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  1. I’d be very surprised if it was a new tool.
  2. Yes they did. It was a mast about 2’ long and an inch in diameter the hung down into the left engine exhaust plume. T’birds and BAs had them mounted in slightly different places, but both were under the left stabilator
  3. Between 1971 and late 1977, the 18th Tactical Fighter Squadron was inactive. In 1977 it was reactivated and assigned to the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, flying the F-4E. The Blue Foxes participated in a Maple Flag exercise in 1978, resulting in the rather impressive "kill" scoreboard seen on the left hand intake of F-4E-35-MC, 67-0302. Note her PACAF style serial number presentation (it should read "AF 67 302"). She's one of the many early model F-4Es upgraded in the 1970s with slatted wings and other improvements. Oddly, the 18th appears to have used white as its squadron color while part of the 21st TFW, only reverting to medium blue after the squadron was moved to Eielson AFB and reequipped with the A-10A, and assigned to the newly activated 343rd TFW in January of 1982. Their sister F-4E squadron, the 43rd TFS, reequipped with elderly F-15As and Bs at the same time, becoming once again the only fighter squadron assigned to the 21st TFW. Careful study of the location of the vertical tail 'slime light' on these older Phantoms (which didn't have them when built) reveals that there was pretty wide variation in their exact placement. You can lay out codes of known sizes against landmarks (panel lines, etc) on the airframe, and no two of them will have the 'slime light' in the same spot.
  4. Parker Canyon, AZ. No electricity, no cell signal.
  5. Highly doubtful. Possibly someone's fantasy of an A6M2 trainer scheme later in the war, but I've never seen anything remotely like it in reality.
  6. People were thinner back then, too. It's just a fact of modern life that obesity is now "normal". Look at the candid snaps of guys in WWII who are seen without their shirts on. You don't see a bunch of buffed up gym rats or fat guys. You see a bunch of very skinny kids with no chests and skinny arms.
  7. Well, allegedly this Turkish startup that nobody's ever heard of before is doing 12 different 1/32 Phantoms. At least we've heard of the Kotare guys before.
  8. They should have just called it the Ivy League
  9. Everybody was more slender back then. We’ve just become so used to rampant obesity it makes normal look strange.
  10. Or maybe that’s what they want you to believe
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