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  1. Oh great, I found you at last Take care, Pierre, aka "Madman" PS Je suis bien content d'avoir vendu mon exemplaire. Quand je vois le boulot...
  2. Nope, 10 years of Future and no yellowing, nor plastic being "eaten" up.
  3. Paul, have a look here - you might know the resource already HAF PI2000
  4. All was said in the previous posts, but an important point: dust speckles. Before the dip I blow the canopy with a watchmaker dust blower (a rubber ball with a outlet pipe) and check carefully under the workbench light for a dustfree surface. However it will happen that when you pull the canopy out of the Future, a blob (emprisoning a dust speckle) becomes apparent. Two options: re-dip, hoping to get rid of that pecular dust, or guide it slowly with a toockpick - over the wet surface - to an edge of the canopy, where it can dry and become invisible. The trail will level off by itself. My 2 cts of experience Go and try, no reason to get the shakes
  5. Nitro-cellulose thinner. You'll find it at any Do-It-Yourself shop, next to the turpentine thinner, aceton, etc. Maybe you'll have to ask a sales staff to open the locker, since it is considered to be "hot" stuff. HTH
  6. Chris, I just discovered this build One heck of an impressive project you started again I am sorry to read that one of your electric motors died. The same happened to me when I was building the Dakota (actually I killed TWO engines in a row). I discovered that the electric motors were very sensitive to CA fumes. One sniff of that nasty stuff and they were gone... I ended up glueing the motors with Araldit, after carebully covering up every wole on the engine mantel with a self-adhesive aluminum patch to seal them completely off. Awaiting your next installment. Cheers, Pierre
  7. Great job so far Nick I love the way you built and weathered the engine, very infromative. When can we expect the next installment?
  8. Hi, I built one of the "Peace Icarus" Greek Phantoms. Have a look at my album here: F-4E "Peace Icarus". BTW, I used the light grey stencils from Icarus Decals. Good luck with your project.
  9. Salut Roland, Are you having some time off? We are waiting for the next updates on your project Amicalement, Pierre (Madman)
  10. On my Dakota I painted Alclad over aluminum foil. The adherence is very weak, and liftoff with masking tape is almost guaranteed. On other plastic surfaces I had no liftoff ever.
  11. I shot these photos during my vacation near Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. I hope you'll enjoy the picturel walkaround (9.6Mb) B-17 Sentimental Journey Cheers, Pierre
  12. Hi Klaus, I've been watching this thread for some time now, and I wanted to compliment you on the achievement Regarding your stressed skin and Flugspachtel: what is the origin of such a paint effect? Was the paint stripped (or did it wear out), and the Flugspachtel appears because it sits in the recesses formed by the stressed skin and recessed rivets? Or was the plane just "puttied" but never painted? Just curious. And the effect is fabulous... Cheers from Switzerland, Pierre
  13. Hi gang, Pierre, aka Madman, aka Scalephantomphixer. Living near Lausanne, on the shore of Lake Geneva, in the western part of Switzerland. Air traffic controller training expert, 53 years old. Just finished the bare-metal DC-3. My next project is unclear so far and I might run a couple of them in parallel: a 1/48 P-47, another 1/32 Phantom and a 1/48 etchd brass Spirit of St-Louis. Plus I ordered a 1/35 Trumpeter BR52 steam locomotive. And I do not even mention my stash Cheers !
  14. Spook seems particularly interested by the Aegian sea, right? I'll save those photos for a future project. If you have close-up shots, well, you know where to send them
  15. Lovely Spotting Spook Thanks for sharing the photos with us!
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