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  1. Hmmm.. I think this will not be sufficient: the windscreen side panels on the Mk IX/XIV/XVI are flat, not rounded as in the Mk II/II early V.. See what I mean? One more question: will your conversion set fit the Tamiya kits? Bye for now, Henri
  2. To Jim: congratulation for your very nice Griffon engined Spifires! This is the kind of conversion I dream to do for ages ! One little thing though: it seems you used the early Mk I/II/V windscreen (without the exterior bullet proof panel) from the Revell kit. The Spitfire Mk V (late) and all other models after that used another typical windscreen with the bullet proof panel on the inside (like in Tamiya's Mk IX and XVI). I bought the Revell Mk II kit and did'nt built it (even thinking of getting rid of it) just because something was not "right" with the canopy and especially the windscreen. I read somewhere that the fuselage width in front of the cockpit is too large and squared off.. I really do admire you work nevertheless! Cheers! Henri
  3. Hi folks. Had a look at my kit: no mention of Hawk T1/100 on my sample. It just shows Hawk T1. Any clue about this difference? I bought my kit here in Belgium. Derek, please go on with a new cockpit & seats. The wheel well need some added detail too, but this should be more difficult to make in resin (very little space and part of the well is molded with the fuselage). Another part that may be improved is the front wheel fork: separate but basic part from Revell. And don't forget the flaps! Cheers! Henri
  4. Hi Erwin, I have a color pic of a this very Buffalo in flight. I can say that the profile's colors are indeed reversed. It is a small pic, but I can still scan it if you want. Cheers. henri.vanderstraeten@pandora.be Henri
  5. OK. Count me in for 2 sets. When do you want me to pay? ...and thank you for doing this ! Cheers!
  6. Just have a look at: http://ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Herste..._News_2010.html 1/32 Arado 196, Heinkel 111 and Bae Hawk T1 !!! Yummy!
  7. Harold, I would buy any seat or pit for the Lightning from you, as long as you also do a new tail end set! The rear of the fuselage and the burner cans are completeley wrong on the kit . :angry: Any chance? Keep on the good job! Henri
  8. I suppose it is not a new mold... must be a re-pop of some other manufacturer's offering. The price (39,99 GBP) is interesting, nevertheless... Anyone knows for sure? Thanks! Henri V. from Belgium
  9. Just look at the pics... From left to right: E-4, E-1, Hasegawa G, Radu PE 2 Hasegawa G windsceen compared to Eduards E-1 and E-4 Radu PE canopy fitted to Eduard's E-1 (still in progress) I think everybody now can see what I mean: look at the differences in height, length an how it makes the whole thing look pretty wrong! The overall size and shape of the Bf 109 E/F/G model canopy is the same, as the fitting of a G canopy to Wolfgang Teumer's E model at the BoB museum proves it. I don't have a Bf109 handy to make measurements, but even without that and just by looking at any Bf109 pic the upstretching is evident! The problem lies mainly with the windscreen which is too tall and too long. On the E-1, is it quite limited, and it does not interfere too much with the overal aspect of the canopy.The E-4 version is even taller and therefore so are the central and rear parts, creating this stretched up impression. The PE canopy from Radu can be adapted, but it requires some work, not only to assemble the PE canopy itself, but also to make it fit: you have to fill some 1 mm at the front and 1/2 mm at the bottom of the windscreen and 2 mm at the back of the rear part.It is done by gluing plastic card strips to the fuselage opening to make it smaller. You also have to move the instrument panel 1 mm back to follow the new windcreen's location. I did it on the E-1 because I couldn't wait for the E-4 to appear, but I didn't imagine been forced to use more PE canopies! I wonder what lead Eduard to such a error and I really hope they will do something about this! Cheers! Henri
  10. Hi Vincent! Good to see some of your work again. I know where I'm gonna spend my money next november in Telford... Et si tu pensais au Bearcat ? (et si quelqu'un pouvait sortir une verrière en vacu pour ces 2 zincs, ce serait parfait!) Cheers ! Henri V.
  11. I just got this sheet from Berna decals last saturday: Although Spada decals sheet may be more complete (25 aircraft options !), it is laser printed, and the white figures and letters are to be cut by the modeller from a black surround... Also, all colours are made of dots, quite visible in this scale. You also have the choice of ordering a special release of the kit from France, with french markings included. HTH ! Henri
  12. MDC resin pit and spinner, RB Productions PE canopy and wheel well interiors. Decals: just a few stencils and swastika from the kit, everything else painted using frisket paper masks. Please note: I made a cutout in the wings to set the wheel well bulges deeper. I think it looks more realistic that way than just gluing the bulges on top.It is also better when you look from underneath. This is my 4th 1/32 109 and I still LOVE this kit ! Future projects: 1/48 Eduard Bf110 and Hellcat 1/48 Dragon Ju88 A-4 1/32 Trumpy Bearcat 1/32 Hasegawa P47 ... and another 1/32 109 ! ... with the Aires resin engine? Cheers ! Henri
  13. I'm interested in those 110 gal tanks too: I think these were the ones used by the French in Algeria in the late 50ies /early sixties to make "special" (read napalm) tanks. It would be great to have some 5" HVARs too...
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