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  1. Some more F-4Bs (coming in 1/48 for the new Tamiya kit)..
  2. And the package that cleared customs in the US three days from the UK, which sat in LA for ten days, is now in Sparks (Reno), Nevada. If you're not familiar with the geography, Reno is 450 miles NORTH of LA. Tucson is 425 miles EAST of Reno. Please no one EVER use Pitney Bowes for anything ever again. The response I got from a Facebook message I sent them was utterly unprofessional and completely unhelpful. It must be nice to run a business where you get to charge the customer whatever you want to, then face zero consequences when you abjectly fail to provide the service for which you were paid in a timely and professional manner.
  3. No, that depends entirely on the speed at your end. On my ISP (Cox Cable in Tucson), they download in about 3-5 seconds. Bear in mind that some of them (like the last Spitfire sheet and the Bolo sheet) are HYUOOOOGE files.
  4. Check out our customer model gallery! A couple of VERY nice 1/32 Corsairs, one of which you may recognize. The other we hadn't seen before today.
  5. Then there were the 700 FG-1As that left the factory in Gloss Sea Blue!
  6. Not to mention the guy in the call center in India who **barely** spoke something approximating English. If a company can't afford to hire customer service people to man their phone lines in the countries where their customers are, I don't do business with them.
  7. FWIW, if you're ordering something on eBay, ask the seller if they use Pitney Bowes shipping. My Vulcan has now been sitting untouched in LA for ten days (I really need it so I can get our decals done), and PB has no "customer facing" ability to give you any information on why. I'll never buy from someone who uses PB shipping again.
  8. F-4C 64-0707 came to Michigan’s 171st FIS from the Illinois ANG in Springfield. When she arrived (and for some time afterward) she retained her SEA camouflage. The Six Pack boys applied their yellow and black checkerboard to the rudder, with the “Michigan” stripe forward of it. Not the full Six Pack treatment, but enough to make sure nobody had any doubt about who she belonged to! She later got a coat of FS 14673 and full Six Pack markings, carrying the name “Don’t Mess With The Kid” and a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Even in sand and spinach camo, this proves that everything looks good with Six Pack markings on it!
  9. If anyone has had issues with the site, after spending the entire day today trying to get them worked out, I *think* we're finally there! Actively soliciting submissions for our customer model gallery. If you've built a model using fündekals (any scale, any subject) and would like to have it featured in our gallery, please submit information and photos to: info@fundekals.com Thanks!
  10. The illustration is correct. The text was just a copy/paste error. Sorry about that.
  11. I'm in need of some very specific photographs of a Spey Phantom (I'd love both an FG.1 and an FGR.2 if I can get it). Anyone on that side of the ditch have easy access, and wouldn't mind shooting some iPhone pics? Tks! J
  12. Unfortunately the only manufacturer of a 1/32 F-86D is now out of business
  13. I never did see it as available, which is why I went looking elsewhere. I paid £14 total including shipping, although mine isn't autographed (my 1st edition is...)
  14. At the rate it's going (still in LA) it's going to decompose and turn back into crude oil.
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