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  1. Simple job, but i don’t have the knowledge, experience, or time to do it. Happy to pay for everything. No rush at all. Tks!
  2. Just got word that Steve passed a few minutes ago
  3. Just got word from my friend that they've called the family in, and it looks like Steve is fading quickly. Steve is only 56. Cancer, you SUCK!
  4. When I talked to him in Phoenix in 2018, he made noises about it, but was noncommittal. He makes noises about a lot of things that don't happen though, so I wouldn't put any big money on it yet. He had put a lot of time and design energy into a 1/72 C-17, but decided against it in the end after having announced it. He said the tooling would be equivalent to buying two S-Class Mercedes Benzes...
  5. One former 3 ACG pilot and one former P-51 crew chief
  6. That was common, especially in the CBI. The Aeroproducts prop was universally hated by pilots and wrench turners. It was impossible to keep balanced, and it caused bearing failures in the engine, as well as being uncomfortable to fly. Supplies of the HS prop were always short, and they were prized scores when they did find them.
  7. Also PLEASE don't put white pinstripes along side the black stripes on the wings and fuselage. That's the result of using 2" masking tape and having black overspray. I've seen countless profiles and decals that are just wrong. All you need to do it look carefully at the photo.
  8. I think the reason for the relocated battery was the need for room for the ARA-8 homing beacon receiver, which wasn't used in the CBI.
  9. So put another way: they're a complete waste of money?
  10. Regardless of what she was built with, she was in combat with a Ham Stan prop... Also note that the flaps DO NOT "bleed" down. Period. That's from a current P-51D owner/mechanic, and two former WWII P-51 crew chiefs. And according to the latter, it would take a couple of days for the main gear clam shell doors to open fully (if they ever did at all). The crew chief has most likely dumped the pressure off the system using the emergency gear handle to gain access to something in the wheel well here.
  11. Which really makes me want to cash in my retirement account and spend every last f**king dime of it on good food, travel, and fun. Then just go out on my own terms and in my own time. I won't leave any heirs, so I plan on maxing out all of my credit cards before I go.
  12. Colonoscopies - get one at age 50 unless you have a family history, then get one at 45. Every 10 years unless they find something suspicious. If you have no family history, then the Cologuard test is okay, but it’s not a substitute for somebody putting eyeballs on your innards. And not all eyeballs are created equal when it comes to colonoscopies. I do anesthesia for them about ten days a month, and there are some GI docs I’d trust and a whole lot I wouldn’t. And don’t believe the hokum that nobody needs a colonoscopy after age 70 or 75. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at age 83, and ultimately died from complications related to it. If she’d had a scope five years sooner, she might well still be with us.
  13. The guy who did Moskit died several years ago.
  14. My best friend's younger brother (who is my age) was transferred to a hospice house yesterday, riddled with untreatable, inoperable mets from the prostate cancer he's been battling for about 4 years. It's probably a matter of days for him. He just married a little over a year ago (for the first time for both of them).
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