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  1. Oooh! That's really nice! The B series was such a brute looking bird, but somehow a graceful brute with those long wings. Great job!
  2. Did some more work on the RF-4C as originally built...
  3. True, but the company demonstrator F.4 G-AIDC wasn't used for that purpose (the original photo I posted). It was used to demonstrate the Meteor to prospective customers.
  4. Wow! I knew they were going to be going to town on it, but that's pretty amazing.
  5. If they were truly there for ground runs, it seems odd that they would have bolted them in like that. Why not design something that can be affixed to the outside of the intake, and not require holes drilled into the cowling.
  6. This is the Gloster F.4 demonstrator G-AIDC. I’ve never seen this screen inside the intake before. Was that normal on ops, or was it installed for ground running the engine to prevent FOD?
  7. The true, correct Russian pronunciation of "Звезда" is difficult for most English speakers. But the emphasis should in fact be on the last syllable.
  8. It was. I don’t know any specifics, but the Gaspatch guy is apparently a 163 nut job, and doesn’t think highly of Meng’s kit. That said, if it’s a matter that they used Phillips vs. flat head screws on one panel that makes it “inaccurate” to a 163 nut job, then “meh”. I can’t see anyone else ever doing another 1/32 kit of it.
  9. The MiG-15bis at the NMUSAF still has its factory cockpit and landing gear paint, and it’s a dark-ish, slightly blue grey color. The jade green cockpit color didn’t appear until well into 2nd generation MiG-21 production in the mid-1960s. Also note that “NMF” MiG-15s had a coat of clear varnish, so they weren’t at all shiny even when new.
  10. I don't think so, but his (in conjunction with Jeffrey Kubiak of Hypersonic) 1/48 SR-71 is going to be a feast for the eye! Can't wait.
  11. Well, let's put it this way: when you're at the controls of a big, heavy airplane that has no engine power, and you've successfully put it down without hurting anyone or anything, *then* (and only then) you get to second guess the guy who did this *masterful* job of safely landing a big, heavy airplane with no engine power. He did an absolutely great job given the circumstances he found himself in. And yeah, sometimes luck is your friend. But you don't get to second guess him from behind your keyboard Dave. Period. SMDH...
  12. The Turkey is a BIG airplane. He’s further out than you think he is. And speaking from direct personal experience, when the prop stops, you land. You don’t finesse it, or spend a lot of time making decisions on precisely where to land it. You land. Period. The best you can. Been there, done that. The sight of a stopped prop at 800’ AGL isn’t something you soon forget.
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