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  1. That’s because they physically have nowhere to build it. One of the big deciding factors is whether to try to shoe-horn it into existing facilities, or to build an entirely new factory. And if the latter, where to put it. Regardless of where that is, they have to spend billions to do it, then they have to staff it. There’s a lot more to it than just launching a new design. Even at Boeing, the well is not bottomless.
  2. Don’t know what to tell you. I’ve bought several hundred dollars worth of MRP from him in the past 4-5 months and have had two back orders, both of which were filled in a couple of weeks. Honestly, is the delay *that* big a deal? Do we *have* to have model paint pronto like a hot pie out of the oven?
  3. The NMA is likely to be launched (as the 797) later this year or next. The fact is, Boeing couldn’t have done a direct 757 replacement even if they’d wanted to. They simply didn’t have either the resources or the physical space to build it 15 years ago.
  4. Most of the Champlin collection is now at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Didn't see any models except for a GIGANTIC collection of constant scale WWI and WWII scratch built models that ONE MAN built FROM SCRATCH representing one of EVERY SINGLE type (make and model) of aircraft that participated in both wars. Completely from scratch, and he averaged one model every 3 days. My jaw is still on the floor.
  5. Emirates 777-300ER arriving from Dubai. That’s a long freaking flight. Delta’s A330-300 coming from… uh… I can’t remember. Hainan Airlines 787-9 coming from somewhere in China A good old fashioned 767-300ER with stylish looking winglets coming from Amsterdam Asiana A350-900 from Seoul Incheon. This was my first A350 sighting. Still reminds me of a European locomotive more than an airplane. Si ce n'est pas Boeing, je ne vais pas. A couple of Southwest’s many 737s, a -700 and a -800, both getting airborne from KPHX’s runway 7R. The older Canyon Blue color scheme on the -700 is becoming increasingly rare. Sad to say
  6. A few shots I grabbed in a couple of hours at KSEA (SeaTac International) yesterday morning. It was scuddy early, but the sun broke through, and I ended up getting a sunburn - in Seattle! Whodathunkit? The last two (WN 737s) are from a great new spot I found at KPHX this morning. If anyone's contemplating a visit to KPHX, let me know and I'll give you the skinny on the locale. Korean Air’s 777-300ER from Seoul When’s the last time you saw an NG without winglets? Especially a straight -900 that wasn’t an ER? Apparently AS has three of them. United’s “Eco-Skies” airplane. It’s not really that “eco”, but it scores them PR points I guess… JAL’s daily 787-8 from Narita. ANA’s daily 787-8 was about ten minutes behind it, but it landed on the other runway. An increasingly rare sight - a 757. This one is a former Northwest 757-351, an even rarer breed. Virgin’s 787-9 G-VNYL “Penny Lane” in from Heathrow
  7. Allegedly. There is no documentary evidence to support that.
  8. Not true at all. It’s as easy to get from him as from anyone else, and the longest I’ve had to wait for an out of stock color was about two weeks.
  9. And if you buy in quantity from the US importer, he’ll give you a discount (free shipping). He’s very responsive, and I’ve had good luck buying from him.
  10. Not sure how, and most assuredly not by me
  11. Things like lifeboats are fixable. The completely wrong angle of the bow is not fixable, and ruins the whole effect for me. I’ll keep my money. Another golden opportunity squandered by the Trumpeter C team. Even behind the Great Firewall, they could *easily* have gotten 100% verified accurate information with about 15 seconds on Google. They didn’t. Again.
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