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  1. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    The Il-76 always reminds me of a bird with its talons out when it’s on short final.
  2. Jennings Heilig

    Why no larger scale airliners?

    BPK has had a 737-800 on its release list for several years.
  3. Jennings Heilig

    Bf 109 wing slats

    Local camouflage color. RLM 02 was an interior color. The slats and slat wells were camouflaged.
  4. Jennings Heilig

    Why no larger scale airliners?

    Was it Magna or Heritage that did a 1/72 resin VC10?? I remember seeing one at Telford a few years ago.
  5. Jennings Heilig

    Why no larger scale airliners?

    There have been some 1/72 airliner kits, a few of which are still available. Amodel has done quite a few Soviet types (in fact, just about all of them except the Il-62 and Tu-154, both of which HPH have done). Kurt Lehman of Authentic Airliners did a drop-dead gorgeous resin 1/72 727-200 kit, although it's currently unavailable. KMC did an abortive attempt at an injection molded 1/72 727-200 in the 1990s that was more of a joke than a real kit. Mach 2 has done a number of airliner kits in 1/72 as well, but as with most Mach 2 stuff, the quality leaves much to be desired. There are a few others (the Heller DC-6B and 707 and the Revell DC-4/C-54) here and there. Ukrainian company BPK (Big Plane Kits) has done some 737s and Canadair RJs. There are a few others I've missed, but overall the market for mainstream large scale airliners just isn't there. Sad, but true.
  6. Jennings Heilig

    Some new 1/144 737NG Decals

    All designed for the 1/144 Zvezda 737-800 & 737 MAX 8 Continental/United for the 737-700/800/900/900ER. I'm not aware of any Continental decals that have ever gotten the coppery-gold color right. It is not metallic. As far as I know, every decal ever done has done it in metallic gold... Delta for the 737-700/800/900ER: A revised and updated 737NG/MAX airframe data/windows/doors sheet:
  7. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Boy, talk about your first world problems. Sheesh...
  8. Jennings Heilig

    Throwing a wild F-4 question out there!

    Nope, every F-4 was painted at the factory. She came along after natural metal had gone out of vogue.
  9. Jennings Heilig

    By to the A380

    The 787 and the forthcoming 777-8 and -9 have the electrically dimmed windows as well.
  10. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    There is only one boxing of the Il-76 from Zvezda. They’ve done the A-50 Mainstay AWACS, but that’s beyond the scope of the decals. The freighter boxing contains parts for the Il-76MD and Il-76TD (with and without the tail turret). Re the 707 & 720 - you’re thinking about the Roden 720, not Zvezda. The absolute best, most accurate 707 kit ever made is the 1/100 Nitto/Doyusha/Entex kit from the early 1970s. It’s still far and away the most accurate model of the 707 made in injection molded form.
  11. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Oh man. Don't even joke about that!!
  12. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    It’s only ever had two color schemes that I’m aware of.
  13. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    For the most part yes. Trumpeter got the door and hatch sizes wrong though.
  14. Jennings Heilig

    Some new Il-76 decals (1/144...)

    Finally getting around to getting these to the printer. We're printing with Cartograf, so the quality speaks for itself. Coming soon designed specifically for the gorgeous Zvezda 1/144 Il-76 kit. Stay tuned for more info as we know it! China United and the PLAAF: CAAK/Air Koryo: Iraqi (including airliner scheme and quasi-military scheme): Cubana: Aeroflot:
  15. Jennings Heilig

    By to the A380

    Did Boeing kill the 787? Hardly! The order book stands at over 1400 aircraft, with not quite 800 already delivered. The 787-10 started commercial service last April. The 787 is still attracting new orders at a healthy pace.