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  1. He's assisting on our F-4C project. I'll see if he's still here.
  2. Had an 86-year old patient today who was born in the east end of London in 1934. I asked her if her parents had evacuated her to the countryside during the Blitz, and she said, no, her father had died at Dunkirk (!!!) and her mother refused to evacuate her and have both of them be alone! She said she had clear memories of seeing German airplanes in the sky and of hearing bombs exploding nearby as they sheltered in their cellar. It never ceases to amaze and delight me when I meet someone who actually lived the history that I've always been so fascinated by.
  3. This is really great news! I lost my copy in my house fire, and was never able (within reason) to replace it during my book buying spree in 2014-15.
  4. That's a squadron thing. The Corroguard is a factory thing.
  5. Yes I did the canopy trim to fit the ZM canopy. the reprinted P-38s are due any day
  6. In a word: yes Orders of magnitude more complex and expensive.
  7. We've found a TON of things that we'd never noticed until now, that become quite obvious in dozens of photos once you see them! We're going to point all of them out, and hopefully blow your mind at the same time
  8. Here's the revised B side with the black stuff changed to FS 16307, plus a few other minor tweaks that probably won't be noticeable to anybody but me Note we're including some period appropriate AIM-7 serials. I wish I could include all the missile markings, but they've been done very well by others, and I have to draw the line on this monstrosity somewhere...
  9. Sadly, Hobby Boo Boo screwed the pooch, and in so doing, poisoned the well for another 1/32 B-26 kit in this lifetime. Yet another missed opportunity to take advantage of FREE, COPIOUS assistance with getting it right. I've shot over 2,000 detail pics of B-26Cs and Ks I'd happily have sent them. All they needed to do was ask (and I've offered similar help to them in the past, and have been summarily ignored).
  10. Sun faded, yes. Electric bright blue, no. And PLEASE don't put white pinstripes along the edges of the black theater markings!! They were masked with 2" wide tape, and there's a lot of overspray. That's it. Nothing fancy. I've seen numerous decals, profiles, and models with beautiful bright white or sometimes yellow edges on these stripes, and they simply didn't exist.
  11. You can't link or borrow directly from that site. I made a screen shot of it... Interestingly, this bird has an anomaly we've found on the 8th TFW birds that has never been documented before. Check the vertical part of the leading edge of the inboard pylon, where it angles up to meet the bottom of the wing. Unlike the rest of the leading edge, which is FS 30219, that small vertical part (which is a separate piece of skin) is Corroguard silver. We've seen that numerous other times.
  12. If you can make an *accurate* 1/32 B-26K conversion set and sell it for US$100 and make money at it, please be my guest. I dare you to try. You completely missed the fact that you need two entirely new engine nacelles, and since the kit has 14 cylinder engines, new engines as well.
  13. It would take an ENORMOUS amount of resin to make a K conversion. And it would probably cost $500 or more.
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