guess work I am afraid!....twice I got the scale wrong because of lack of photos but got there in the end and I think it looks reasonably accurate! I also built a chain gear box for the movement of the ball which I will show you first....... Here it is completely made from plastic scrap...... ....and here is the difficult to build control unit!....... The next set of photos show the two parts built placed in their position in the turret.......... So here we have the parts painted ................... Now.....your be pleased to know that were on the last push for finishing the internal construction...I know I will be!!!....just a box and cable here and there and then it will be the time to try and fit the top of the turret on and to start building the external detail. I will be back with the last bit of detail soon.....till then...thanks a lot for looking in guys Fozzy
  7. Hi everyone Just when you thought that it was impossible to cram any more equipment into the turret Mr Sperry thought it was best to install the K4 gun sight!....and it isn't a small piece of equipment either!...it sat just above the gunners rib cage! I made the gun sight by shaping a small piece of balsa wood and then covering it with some plastic card....then all the bits and bobs were simply glued on! Here it is before being painted...... ....and here are some different angles of the K 4 gun sight before being placed into the turret..... So here are some photos of the gun sight squeezed into the turret.......poor gunner! Looking through the gunners hatch....... Here is a shot through the front glass on the ball turret showing the (blue) sight glass....... Its a slow old process but I think I am getting there! Next up is....yep you guessed it .....more equipment!! Till then thanks for taking a look...always appreciated Fozzy
  8. Thanks guys....and thanks Kev for the heads up on Postimage....I will see if I can retrieve some of my photos!
  9. Hi there chaps Been a while since I last posted due to the fact that Spring is here and every year I have to fix house problems tend to the garden etc etc also add to the mix that this turret build is pretty complicated! I am also experiencing problems with these posts as the photos keep disappearing..( Photobucket springs to mind!)...since Photobucket went silly I have been using.... Postimage....I haven't had any problems until just recently.I found out that they had been hacked....but I was told of a solution which works...some times!I am going to replace all the photos of this build one more time and hope that this time they stay here....but I'm not sure if they will...if they don't then this whole Radio room blog is just a waste of time!....I will try again......is anybody else having this problem? Any way on with this post............ I have a method in scratch building this turret now and that is to build it in layers!...from the top of the ammo cans to the next piece of equipment and then the next layer would be another part of the system to the next part and so forth. ....because of the amount of stuff that's packed into the ball its the only way I seem to be able to do it! So here is the next layer! ..... As you can see all the white parts are the detail that I have added since my last post....... This shot is looking in through the gunners hatch......... So with a bit of paint added here is what it looks like so far........ So now I have to put another layer of detail on....probably the last bit hopefully!...then I can get on with the Radio room! Thanks for looking in Cheers Fozzy
  10. I'm with you on that one Tony!....read somewhere yesterday that "some" gunners used to carry a pistol for a quick exit from their life rather than be trapped in the ball hurtling down to earth!. As I build this turret I can see that the gunner is totally surrounded by equipment and there really isn't an inch to spare....and as for a fast exit?....
  11. Once again guys....thanks a lot for your interest in this build. As for the survival rate of these gunners I have also read different opinions!..some say as Bstarr3 has pointed out that the tail gunner was the worst position and then I have read that the nose section was a pretty dodgy position to be in.....(until they installed the chin Turret)...personally I think where ever you were positioned in the Fort flying over Germany in the early 40s was not a good place to be!....my greatest respect for all of those real Heroes! BTW....apologies for the photos on here that seem to have a mind of their own at the moment!...one minute they are here next they have vanished...I think that Postimage have been hacked....anyone else experiencing problems? Cheers Fozzy
  12. Afternoon guys! I have just returned from UK and I am now back in my office and can get to my bench!....the last time I posted was 15 March and of course not being able to do any modelling this post is going to be a small update. So its the continuation of the Ball turret that seems to get more and more complicated the more I look at the photos. I have many photos of different angles of the interior of the turret that I have collected over the months and its a real slow process of interpreting what I see!....not to mention that some of the equipment I have scratch built will be able to be seen but only if you look carefully in all the nooks and crannies!.....as in the real turret there isn't a spare scrap of space! So I continued with building an electrical control box that sits on the front of the ammo cans.....here it is..... I painted the said object and before placing into the turret I built the manual elevation shaft control that the gunner would use if there was no power to the controls....this sits somehow on the front of the electrical control box!....... The last 3 photos show the progress I have made by looking at the white un painted parts....... So as you can see....real slow progress for such a small part in this B17G project! When I have made a bit more progress I will post again....so until then... Thanks for taking a look Fozzy
  13. Hi guys I have been going through my RFI posts and replacing the photos that Photo bucket decided to steel from us all! This is my Super detailed Spitfire Mk 1 I posted about 7 years ago!..... Hope you like the snaps! Cheers Fozzy
  14. Hi there Lads and Lasses! I am off to the UK tomorrow but was able to do a quick update before I set off. I haven't done much but its a start to complete the ball turret part of this build. Looking at photos convinced me that the next best thing to scratch build should be the ammo cans that are inside the ball!....they sit just above (and I mean just above) the gunners thighs!....I can see why the ball turret gunners had to be small...there is just no room to move an inch!...no wonder they got cramp!.....lying there in that draughty enclosed space ...dangling under the belly of the B17 with the deafening thunder of the 50 cals a few inches from their ears!....... great respect for them! Scratch building the ammunition cans was a huge task in it self and I hope that they look something like them....I built them from a small block of balsa wood and then covered it with some yogurt pot plastic....just to save some of my plastic card! The rounds were made by cutting teeny pieces of telephone wire and gluing them on a strip of paper. Here is a photo of the can's and some of the ammunition that will be seen before painting..... The rounds were then glued into position and the whole thing was painted...... Then the real tricky part started!......fixing the whole lot into the small ball. I decided a few days ago that the whole idea of this B17G project was mainly to show off all the interior detail....and so I thought that the top of the ball should be open so that when its in the fuselage you can look straight down into the turret as well as looking through the gunners hatch which will be on the outside of the fuselage.....so to that end I cut part of the top off the ball as you will see in the next photos. It took a lot of dry runs to make the cans fit in the ball with the top half on....but managed to do it in the end. Here we have the ammunition cans in the turret minus the top half.... ....and here is what it looks like with the top of the ball temporarily attached... You might notice that only one side of the ammunition cans are painted....this is because a lot of detail will be attached to the un painted side later. So now I am off to UK for a few weeks and will be back to continue this mid April. Thanks as always for looking in and taking a peek! Laters Fozzy
  15. Afternoon all! OK then.... I took photos of the bottom half of this turret this morning so that I could show you the progress that I have made so far. I have to say that I found researching the Sperry Ball Turret fascinating and it was ...and still is...pretty difficult to put it all together!...If I thought the lower section was hard it will be nothing compared to the upper half!.,..as I said in my last post it was difficult at times to know which part to scratch build first...wires and cables were hidden behind parts so I really had to think it all through!....this is my excuse in case you see any flaws...and believe me there are a few!... But I am happy with the way it turned out....so far! So here are the photos then......I think that the whole thing will look better when the top half is joined.......... ...and just so you can get an idea of the scale....... The next few photos show all the bits and bobs that go into the lower half of the ball.... So ....thinking ahead of the upper half I think I am going to have to think outside the box on this one as so far with this project I have put the emphasis on being able to see the internal workings of the B17G.....EG...the nose section was only skinned up to the cockpit plexiglass...so you could see into the cockpit....same as the last section I built...the bomb bay...although I think I might have to re visit the bomb bay as I don't think you can see into the bay very well....and so to this radio room....and to that end this Ball turret....I think I will design it so that the top of the ball is open enabling you to see down into the ball......its a load of balls really......but I think you know where I'm going with this! Unfortunately My Wife has fallen ill and I have to return to the UK for a few weeks to look after her and so I don't think I will be able to post any more up dates for a while ....might be able to slip a small one in before I go!.....this post is full of double entendre's!! Cheers for looking in chaps Fozzy
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