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  1. I’m about 98.8% sure you’re going to be disappointed.
  2. Airfix. Hasegawa’s isn’t bad, but I like the new Airfix, esp because you can do a B-1 which was the predominant variant in the BoB.
  3. I’m partial to the 1990s Tamiya kit as well. The prop blades are anemic, but Ultracast makes a nice replacement for not much money. Aside from that there’s very little to fault the kit for. I’ve never really liked the Eduard kit for some reason. The “look and sit” of the Tamiya kit is bang-on IMHO.
  4. I ordered two items from Russia in early April, from different sellers. Both items were scanned into the Pochta Rossiya system the first week in April. And that’s where both of them still sit, the first week of July. I’ve ordered stuff from several other countries in various parts of the world, some of which had COVID outbreaks as well, and they’ve arrived just fine. There’s no excuse for sitting on things for three months, COVID or not. I think I’m done ordering anything from Russia, especially given the news recently.
  5. I strongly cautioned Neil against doing a Ju 52. There are dozens of better ideas for 1/32 kits. It would be enormous.
  6. Let’s hope Tamiya are busy with their F6F as we speak...
  7. I can’t imagine there’s anything specifically for it. It’s ancient, and long predates the appearance of aftermarket cockpit sets.
  8. Congrats for wrestling that awful beast into submission!
  9. They’ve already stopped production.
  10. I had no idea Ian Holm was in "Lawrence of Arabia"!
  11. Only if you're among the Chosen Ones (TM) to whom his imperial eminence deigns to sell
  12. $1000+? AYFKM? Maybe for a Gutenburg Bible (first edition).
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