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  1. Wow, that is some AMAZING work!! That's truly inspiring!
  2. I'm not entirely sure it's worth the effort. Deepening the existing panel lines would give you visually about the same effect. The real stuff is only like 1/4" thick, so 0.13 mm - literally paper thin almost.
  3. It’s very simplistic. The cockpit isn’t much of an improvement over the 30+ year old Italeri kit. Definitely waiting on the Gaspatch/Hypersonic kit. It will have multiple cockpit variations, two different kinds of seats, alternative noses and sensor fits, etc. A Greek friend of mine is in Greece right now, and spent the day with the gentleman from Gaspatch, and he said the CAD is amazing to see.
  4. That’s fantastic. Probably no one living in his family ever knew him, but now they have closure. Amazing work.
  5. I don't think Revell is using Cartograf. I think they're using Zanchetti. Not remotely in the same league.
  6. Our first big trip was way back in 1995. He was working on his PhD at Oxford, so he was "unemployed" and we drove all over England. At the time, Duxford was a very different place. No big hangar like there is now. I wanted to see the ex-Omani Royal Flight VC10 at Brooklands, so we headed down there (no cell phones at the time, recall). As we started getting closer, lo and behold we saw a Spitfire doing aerobatics - we drove unknowingly smack into the middle of their air show! Saw all that, and not only got to see and go aboard the VC10, but spoke with her former pilot, who was in Oman flying her when I was there visiting relatives in 1983, when I saw it in service. Fond memories.
  7. That is, in fact, the very last F-14A built for Iran, but it wasn't delivered because of the revolution. It remained a source of irritation to Iran, since it had been paid for already. The Navy kept it in Iranian camouflage and markings (technically contrary to international law) for a long time. AFAIK it was never issued to a fleet squadron since there were some internal differences (despite what you read) vs. USN birds. It spent its whole life as an adversary aircraft.
  8. Just found out a very good modeling/airplane friend of mine passed away yesterday at 61, leaving behind a wife and son. Neils was the very first "internet friend" I ever made in the hobby, around 1992. He lived in Oxford, UK, and we had a lot of really good times chasing around all over England looking at airplanes together, and at various IPMS/UK events over the years. Since I got off Facebook last year, we had fallen out of regular touch, so I wasn't aware he had been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer officially sucks! Dammit. We never know when tomorrow might be our last day on this little blue marble...
  9. Unless you’re trying to replicate that exact photograph, be sure not to use the camera pod under the radome. No Iranian F-14 delivered to Iran ever had that installed. Just the small ECM fairing with the red light in it.
  10. They’re at Cartograf now. Hoping to have them shortly before, or shortly after the year end holidays.
  11. That SNJ looks like it had an engine fire. Not sure I’d be keen on taking her up.
  12. Embassy suites is sold out. Plenty of rooms (as of about 5 minutes ago) at the other venue hotel, the Courtyard Marriott, but I wouldn't snooze very long.
  13. We’ve got so much on our plates right now, I can’t see us doing Zeros.
  14. Possibly because, at least in my case, there's a huge gaping hole in my references and my knowledge. Honestly, the only A6M of any variety I have any interest in is Koga's airplane, both in its original owner colors and its second owner colors.
  15. Highly doubtful. For one, I know exactly squat about most Japanese aircraft. For another, Eduard is issuing the kit as a Pearl Harbor special with basically all the markings carried that day (fuselage stripes and tail codes is about it). Beyond the A6M2 Model 21 I know even less.
  16. The fairing under the nose has a red anti-collision beacon in it.
  17. Maj. Richard Hunziker flew P-40s and later P-47s with the 65th FS, 57th FG. If you've ever seen the William Wyler film "Thunderbolt" (and if you haven't, do it NOW!), Hunziker is mentioned in the film, I believe the aircraft they show wasn't his. I've got photos of his personal aircraft, 42-75724, named for his wife Joanne. Hunziker was a Tucson, Arizona native, and I've been in touch with his grandson John Hunziker. To my knowledge, no one has ever illustrated this aircraft before. This is how she appeared during the time Wyler was filming "Thunderbolt" at Alto AB, Corsica, in early 1944. At some point in 1944, Hunziker had a bad landing in "Joanne" and the right main gear collapsed. The damage appeared minimal, so she was likely repaired.
  18. Glossy metallic red paint sold separately. Apparently their announcement says they're doing a complete Zero family from the A6M1 to the A6M7. Sorry Tamiya, you snoozed, you loozed.
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