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  1. Thanks.... If you want more builds, you can ask me....
  2. Yeah!!! Finally someone know! And yes, I listen many guitar band... Not all but many.
  3. Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TaKeZoLM/videos?view=0
  4. You can also see the KI-44 on the 30th issue of Air modeler. I meet David Parker in france, at the AMAC model show (in Cesson Cévigné) and he takes some picture of the Ki44 and my P-39D spécial hobby... Take a look ;-).... http://shop.afvmodeller.com/customer/product.php?productid=17843&cat=402&page=1
  5. Thanks guys.... I used to prime my kit with tamiya TS30 Alu Spray can. I painted all the camo, spray a coat of gloss varnish (Mr hobby top coat) and then i used a fiberglass pencil carrefully... I used to a Xacto blade. Yes, it's me.
  6. If you want.... no problem...
  7. Hi all, I did not update this topic for a long time. My apologies. I had to make a lot of mistakes because I do not know much about this plane. I also made errors of interpretation as the white's hood or a too small red star on the tail (since amended). We'll do better next time ... Today, the model is finished. So I post the entire progression's image. Thank you all ...
  8. Thanks all for your comments..... Yes i saw and i posted the answer in my last post... XF23 + H25 Cheers.
  9. Hi all, here are some new pictures of my Mig-3. As was my habit, I use as a primer TS30. I know that the wings and aft fuselage are made of wood, but it will not affect the final rendering. Only Karman be frayed with a pencil fiberglass. I do not have specific Akan paint so I relied on the chart found on the site Massimo Tessitori. I hope that my LCD monitor was properly calibrated! My AMT-7 seems a little too blue in my pictures but in the end, my matt varnish tends to whiten my colors, it should be well in the end. The camouflage is painted freehand with an airbrush Harder & Steenbeck Evolution. Cheers, Ludovic I used a mix of Tamiya XF23 and Gunze H25...
  10. Ok, just a little PE work for this week.... With many sanding and try, the fit is quite good.
  11. First, thanks for all your comments... Nice. So, today many little work on parts to clean them, adjust them, sand them and glue just a little. On pics it's like a plane but it's not ready to be paint yet!!! See you soon.
  12. Hi, This is my first time on LSP... I'm a french modeler who didn't speak very well english. But I read this forum for many many years. So, i want to make an effort to post here and try to answer if you have question.... I just start a pretty recent kit (2002): the mig-3 from trumpeter. I'll use some eduard stuff. I post you some picture. Hope you'll like it. cheers.
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