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  1. Well the real thing was one of these...
  2. If anyone is potentially interested in a decal for the AA scheme shown above for the Lukgraph kit, could you let me know by replying here please? The only way I can do it is to silkscreen print the yellow markings for the upper wings, and laser print the rest of the black stuff The real airplane had a shiny metal AA badge in the stripe at the nose (not shown above). I've been thinking about how that could be done... If I were to make the badge a "punch out" in the black (ie: clear), and you very carefully put down a little disk of shiny Bare Metal Foil in exactly the right spot, it would probably be as close to the real thing as it's possible to get. It would look something like this: Let me know! Tks J
  3. The last I heard from Neil (back in September or October IIRC) he said 2020. But given all that's happened this year, who knows?
  4. Wait, Dragon (as in Dragon Models, Ltd) is doing a 1/32 Wapiti? Huh?
  5. He said they're going to do either an Iowa or a North Carolina main turret. I told him that 5"/38 turrets (single and dual) would be great too, and he agreed! I've said for years someone should do a large scale (1/32 or even 1/48) quad 40mm tub with all the bits and pieces. Ready rounds for the racks inside the splinter shield, all the bells & whistles.
  6. It does, and I'm going to get one. I emailed the guy, but I've heard nothing since.
  7. Anyone know of decent Stearman scale drawings? The best ones I've found so far are RC model plans and I'm not sure how well they reflect the details of the actual aircraft vs. being optimized for model details. Tx!
  8. Who's the second one? I'm only aware of ICM's. EDIT: Holy cow! I guess I had mixed up Roden and ICM in my head. Yeah, the hobby is definitely dying out. For sure.
  9. Relax Radu. Seriously man, relax. I didn't "revive" it - I simply posted a link to an image that someone had asked for. Jesus. If this is that important to you, why don't you do your own illustration and post it? And lay off the whining.
  10. I haven’t looked at the thread in ages. What’s wrong? This was done from an NAA document.
  11. Uh, yeah, oops. A 14-cylinder R2800? I don’t think so. This was the Trumpeter D team.
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