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  1. Hi tigers , So in the summary of the construction of PZL P.11 III Cleveland I would like to boast that the model was awarded the Grand Prix prize in the Super Model competition for the best model of the PZL P.11 aircraft. I would like to thank you for the distinction and sent prizes. I also thank all people of good will for the substantive support of the project. Regards Marcin Matejko IPMS Świdnica
  2. A small stagnation in the work on the model. I am waiting for photos of the interior of the replica pilot's cabin. During this time, I drew the motor cover in the 3D program and I intend to print it.
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    1/32 CH-53E / MH-53E - 3D printed / scratchbuilt

    A great design . A lot of grinding
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    Italeri F-35A RNethAF

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    1917 Sopwith Camel by Model Airways

    I'm waiting for the show
  6. Thanks boys. I made most of the large elements of the model. I checked how they fit together and how the model's silhouette looks like. I guess it looks pretty good, I think it's reminiscent of the Wedell Williams 45 plane. Now I can think about details and finish the surface.
  7. Thank you for your interest, the topic is quite niche, even in the US I have not found much about this aircraft. I hope that he will write to me the museum where the replica of this plane stands and give me some pictures. It would be a great help for me. The Williams Bross models are very decent, just a little more demanding. These two I did a few years ago, and I still have a few to do:
  8. Hi The PZL P11 is finished, so I can do something easy and relaxing. This will be another model of a 1/32 scale racing airplane. This time, Wedell Williams type 45 from 1935, a beautiful machine with a nice aerodynamic line. The last racing plane made by Wedell Williams. More information can be found here: https://oldmachinepress.com/2015/07/30/wedell-williams-model-45/ Orginal Wedell Williams 45 ( photo from the site oldmachinepress.com) A replica of this aircraft in the Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation & Cypress Sawmill Museum. I have some source materials that will help me during construction: I have a question, do you have any pictures of the interior of the pilot's cabin, silinics chassis and other details (can there be pictures of the replica)? I have an idea to use the elements of the Wedel Williams 44 hull from the Williams Bross (1/32) model, it is very similar . I mainly use the fuselage and maybe the engine, the wing fins and the engine cover need to be redone. in the hull also need to make many changes because in the model 45 the hull is bigger and has a slightly different shape. But quite similar, so it will be suitable for modifications. I once made a 1/32 model Laird Turner LT 14 "Meteor" with a larger model (1/30) so this time I will do with a smaller bit bigger. As for interior furnishings, it is very poor and simplified in the Williams Bross model, so it is not a good model. In addition, the hull frame in model 45 had to be significantly different because the wing structure was different and additionally had a retractable landing gear. This is how the hull construction looks like: To make the wings he used elements from a different model and plastic plates.
  9. Well, that's it The pilot colonel Jerzy Kossowski and plane PZL P11 III in Cleveland 1932. Picture from the monograph AJ Press number. 36 "PZL P.11" The model went on the shelf for the collection of other racers I wish you all the best in the coming new year 2019. Marcin Matejko IPMS Świdnica
  10. I've fine-tuned the grass. I added a few tufts of tall grass and a few flowers. I extruded the canopy of the cabin I covered the wings with imitation corrugated metal. I glued chessboards in the form of Techmod's wet decal. Today I finish the model and submit it to the competition