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    Tnarg reacted to Pastor John in AIMS Felixstowe decals 32D020 & 32D021   
    Hi Folks, finally got the courage to upscale my old 1/72 Felixstowe decals - so they are off just now to the printers, hope they come in useful for some people here, thanks for looking....
    32D020 - Felixstowe F.2A N4283   32D021 -  Felixstowe F.2A N4512 
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    Tnarg reacted to airscale in Weekend Model - Transmeridian CL44   
    How do
    I have been hard at my P51 and a few years ago a good family friend who I grew up with in Singapore when my father was in Transport Command with her husband had asked me if I would make a model for him. Of all the aircraft he had flown, he had all but a Transmeridian Air Cargo CL44 Freighter. My dad and he both flew them after RAF service in a divergent list of airliners, exec jets & freighters. At the time I researched it and found Welsh Models make a 1/144 kit and 26 decals did the markings so I got hold of them both..

    ..then it sat in a cupboard until this weekend - as I am waiting for masks for my P51 I was at a loose end, ans as it was due to be a Christmas present, I thought why not - surely it can't take long to make a simple desktop model..
    ..here's the box..

    ..and one-piece resin wings & a bag of other goodeies with the decals..

    ..the fuselage is vacformed, so this was marked & cut out..

    ..assembled, filled and with a mounting spigot being added for the wings..

    ..it needed a fair bit of priming & sorting - partly due to my cavalier assembly, and partly due to raised doors and trench panel lines.. - the hinge blisters were also added..

    ..I later added brass tubes for the exhaust pipes to the wings...

    ..main assembly complete.. it needed LOTS of filler to blend the flying & control surfaces..

    ..a final prime of mr surfacer..

    ..a coat of alclad chrome..

    ..masking for the darker metal areas of the engine nacelles..

    ..the nose tip was masked & painted, and the tips of the nacelles dipped in a lid of paint..

    ..props painted and decal strips added for de-icers..

    ..that was Saturday, this morning I added the decals and glosscoated the fuselage...





    ..and thats it - a model in a weekend and I also get to surprise some folks very close to me
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    Tnarg reacted to Trak-Tor in ICM Gloster Gladiator   
    ICM are preparing an extra set of decals for the model:
    Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/II in Foreign Services

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    Tnarg reacted to kkarlsen in Why we don't have these obvious WWI Large Scale Aircraft kits?   
    Well there you go, that's exactly the reasons why it interests me... + some mail planes and Barnstormers too... 

    Cheers: Kent
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    Tnarg reacted to Tony T in Why we don't have these obvious WWI Large Scale Aircraft kits?   
    My first WnW kit will be Porco Rosso's seaplane. 
    Hey, I hear they're not going to do that. 
    Better hold out for other never-before-kitted-therefore-never-going-to-be types on the geels of their Lancs like the Rapide, Oxford or Anson
    (BTW, vacforms are not kits, they are mere impressions, and only impress themselves) 
    Somebody, somewhere, someone utterly fantastically and stupendously brilliant and gifted, will come up with an easy way to install rigging. As easy as removing red-eye from digital snaps.
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    Tnarg got a reaction from kalashnikov-47 in Nieuport XXI & Nieuport XXIII from Copper State Models   
    Can't resist "Bob" and I hope for about five or six more amazing Imperial Russian alternatives... Horses, Mermaids, Ilya Murometz, that Lady with her Sword and then there is the Don Republic and Ukraine versions.... too many interesting color schemes. If the box art is any clue, they hit this one out of the park.
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    Tnarg reacted to kkarlsen in Nieuport XXI & Nieuport XXIII from Copper State Models   
    News from Copper State Models... Nieuport XXI & Nieuport XXIII - Release spring 2020.
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    Tnarg got a reaction from esarmstrong in New I-16 Type 24 from ICM   
    Great to see the type 10 released. I wish they would do the early versions of the family like the I-15 and 152. Spanish Ratas / Moscas call my name.
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    Tnarg reacted to Radub in Why we don't have these obvious WWI Large Scale Aircraft kits?   
    They may be issued in the future. Just because we do not have them right now it does not mean that they are ignored. 
    Why are some subjects "covered to death" while othjer subjects are "ignored"? The entire model industry is powered by the enthusiasm of the people involved in the manufacturing. But you can't take enthusiasm to the bank. You need cold hard cash. And the only way to make cash is to have some "cash cows" in your inventory. So, for every "obscure" kit you will have to have the "German" and the "popular". Just wait until the "cash cow" generates the necesary cash and then these kits will be made. And no, the "spendthrift benefactor" (Sir Peter, :-) etc) is not the "cash cow". They may sponsor the first kit, then the following kits have to be made from profit. 
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    Tnarg reacted to RLWP in 24 Squadron DH2 1916   
    Rigging of the main wings is done, the tank has been refitted and piped up:

    And the tail booms have been pinned and glued in place:

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    Tnarg reacted to RLWP in 24 Squadron DH2 1916   
    More knitting getting knotted:

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    Tnarg reacted to RLWP in 24 Squadron DH2 1916   
    I like this stage. A parts count that is manageable and reducing:

    She does look like she's been flown into the ground though...
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    Tnarg reacted to RLWP in 24 Squadron DH2 1916   
    I have tried a new material for the plug leads:

    it's a keratin based monofilament, around 0.003" diameter available (to me) in a sort of brown and grey
    Yes - I pulled my own hair out and used that!
    The prop is finished, awaiting paint:

    And the fuselage has been closed up:


    Yes. German compass - I know....
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    Tnarg reacted to RLWP in 24 Squadron DH2 1916   
    This is going to be a Roden kit, messed about with to represent an early production DH2 of 24 Squadron. My inspiration is a picture on page 5 of datafile 48 'The AMC DH2'
    I got a bit obsessed with the 'wobbly mount' as Lanoe Hawker described it. As far as I can work out, this is it:

    That's how it is shown in the patent drawing.  DeHavilland designed it to be very flexible:


    Which would be great as an observers gun, not so much for a pilot of a single seater
    I was intrigued with how the pilots managed to stop the gun wandering around. It was supposed to install like this:

    Contemporary pictures show the butt of the gun sitting much further back, so I think what they did was this:

    That just about matches the pictures, the patent drawing, and a pilot could relatively easily tie a belt around the whole lot to lock it in place - which was forbidden by the Ministry...


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    Tnarg reacted to David Mooney in 1/32 Tamiya F-4D 'Terrible Tyke'   
    Hello all, 
    I have been rather busy working of late but I have found time between working with real aircraft to finish my F-4D. 
    Im sure many are aware that the Tamiya kit is a dream to build and goes together very well, I used Mr Colour paint which I believe are the best on the market at the moment, the colours I used were 303 (FS34102), 310 ((FS 30219) and 320 (Dark Green)……….and black for the bottom :-)
    Sadly the decals were in a poor state and fragmented as soon as they hit the water, so I purchased the Warbirds Decals set (32009) which were superb and set well on the aircraft and into any details very well and recommended. 
    I didn't like the fit of the intakes to the ducting, so I thought it a far better idea to use the Quickboost (QB 32089) set of intake covers. 
    The seats are aftermarket, but I cant tell you who made them as they came free with the kit (from a certain auction site) 
    All the weapon pylons are removable, this is done using small earth magnets in the wings and pylon locations.











    I hope you like it, it is certainly my best build so far. All comments are welcome, thanks for looking 
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    Tnarg reacted to Koralik in MiG-29A "111" Polish Air Force Trumpeter 1:32   
    This time in my opinion ofcourse, one of the most beautiful combat aircraft in the world.
    I mean only aesthetic values especially during the flight.
    MiG-29A with the side number 111 of the Polish Air Force.
    Model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale made straight from the box.
    I must admit that the Trumpeter model is quite well made and doesn't cause problems.

    Decals are made to order ModelMaker, I add that the position and aplikation of the wheel requires a lot of patience.
    I hope you enjoy watching this model.

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    Tnarg reacted to miketippingmodels in 1/32 Tamiya f-16 Zeus    
    1/32 Tamiya f-16 Zeus 
    The F-16 demonstration team «ZEUS» displays HAF’s airpower to the public and acts as ambassador for Greece, demonstrating the professionalism and the skills of all pilots in the Hellenic Air Force.  The team’s goals is to Provide morale within the Air Force, sister services and to the Greek community, to Inspire and recruit Greece’s best to join the service, Strengthen and grow public trust and confidence in the Hellenic Air Force and Retain the quality force we currently have.
    Team’s callsign during the Demo Flights is «Zeus», representing the father of the Olympian Gods of the Ancient Greek Mythology. The aircraft used for the performance of air shows is an F-16C Block 52+ .
    This is an OTB build with the exception of the converted tail
    I used model maker masks for the patterns, so 80% is painted.
    And I used Reedoak figures

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    Tnarg reacted to patricksparks in 1:8 Scale 2001 Space Odyssey EVA Pod   
    Finally got around to working on the "ear muffs" still have to put some decals on them, they fit really well, I'm not even going to glue them on. The one thing I have to say about this kit is that it is probably the best fitting kit that I've ever worked on. I have also found the sound track music from the movie and was able to download some onto my video content and now we have sound on the display(sorry no Hal speaking, but that could change...).

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    Tnarg got a reaction from kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Another favorite of mine is the photo of a Dr.I pulled by a horse, with several mechanics walking by the wings for stability. I really like the staff car used as a tow vehicle, so I hope to see how that turns out. Thanks for showing us some amazing work.
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    Tnarg reacted to karimb in Wingnut Wings Halberstadt Cl.II "Martha and Else"   
    Two photos of my Wingnut Wings 1/32 Halberstadt Cl.II "early" build for an article in Mig Jimenez's The Weathering Aircraft Magazine which will be published in 2020. The kit has received the addition of the beautifully custom carved wooden Niendorf propeller by ProperPlane, HGW textile belts, Aviattic 5 color Lozenge decals and Rexx metal exhaust. All markings are airbrushed on using homemade masks on the Silhouette plotter. All main painting done with MRP lacquer paints, all weathering products are AMMO by Mig Jimenez along with prismacolor pencils. I would have wanted to release more photos for LSP but things are what they are!
    Happy to answer any questions or hear any constructive criticism from the LSP family!
    Now that commitments are complete, soon off to start a new build on LSP!
    As always stay safe and happy modeling!


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    Tnarg reacted to Nick32 in Wingnut Wings Junkers D1   
    My first Wingnut Wings kit, its a very far from perfect build but it was great fun and i've learnt a lot, so thats what counts eh? Everything people say about these kits is bang on, they are fantastic. I've since added 2 more to the stash and i just know more will be incoming.... 
    I used MIG Metal acrylic Matt Aluminium for fusalage, pastels for weathering and my new favourite flat coat, Windsor and Newton flat varnish. 


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    Tnarg reacted to kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Thank you all: Richard, Andy, Rod, Miroslav, Ray, Mike, Mark, Gary and Robert.
    I really appreciate you nice comments!
    Some of you seem to put a lot of expectations into the diorama.
    I do not want to 'overdo' it, the main feature will be the planes, as I wan't it to 'mirror' the '74th Squadron' diorama.
    Here are some photo's I'm using as inspiration for the diorama:
    Notice the 'walkway' in the front, that would be a nice feature to add.

    I also want to add a lot of crew and ground personnel. This is a nice shot showing the preparations for a 'sortie'.

    A car like this, towing half a 'Fokker' is also in the making...
    You are very welcome to add your comments and suggestions 
    Cheers: Kent
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    Tnarg reacted to kkarlsen in 'Flying Circus' 'dreidekker's (Roden 1/32)   
    Hi Guy's - After finishing the 'skeletal' Fokker Dr.I - I've been working on a Fokker 'dreidekker' triple...
    Three of Jagdstaffel 11 (Richthofen's) 'triplanes'  - They will later become part of a diorama counterpart for the '74th Squadron' S.e.5a.

    Fokker Dr.I's 477/17 - 502/17 - 588/17. I've taken some 'artistic' liberty's in displaying all three 'Fokker's with early German Crosses.










    A little list of what was done to 'fix' the Roden Fokker Triplanes...
    External corrections:
    Tailplane contur corrected
    Depression in stabilzer's removed
    Front decking corrrected with filler holes
    Gun blast protection plates
    Fuel tank and filler caps
    Engine push rods and spark plugs and wire
    Engine access hatch - scratched
    Inspection window in upper wing moved
    Viewable ZAK stamp and Werk nr.
    Axle wing corrected
    Wheel openings detailed
    Rib tape added to all wings

    Internal corrections:
    Machine gun boxes scratched
    Fuselage plywood sections scratched
    Pilots seat reworked with seat cushion
    Bulkhead reworked with string
    Linen cover for shoulder belts
    Machine gun and throttle cables
    Map case scratched
    Internal rigging
    Magneto + instruments
    Fuel pump
    Aftermarket parts:
    Aviattic rudder
    Aviattic cowling
    Eduard photo etch set
    Eduard Linen stiching
    Monofilament fishing line for the rigging
    Infini Black Aero Rigging for control cables
    0,12 mm steel wire for eyelets
    0,5 mm brass tube
    Fokker bleached linen (homebrew)
    Fokker Turquoise  Tamiya XF-23
    Streaking camouflage: Windsor & Newton Oil.
    Raw Umber Green shade.
    Richthofen 'red' - Vallejo Cavalry Brown.
    Cheers: Kent
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    Tnarg reacted to Gewehr 43 in B-17E, 41-2446 - The Swamp Ghost   
    Here she is at long last.  It's been 1008 days since cracking the box (Feb 19, 2017) that this model has come to fruition, but in the end, I'm very happy with the result.  
    This is The Swamp Ghost
    In early 1942, B-17E 41-2446 was ferried across the Pacific and arrived in Townsville, Australia on February 20th.  In the early morning hours of February 23rd, with pilot Fred Eaton at the controls, she took off as part of a nine ship group that was to bomb Japanese positions on Rabaul.  This historic first offensive use of American heavy bombers in the Pacific saw the fledgling group separated by night and bad weather, so that when Eaton arrived over Rabaul, he and his crew were alone.  The bombs failed to drop on the first run, so Eaton swung around and tried again.  This time the bombs released and he sped away towards New Guinea with Japanese fighters hot on his tail.  Shot up and leaking fuel, he knew he didn't have enough gas to clear the Owen Stanley mountains on New Guinea, so he decided to put the aircraft down in a field.  The field turned out to be a festering swamp full of 8' tall kunai grass, snakes, spiders, and crocodiles.  He and his crew abandoned the bomber, slogged for days through the thick razor grass, and finally met up with friendly natives who were able to get them home over the course of several months.  
    For decades, the bomber lay undisturbed.  Finally, in 2004, she was plucked from the swamp and made her way to the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, HI where she is on display today in her original state.  
    This is my rendition of the aircraft as she would have appeared during her brief stay in Australia prior to her loss.  As mentioned in the build thread, the biggest issue was that I had to scratch build the remotely operated belly turret, as the HKM kit only includes the far more common ball turret.  I'm not much of a scratch builder, so this was a challenge for me.  In the end, I feel it came out pretty well.  I was able to use a lot of parts straight from the kit in order to fashion the remote turret.  I did throw some Eduard PE at it, though in the end, I'm not sure it was totally worth it.  The pre-painted stuff just isn't all that impressive to me, but to each their own.  There are no known pictures of the aircraft prior to her loss, so some creative license was taken here and there.  I made some assumptions based on pictures of aircraft from the same unit or around the same timeframe.  Wherever possible, I referenced photos of the actual aircraft both in the swamp and after her recovery.  
    It was painted primarily with Tamiya paints.  The tail numbers were a custom stencil I printed and hand cut.  The insignia stencils were custom ordered from Maketar.  As it was essentially new when it was lost, I went very easy on the weathering.  Kit fit was okay.  Seam cleanup was a bear and I ended up having to re-rivet a good chunk of... everything.  The turtle deck doesn't like to fit well, but in the end things came out okay.  
    Anyway, enough blabbering.  Hope you enjoy.  It's been a great ride.




































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    Tnarg reacted to LSP_K2 in Make the others jealous   
    A few years ago when I moved, I managed to lose all three of my beloved 1:6 scale vinyl Horizon figure kits, and have been intending to eventually replace all three. To that end, I just snatched this off feebay, for the princely sum of $10 plus shipping. I’m a very happy guy. Just two more to go now.


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