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  1. You're greatly modifying this toy, it will now be a real model.
  2. The model looks great Where can you buy such a nice figure?
  3. Another nice souvenirs, this time from Krakow. The cup for the best aviation model and the Grand Prix of the exhibition
  4. A beautiful job, it's impressive
  5. For now, I'm dealing with another project, but I'm working there. Printed engine cover:
  6. Thank you very much The last weekend in Wroclaw took place one of the best modeling exhibitions in Poland. I presented there my PZL 11 model which I liked very much and got a prize award in this "best of show".
  7. Fantastic effect Tomek, beautiful model Fantastyczny efekt Tomek, przepiękny model
  8. The gap in the construction of the model was quite large, but I am already getting to work. Recently, I managed to get pictures of the inside of the cockpit of the museum replica of the Wedell Williams 45 airplane and photos of the chassis (huge thanks to Mrs. Gloria who made these photos for me). New information forced me to improve the shape and position of the holes on the chassis in the wings, but that's not a problem so I can go on. Recently, I made a sheet dividing line and a linen canvas structure on the back of the hull.
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