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  1. Good afternoon to you all! It's me back to bother you once again!! My last post showed that I had finished the camera pit and so it was on to completing the radio room floor and the floor area that houses the ball turret. So we will start of with the constructing photos I took of the floor area behind the radio room bulk head..... The big hole will be for the ball turret!...eventually! Here you can see the Azimuth gear ring for operating the 360 degree turret swivel....this took some time and patience as I ma
  2. CAMERA PIT PART 2 Hi guys I have now managed to complete the camera pit after rather a difficult week or so trying to find information about the equipment that is found in the pit. I do hope that I have done the area justice and hope that it is realistic enough! Its rather a large post so lets get on with it!.... To start with I made the main Junction box and wired it all up.....here's a photo..... Here it is all painted..... I then had to make the Intervallmeter power box which is connected to the
  3. PART 1 OF THE CAMERA PIT Hi guys Not much is known of the contents of the Camera pit and to that end it was difficult to find information and photos but after endless trolling of the internet and many B17 sites I came across just a few photos and info of the area. I don't know why more info and photos (even drawings) are not out there to see as I think its quite important to show how the bombing photos were taken. For me this is frustrating because if you have been following this build you can see that I am trying to show every aspect of the B17. However I have started to
  4. Cheers Rich! I have registered with the group you have mentioned and I am eagerly awaiting to see your B17 photos!....thanks for the heads up mate! Fozzy
  5. Hi Guys Back again with another installment!...have had more distractions than you can shake a stick at but found some spare time again to try and continue with this build! I managed to complete both port and starboard Oxygen and Glycol tank bays which are under the floor of the radio room.A bit difficult finding photos of said area but I found a diagram giving the positions of the tanks and decided to roll with that! So here we have the areas prepared for the tank installation....both port and starboard..........
  6. Hi there Time for an update. .....its a tad boring though as this part of the build always is!...but it has to be done! Basically I have been shaping the balsa down on the top half of the radio room. Its a little time consuming but it has to be right at this stage else this part of the fuselage (radio room) will not look right! I had to make the extended part on the top as well as cutting aperture's out for the perspex windows on the side and cutting the access doors out. The photos will show what I am waffling on about! Looks a mess
  7. Good afternoon guys I do hope that everyone is "A" OK and you all had a great summer!...I certainly did! Seems like an age since I last posted on here...in fact it has been nearly 4 months!...I went back to Blighty for the summer and when I returned life's little distractions kept me away from my work shop...what with fixing things around the house ...car maintenance etc etc...you all know how it is! Any way I have found a bit of time until I get my family knocking on my door for their yearly visit and until they come lets see if I can continue with this Ra
  8. Cheers lads...have a great summer and I will be back to annoy you all again soon!!
  9. Afternoon all! Been a while but work on my house was required which didn't give me much time to get on with the radio room...plus I am getting ready to return to the UK for the summer which I do each year due to the extreme hot weather here during the summer months.....which of course means that this will be the last post until I get back to my office at the end of August. So I have made a start on the radio room with the lower half and the flooring. It's nowhere finished but it's a start! As you can see the fuselage is Balsa based and the floor was built up also with pieces of b
  10. Thanks Tony.....as for the suggestion?....on yer bike!
  11. Thanks Dan...your too kind! I did try once upon a time looking at a CAD programme but must admit that I didn't understand it all and decided to stick with what I knew that I could do!...of course I do understand that computer generated drawings are very accurate for scale etc and that my work is not exactly 100% true to scale. but I guess I can live with that!...I also tried my hand at using aftermarket stuff but again found that I was restricted by what was on the market and thought it was all too expensive for me..and to be honest like your self Dan I love "the learning how things work"
  12. Here is the turret temporarily placed in the fuselage to get some idea of what it might look like when finished!....  Well done for sticking around to look at all the photos! So now its back to the Radio room section of the fuselage which will incorporate this ball turret. I will start by skinning the interior of the bottom section half and will post again when I have made some progress. Thanks a lot for looking in Fozzy 
  13. Hi guys I am pleased to announce that the ball turret construction has come to an end! leaving me with just the detail above the ball that will be shown inside the fuselage. I have to say that although it was a challenge.... I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the B17G build!......I didn't realize from the offset how much equipment there was inside the turret and I have learn' t a lot about the operation of the turret along the way. Since my last post I finished off by placing an electrical box and cable on top of all the other detail!...and had to make the gunners hatch door that
  14. Thanks a lot guys for all your comments! Thanks for the link Kev....I'm with every one else....I am sticking with postimg...not going back to that outfit!
  15. Good afternoon chaps May I just say before I start on this post....... Has anyone else noticed that some of the photos are coming back on the posts from Photobucket?...really odd as there was no warning....all the photos from some of my old posts from other models I have made years ago are returning!...please let me know if you are experiencing the same thing....not complaining but don't trust the beggers and I won't be returning to them! Any how..onto the old ball turret! I have added yet another layer of equipment that is found in the turret!....this time its the control pac
  16. Hi everyone Just when you thought that it was impossible to cram any more equipment into the turret Mr Sperry thought it was best to install the K4 gun sight!....and it isn't a small piece of equipment either!...it sat just above the gunners rib cage! I made the gun sight by shaping a small piece of balsa wood and then covering it with some plastic card....then all the bits and bobs were simply glued on! Here it is before being painted...... ....and here are some different angles of the K 4 gun sight before being placed into the turret..... So here
  17. Thanks guys....and thanks Kev for the heads up on Postimage....I will see if I can retrieve some of my photos!
  18. Hi there chaps Been a while since I last posted due to the fact that Spring is here and every year I have to fix house problems tend to the garden etc etc also add to the mix that this turret build is pretty complicated! I am also experiencing problems with these posts as the photos keep disappearing..( Photobucket springs to mind!)...since Photobucket went silly I have been using.... Postimage....I haven't had any problems until just recently.I found out that they had been hacked....but I was told of a solution which works...some times!I am going to replace all the photos of this bui
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