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    Wackyracer reacted to airscale in 1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'   
    As my P51C is nearly finished, I wanted to start on a new project.
    This is the Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18, about which Wikipedia says:
    "The C model's use of the longer DB 603 engine required more extensive changes to the airframe. As the weight was distributed further forward, the tail of the aircraft had to be lengthened in order to maintain the desired centre of gravity. To test these changes, several examples of otherwise standard 190 As were re-engined with a supercharged DB 603 to experiment with this engine. Prototypes V13 – V16 tested various PS and DB603 engines until the V18 followed, the first to feature the full high-altitude suite of features, including the pressurized cockpit, longer wings, a 603G engine driving a new four-blade propeller, and a Hirth 9-2281 turbocharger. Unlike the experimental B models, V18 had a cleaner turbocharger installation, running the required piping along the wing root, partially buried in the fillet, and installing both the turbocharger air intake and intercooler in a substantially sized teardrop shaped fairing under the cockpit.[36] This "pouch" led to the "Känguruh" (Kangaroo) nickname for these models."
    I was drawn to it as I have always loved the 190 series, particularly the ‘Langnase’ D models and in particular, this airframe had about as much natural metal as I could find on any variant which is my penchant for showing.
    There are a number of period photo’s walking round the airframe so let’s take a look at the challenge ahead..



    I also found some very nice shots of a built-up model – no idea whose or what scale, but credit to them..

    As for the basis of the model, I found the range of 21st Century Toys 1/18 models online, which feature ‘toylike’ things such as spinning props, retractable U/C, moveable flying surfaces, but at their heart are actually very accurate replica’s of the airframes covered (at least the Fw190D is..)..
    A quick tour of the model – this was £160 on ebay – probably well overpriced, but when I see what I want, I pay for it..









    So my take is this is a great basis for my next project. I have been busy collecting reference online, have a 1/48 Eduard ProfiPack Fw190D kit as a reference mule, a CD of works drawings on their way from ebay, had Arthur Bentley run me up a fabulous set of 1/18 plans and started some rudimentary artwork for some of the Photo-Etch components that will need to be developed, plus a very healthy dose of excitement and trepidation
    I am going to need all the help I can get in interpreting Luftwaffe colours etc and I know we have ‘experten’ on hand, so please get involved
    One thing that is different for this build though is a new thing I am trying called Patreon. This is an online platform where I get to share WIP content to ‘patrons’ who support me. It means nothing in terms of my forum posts here as they will continue with the regularity and scope they always did, but what it does mean is I can bring video to the build and in some ways ‘exclusives’ to those who choose to support me – this is an expensive hobby, I think my P51 netted out at about £1.8k all in and I am simply trying to find ways to offset that via the content I create for people to enjoy.
    Anyways, no-one has to do it, but there is a welcome video with a walkaround of my P51C that anyone can see, so if you are interested take a look at that at least!
    In addition, there are already Fw190C videos up
    Here is the link to my Patreon page
    I hope you will join me on my next journey and next time I will have this 'toy' broken down into a bunch of expensive parts
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    Wackyracer reacted to red baron in F6F5 K Hellcat trumpeter   
    my last built : 







    voila voila  
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    Wackyracer reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager   
    Thanks guys!  Ok, I'll go forward with the all RLM76 scheme as originally planned.  Since I do a lot of multi-colored Luftwaffe subjects, I should take this opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary.
    Nope, not too late.  I was going to give in to laziness and not address but the modeler OCD got the best of me and the reinforcing strips along the wing root were scribed.

    At this point, I decided to paint the Barracuda spinner.  First comes the base coat in white.

    Using an Eagle Editions decal sheet as a base, I traced a spiral mask in AutoCAD and cut it out using my Silhouette Portrait cutter.

    Black was then sprayed over the mask.  The minor imperfections such as kinks in the curve and overspray were repaired using bits of masking tape.  It's important to get the edges of the spiral really clean.

    It's hard to see but I painted the spinner backplate as it came from the factory... in Black Green RLM 70 with a quarter panel in white.  The spinner was given a wash to highlight the nice detail that Barracuda cast onto the spinner.

    The completed spinner mounted onto the fuselage.

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    Wackyracer reacted to Brett M in 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage" - Reluctant Dragon - VMF-213   
    Here is my finished 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair "Birdcage" as "Relucant Dragon". Beautiful kit and a joy to behold when complete with all of the detail that is built it. Of course, added more! I wasn't able to find any images of the actual aircraft, instead only finding artist interpretations of what it could have looked like. This plane was flown by 1st LT Alonzo Treffer of VMF-213, based in Guadalcanal from what I can find. 
    The men of VMF-213
    1. Vector resin cowling
    2. Barracuda resin wheels and tires
    3. HGW Fabric and photoetch harness
    4. Barracuda cockpit stencils
    5. Montex Masks and decals
    7. HGW Wet Transfer Stencils
    Paints are a mix of MRP and AK Real Colors, with Tamiya Acrylics thrown in here and there.
    The build can be found here:
    The wings are permanently attached, which may prove troublesome later for space and transport. I also wish I had used the closed canopy spine pieces so I could have the canopy closed to prevent dust. 20/20 hindsight! 







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    Wackyracer got a reaction from JT68 in Wingnut Wings FE.2b (Late)..   
    Jess exquisite Jeff  
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    Wackyracer reacted to JT68 in Wingnut Wings FE.2b (Late)..   
    Hi all,
    Just finished up this one, Wingnut Wings FE.2b (Late), its taken a long time to complete, I started it in 2016, and put it on the back burner until resuming work on it around September last year.
    Its unbelievable how a company can kit a model like this, and lay out all the direction you need to build it.Kits like this are great value for money, with the time it takes to put one together.
    I dont know if James Fahey is a member here, but I would like to thank him for his reference pics, I couldn't have rigged this without them, they are a gold mine of reference.
    I know the British aircraft used the flat type rigging wires on their aircraft, but that was going to be too much trying to install that type of rigging on this build, so I just used normal thread, ...I used Bob's Buckles eyelets and brass tube for rigging, plus some Gaspatch turnbuckles.

    For some reason the wood grain on my pics always looks darker and more reddish tone than it does in person, must be my camera or lens, dont know why it does it, ....you can see it looks a bit lighter on the in progress pics I took with my Iphone













    All comments and critiques welcome.
    Thanks for looking,
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    Wackyracer reacted to CZPetrP in 1/32 P-47D-40RA Hasegawa   
    P-47D-40RA, Big Stud 
    Coll. Robert Baseler, 325th FG
    kit: Hasegawa
    engine: Quickboost
    cockpit: Aires
    wheel Bay: Aires
    wheel: Barracuda studio
    stencils: HGW
    Decals: Cartograf
    Masks: home made
    paint: Alclad II, Gunze C
    Photo: my good frend Miloslav(thank you)

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    Wackyracer reacted to monthebiff in My 14 day self isolation build.........WnW Fokker D.VIIF   
    Decided to make a start on the BMW engine and added the very fiddly Taurus update set as well as a set if their spark plugs.

    Also managed to finish a few sub assemblies and first up is the cockpit side frames withbriggibg added with the help of Gaspatch turn buckles and Bob's Buckles micro tubing.

    Instrument board completed.

    Finally, managed to complete the cockpit floor with all parts assembled as well as pre rigging ready for final installation 

    Ready to get the cockpit assembled now and so far very happy with progress.
    Regards Andy 
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    Wackyracer reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager   
    The clear parts have been riveted, polished and then dipped in Future.

    Eduard masks were used on the clear parts, which were then glued onto the fuselage.

    The tail feathers have been glued into place as well.

    Looks like I'm almost at the painting stage.  The question is... do I still want to do the all-RLM76 scheme?

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    Wackyracer reacted to RLWP in COW Biplane #10   
    I should have punctuated C.O.W - but where's the fun in that?
    Tail skid:

    That horizontal bar was apparently a sort of brake, it was operated by a cable attached to the front end leading up into the cockpit
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    Wackyracer reacted to monthebiff in My 14 day self isolation build.........WnW Fokker D.VIIF   
    Some more work done today after our lockdown Mothers day, enjoyed the girls helping me cook a nice meal meal together for their Mum and just and nice relaxing day. 
    Chosen the scheme for this build now and will be Red Z of Jasta 26.

    Aviattuc decal application completed followed by a glaze with heavily thinned brown  and after drying adding the rest of the decals.


    Apart from final detail painting and weathering that's the wings about done..
    Regards. Andy 
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    Wackyracer reacted to monthebiff in My 14 day self isolation build.........WnW Fokker D.VIIF   
    So rather quicker than expected we have found ourselves in self isolation after my step daughter was sent home from school on Tuesday afternoon, annoyingly the girls had been at their Dads since Saturday when the syptoms apparently first started but where ignored and the first we knew of it was from the school, They normaly return back to us on Tuesday after school anyway but.......... Some people are really irresponsible but hey, i'll leave that one there.
    So I had no other option than to start a new build and decided on the Wingnut's Fokker D.VII, I missed out on the original D.VIIF boxing so I'm using the Early Fokker boxing, downloaded the D.VIIF insruction book from Wingnut Wings and purchased the extra BMW engine sprue and Fighting Fokkers F decal sheet. I've also got Taurus models engine detail set, HGW belts, Master barrels and Aviattic decals to add to the build.




    Not to much to show yet but spent yesterday preparing cockpit parts for paint, today I cocentrated on the wing assemblies and have them undercoated, pre shaded and glossed ready for decal application.

    Enjoying the chance to really get some serios modelling time in, I know its an awful situation we are all in but time to stay indoors and make the most of this fantastic hobby. Stay safe everyone and happy modelling.
    Regards. Andy
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    Wackyracer reacted to LSP_K2 in Hasegwa Bf 109G-14/AS   
    I received a delightful care package today for this project, so thanks very, very much for that, I really do appreciate the kind gesture (he'll remain anonymous, at least for now). This is my very first exposure to Master Details products, and I really like what I see here.

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    Wackyracer got a reaction from BarryWilliams in Painting WW2 RAF Roundels   
    Ive used MRP for my builds

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    Wackyracer got a reaction from thunderbolt1988 in Painting WW2 RAF Roundels   
    Ive used MRP for my builds

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    Wackyracer got a reaction from USMC Herc in Painting WW2 RAF Roundels   
    Ive used MRP for my builds

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    Wackyracer reacted to Marcin_Matejko in Wedell Williams type 45 1935 from scratch scale 1/32   
    Thank you for your interest, the topic is quite niche, even in the US I have not found much about this aircraft. I hope that he will write to me the museum where the replica of this plane stands and give me some pictures. It would be a great help for me.

    The Williams Bross models are very decent, just a little more demanding. These two I did a few years ago, and I still have a few to do:

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    Wackyracer reacted to Marcin_Matejko in PZL P.6 1931 from scratch scale 1/32   
    Thank you   Engine frame:   Fuel tank:   Propeller:   Further work inside the hull:   Work continues
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    Wackyracer reacted to Phartycr0c in HPH FW 189 Eagle Owl.   
    Having started the 189 following the Wessex issue, My good lady encouraged me to have a go at rebuilding said beast as "she liked it and thought it was really beautiful colours" 
    so i decided to have a go. 
    Phone images to hide the issues.......... 
    So with that now done, I return my attention to the UHU ............ Cleanup of parts......... who wants to see cleanup of parts.? to be continued. 
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    Wackyracer reacted to Phartycr0c in HPH FW 189 Eagle Owl.   
    Once upon a time I had a Wessex HU5 in Royal Navy rescue colours with the Scalewarship rotor fold and exhaust upgrade. 
    One day (this morning) the Wessex decided to attempt a power off autorotation as a result of its owner checking the alignment of the said rotor folds in somewhat of a rush. 
    This result was one destroyed HU5 which looks like its been in a ground resonance incident, and on very annoyed owner, especially as it was supposed to make an appearance at the Cosford show in April. 
    Up to that point I had quite enjoyed the build! 
    As a result the rebuild and damage assessment got shelved and an even greater challenge was pulled from the stash. 
    Iv'e been chomping at the bit to have a go at this for a while, mainly as its a full resin kit and i haven't done one before, that and i like the unusual lines of the 189. 
    This is an attempt to put this together before Telford, that said I am also undertaking operation Man shed and will be trying to establish a new build place so I will try and produce a build thread but as usual I can't promise anything. 
    Anyone who is unfamiliar with HPH, they are full resin kits with all the trimmings you  would require to build a superb model, including photo etch and brass barrels. I hope i can do this justice. It will be totally OOB.
    Off we go. 
    Kit contents 
    The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that the larger components such as wings etc are missing, thats becuse I got stuck straight in and the first step is the careful alignment of the upper wings with the centre section and wing spars. Everything and I mean everything relies on this alignment being correct. 
    Cleanup of the wing parts was straightforward but messy (resin) so im using water to sand in order to keep the dust down. 
    The parts were aligned and tacked with CA then then "welded" with HPH epoxy once i was happy. 
    Detail In this kit is sublime. 
    Here' s where I am as of tonight. 
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    Wackyracer reacted to LSP_K2 in Hasegwa Bf 109G-14/AS   
    Lower fuselage insert all glued up, and the fit is just flawless.

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    Wackyracer reacted to LSP_K2 in Hasegwa Bf 109G-14/AS   
    This is the tentative scheme I've chosen, though I may go with the later blue/white/blue fuselage bands of JG 300, just to be different.

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    Wackyracer got a reaction from MikeMaben in PR.XI & Mk.Vc - Revell Mk.IXc & Mk.IIa kits   
    Primed and test fit

    Scratch built the storage rack for the extra oxygen bottles and stratched 2 more from sprue and plasticard. Beige one is from a hasegawa kit. Revell ones are only 75% round and hollow. Will add the tubes once installed and painted.

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    Wackyracer got a reaction from Gazzas in PR.XI & Mk.Vc - Revell Mk.IXc & Mk.IIa kits   
    Primed and test fit

    Scratch built the storage rack for the extra oxygen bottles and stratched 2 more from sprue and plasticard. Beige one is from a hasegawa kit. Revell ones are only 75% round and hollow. Will add the tubes once installed and painted.

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