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  1. MRP on the left, Xtracrylics on the right, photographed in direct sunlight.
  2. Huh? Those are squares and rectangles. The Russians use hexagons.
  3. Short answer: no Long answer: unless you have access to actual engineering drawings from the manufacturer, any scale drawings you may find that show rivets are simply a rough guesstimate at what they really looked like.
  4. A Google Earth image of the Marine Corps field at Emerald Isle, NC.
  5. It was meant in good fun. If you've been around pilots and airplanes very long, you know there's a very dark sense of humor associated with the flying business. I've personally experienced an off-airport landing (in the middle of Hollywood, Florida) that totaled the airplane, so I have some personal first hand experience. Fortunately we walked away relatively unscathed.
  6. I suppose that's possible. They're pretty small, so we might consider that. I'd love to do the whole set in 1/32, but it would be really expensive to print (on top of the expense for the 1/48 set), and our 1/32 sales are a tiny fraction of our 1/48 sales for a given subject. They'd need to pay for themselves, even if we didn't make any profit off of them, but it would probably take a long time for that to happen.
  7. No, at least not for now. It's a gigantic project, and we just can't afford to do it in 1/32 for the amount of sales it's likely to generate.
  8. I've read two different accounts that say the hangar was attacked and the Mriya destroyed. I don't get what's "political" about this. Is it any more "political" than discussing WWI or WWII or Korea or Vietnam or the Civil War? There is a right side and a wrong side, period. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which is which either.
  9. Ali of Aerocraft Models has an open canopy set available. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/ov-10-bronco-openable-canopy-set-for-icm-kits Given that the country is at war and fighting for its life right now, I suspect commercial air traffic in and out of Ukraine is going to be minimal to nonexistent for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't count on getting anything from anybody there. Of course, some folks here seem to think that's a good thing....
  10. Here's the skinny on the gear strut and speed brake placards we'll be including in the Phantom stencil set... The key numbers are just place holders until I get everything sorted out.
  11. If the airplane ceases flying, by definition, it's a landing
  12. I don't see Xtracrylics or MRP in your samples. Do you have them?
  13. Never heard of Phoenix Precision. No real conundrum, I was simply asking what everyone's favorite is. The answer is, there is no consensus because everyone has a favorite paint brand, and a lot of stuff isn't available everywhere. We'll go with our favorite...
  14. Had AM not existed, the Hasegawa SBD would still be a very mediocre kit. It seems like sometimes Hasegawa just said "Oh well, close enough" and called it good. This is one of those kits. The AM kit is far better all the way around.
  15. That's what I was thinking - some sort of IR device. That makes complete sense, given what we know about the ops these aircraft were undertaking. I need to read up on Z and Village Inn. Thanks!
  16. Okay, nobody is forcing you to use any Apple product. I merely offered a solution. You can choose to use it or not. No skin off my nose either way.
  17. I’m fairly certain Ukraine still has an Air Force. Vlad is finding the going a little tougher than he banked on, according to all reports. I don’t think the video has anything to do with the purported 6 victories. It’s just a video of a MiG-29 that could have been taken yesterday or last year or 20 years ago. There’s just no way to tell. There has been no independent confirmation of the 6 kills, so I’d have to say it’s urban legend until proven otherwise. Fog of war and all that.
  18. Anyone have any idea what the two cylindrical objects mounted in the nose are for? I’m thinking some kind of early IR detector, but I’ve never seen anything about them.
  19. DUNTOCHER? Don't touch her in Aussie?
  20. Try a different browser. It has never done that for me in Safari on my phone, my iPad, or my iMac.
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