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  1. Noice!! Mine’s sitting here on top of the pile
  2. That’s the very first model aircraft I can remember building! Circa about 1967.
  3. That kind of information is rarer than hens' teeth. Probably the best you're going to be able to do is take a SWAG at it and call it good. The good news about that is that nobody is likely to ever be able to prove you wrong.
  4. Most likely it would be on the Tamiya stand, since Tamiya is the Japanese importer for Italeri.
  5. That seems like a no-brainer for Special Hobby. The HPH kit was, sadly, done from inaccurate drawings, and thus has the same problem with the windscreen and nose that every other kit except the beautiful 1/48 vacuform kit done by the Japanese guy (whose name escapes me). There are really only two basic variants for SH to do, and we know it would sell...
  6. Where to start? First, you can't check in for an international flight (transatlantic) on the BA web site until 24 hours before flight time. No seat assignments until that point. Tried to do that, the utterly useless BA IOS app refused to allow me to do anything. So I called them (Indian call center). Sorry, can't help you. At the 24 hour point the ability to assign seats is "out of our hands" and in the hands of the agent at the gate (24 hours ahead? At the gate?). Sorry, can't help you. That's all. The South Asian call center people are incapable of doing anything that isn't on their flow chart. Same with almost any customer service for any company that uses India/Pakistan customer service. Zero individual initiative. If it's not on the flow chart, sorry. Then they randomly cancelled my Lisbon-London flight without telling me. When I tried to check in for it, it wasn't on the BA app under "my trips". I called them, and was told that they couldn't help me, since the booking site had used American Airlines "ticket stock" (ticket stock, in 2019, seriously?). So I spent an hour and 15 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone at AA (my alarm was set for 0445, and I discovered this about 2300). To her credit, the woman at AA did find my reservation (after being on hold with her for another almost 45 minutes). She said there was no reason that BA shouldn't be able to see it, and no reason that she nor her supervisor could think of that BA would have told me to call them. She said the reservation showed that it was confirmed. Called BA back to make sure, and was told that without the record locator number they couldn't' help me. Turns out they created separate record locators for my PHX-LHR-LIS segment, another one for the LIS-LHR segment, and still a third for the LHR-PHX segment. I didn't have either of the last two in anything in my possession. And BA claimed it is incapable of pulling up any reservation without the RLN. Soooo....I got to the airport in Lisbon yesterday morning, got on the flight to London where I had a 4 1/2 hour connection (Terminal 3 to Terminal 3). My roll-on was too big for the overhead bins on the A320, so I checked it through to PHX. Lisbon to London, Terminal 3, London to Phoenix, Terminal 3, four and a half hours later. Got to Phoenix last night (after having been awake for going on 30 hours), no bag. It was in London. The flights themselves were fine. Cabin staff were very nice. It's just everything around all that, British Airways is a bunch of utterly incompetent boobs.
  7. I don't have the exact date at hand, but I'm pretty sure all the F-86F day fighter versions happened by around 1959 or so. The Canadians flew them in various roles into the 1970s.
  8. Imagine if the super rich cared as much about the people of Yemen, or Syria, or Flint, Michigan. Yes, Notre Dame is amazing, and historically significant, but compared with millions of human lives? Starving children being bombed? Being poisoned with lead?
  9. I have to hand it to British Airways... they’ve taken abject incompetence to an entirely new level. What a useless, unhelpful, rude bunch of utter boobs. As God is my witness, I will walk across the Atlantic before I ever again set foot on a British Airways aircraft.
  10. Good luck with the surgery, and fingers crossed on the upgrade!
  11. Rainy morning today in Lisbon, so we decided to hit the museum. I’ll post some more shots when I get home. Imageshak is a bit clunky on the IOS...
  12. Why would anyone do a Mk.Va? There was a tiny handful built.
  13. The best I’ve found is the Bare Metal. However, if you can hold off a bit, I think we’re going to start having some produced for us by Cartograf. We have some samples coming shortly so I can verify that they work well.
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