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  1. Hello Thank You for the compliments.Paint was Gunze across the board...RLM82,RLM76and RLM74. Regards Bill
  2. Thank You all for the comments. I am a Big Hartmann fan and I hope this model represents one of his mounts honorably. I know I'm happy with it. Cheers Bill
  3. Thank you all for the feedback. Regarding Chevrons...Que Sera Cheers Bill
  4. I know this has been done (Great build on this site) . But I needed My Own. Kit decals ,which I thought were great. Barracuda Resin on Small wing bump section and on Spinner/Props (Prop Alignment jig). HGW Seatbelts, Uschi Line for antenna. Kit decals were used for all the markings especially the spinner and Tulips as they settled perfect and were better than my trying to paint them. I cut all the clear from the Insignia and used a Scrap set of markings on the tail. I did add some brake lines but tough to see in my photos.Lightly wea
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback Guys Cheers Bill
  6. Thanks for the compliments Guys Cheers Bill
  7. This was a fun build . Needed a little modeling skills but the kit is quite nice. This is the Aircraft of Lt. Heinz Ewald, June 1944 The markings came from the Kit decals and a Kagaro Pamphlet "Aircraft Aces 3" Used Gunze Paints except for the final finish using Testors dull-coat and Semi-Gloss decanted from Rattlecans Used Barracuda Resin for Gun Blisters, Oil cooler cover and underwing gun pods. Aftermarket cloth seat-belts from HGW, I also used the Uschi red dot wing stencils, they were great EZ Line and Invisible thread for Antennas Took a little work to get the props and
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