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  1. Could that possibly be because they’re both kits of the Tiger Moth? Do you actually think ICM “copied” a 50 year old kit, when they have zero history of doing so elsewhere? And what could they possibly have gained, when we know for certain they researched the real aircraft and did a 100% CAD based design? Did they “copy” the Revell 1/48 Stearman because there are similar looking parts?
  2. I don’t understand why, if the buyer is paying the postage, anyone refuses to sell abroad on eBay. It’s no skin off my nose as the seller either way.
  3. Several folks are saying that Squadron has shut down permanently.
  4. Well more like making a Bf109E out of a Bf109G
  5. Having met and interacted with him at a symposium at Virginia Tech, I will just say that he doesn't represent the views of the majority of Virginians. Some of the stuff he said made his writing and what he said in the Burns documentary seem very tame. Frankly, I was disgusted by him. And I have relatives on both sides of my family who served in the CSA.
  6. I don’t think anybody wants to see it happen, but history marches on.
  7. BoB for me. Not strictly a "war" film, but another of my favorites that I listen to over and over is the soundtrack from "The Rocketeer" - I love James Horner's composing, plus it's got Melora Hardin (hubba hubba) singing big band tunes!
  8. Like ZM? Buy ZM. Like HK? Buy HK. Boom, problem solved.
  9. Mrs. Yeager Mk.II was (is) the gold digger who trademarked his name and literally everything associated with him. She alienated Chuck’s kids and most of his friends (one of whom related that to me). She tried to claim trademark protection for “X-1” - give me a break. It’s not unusual for celebrities to charge for autographs. Michael Collins (Apollo astronaut) was asking $400 apiece at the last Space Fest in Tucson.
  10. Given the way Hasegawa's new releases have been withering slowly the past few years, it's not going to be a big shock to me to see them eventually fold up their tent. They're a very small company in a big pond with LOTS of keen competition from all quarters.
  11. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. If you're asking about licensing from the manufacturer that's one thing. If you're asking why a kit hasn't been released, then there are a million reasons. A lot of manufacturers have (to use an American idiom) "eyes bigger than their bellies" - they announce a lot of things that never end up seeing the light of day, for all kinds of reasons. We're still waiting on the Trumpeter 1/32 TBD Devastator that was announced in, what, 2003? Why haven't they done it? Who knows? Some things seem like a great idea (Monogram 1/48 PBY), but when they're actua
  12. I can easily trace that and send you a vector file or a TIFF
  13. Trying to picture a 21st Century Tamiya F-86E/F kit. Sigh...
  14. So those Speed Hunter stencils are depot applied stencils, vs. factory applied. McDonnell and McDonnell Douglas used a very distinctive font family (Futura) for the stencil and panel number data on factory applied camouflage. The content was the same, but the appearance is totally different. You would only find the factory style on an airplane that retained its original factory camouflage. Regardless of where it went through depot maintenance, once it was stripped, I’ve never seen a single example that kept the Futura stencil data. I honestly haven’t studied RAF or RN Phantom
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