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  1. Ouch ! That's not what I wanted to hear.
  2. Alan I'm not sure if I have all the pieces because I went a bit numb and walked away. I'll have a look and if there is enough to salvage I will certainly give it ago. Thanks Michael
  3. Has anybody used this resin lower gun bay. Does anyone know what version of Avenger this applies to. I'm just clutching at straws trying to find a solution to my problem of breaking the original from the Trumpy TBF-1c.
  4. Thanks Kev I live in hope.....
  5. G'day This is not how I would have liked my first post to go, but, here goes. I have been around here for a while soaking up all the info around here and LSP is the reason I got back into modeling. My last attempt at modeling aircraft was when I was 15, 40 years ago and as a result have'nt had much to contribute to the forums. But, I have started modeling the Trumpy TBF-1c Avenger and was enjoying every minute of it over the past 6 months. It is made out of the box, but, it has a few scratchbuilt things that I've added. However, and this is the reason for my post. My enthusiasm took a hit when I looked on the floor and found the perspex for the lower gun smashed in a million pieces. Due to my limited ability, I am at a lose as to what I can do. I have contacted Trumpeter via e-mail and am awaiting a reply ( not hopeful , but waiting ). My last resort is if anyone here has a spare or any helpful advice for me. I have attached some shots of what I am doing. (I hope you like them and I'm also not a great photographer.) Michael
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