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  1. So this is a subject near and dear to me. I did the artwork for the 1997 IPMS decal based on assistance from some folks who claimed more knowledge than it turned out they actually had. That was a hundred years ago. A couple of years later, Fox One did a sheet of Bolo birds based on research by Jack Morris (who also did the decal art). Jack is very fastidious, but even his decal artwork doesn't match the photos of the aircraft. I've wanted to do all of the Bolo aircraft *right* for ages! For example, I believe (based on photographic evidence) that they applied the tail codes and the last three of the serial in FS36622, not white as has been universally shown. Many photos clearly show them darker than pure white. There may be other explanations for it, but the upshot is, they shouldn't be stark white. Also, the devil badge on '829 has never been done correctly to my knowledge. The colors are usually reversed, and the real thing was in a blue-green color, not some sort of tan or brown as usually shown. If anyone has any really good information they'd like to share, especially as regards the camouflage scheme patterns and markings, I'd be happy to credit you and give you decals when we do them. Also the information in this thread on the physical configurations of the aircraft is something that hasn't been brought out widely either.
  2. That's because that's what the serial number is.
  3. I don't think 1/32 is dead. It may be taking a breather, but it's not dead.
  4. I've never seen any definitive proof that 680 lacked the 'donkey dick'. In this photo you can clearly see the aft end of it, and it's clearly there in numerous other photos of the aircraft taken after the mission.
  5. Thanks for posting that. It’s worth if for the sound alone! Great stuff.
  6. Johnson's aircraft as depicted on the Tamiya box art was in RAF Dark Green, Ocean Grey, and Medium Sea Grey. The propeller blades were black with a yellow tip. The spinner was Sky, as was the aft fuselage band.
  7. Remember not to put the kill markings on it if you’re doing it *during* Operation Bolo!
  8. You need to turn the bass WAY up for this film!
  9. What would happen if you motorized that thing?
  10. "RLM 84" is the same as "Type 110 cowling" - it's just something modelers made up to try to make sense of something they didn't really understand.
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