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    Tnarg reacted to AlbertD in Patchwork paint on Navy/Marine Phantom   
    I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I was thinking of a 19 year old PFC with a spray can while I was doing it. It will of course be toned down with weathering.

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    Tnarg reacted to Finn in Patchwork paint on Navy/Marine Phantom   
    Not limited to Navy/Marine F-4s as here is a AF Phantom with a few paint patches and note the external tank with assorted shades of paint:

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    Tnarg reacted to ziggyfoos in Patchwork paint on Navy/Marine Phantom   
    Grime/wear/tear, Vietnam environment, corrosion control paint touchups, etc. Can find many random patchwork appearance for the "old" airframes as they continued to serve in SEA. The fuselage area especially could also have a lot of boot scuffs along the top, side, and around the wing root area as maintenance climbed up/down that area relatively frequently and would scrape their boots (heel/toe) along the whole area. Several panels on the center fuselage area were removable for maintenance component access with screw head fasteners, and woudn't be unusual to see darker/fresh paint sprayed along the edge over the fasteners. Here's a pretty scruffy looking example (post from Facebook):

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    Tnarg reacted to MARU5137 in Happy Birthday Maru!   
    Aw Shucks Gentlemen...
    THANK YOU  ALL for  MY birthday  wishes. 

    You guys are the Best.   
    So  I am gallivanting abroad.. I have been in Fiji visiting MY family  who have lived on Fiji islands for many generations. 
    I have been here since August having travelled to Singapore first.
    I have been obeying international  and local Mask rules and social distancing  with strangers .
    I have been climbing mountains,  hiking in the forests   walking through mangroves, and other many variety of things.
    I have travelled  along the coastal roads  360 degrees, visited villages  gardens,  Temples,  seen exotic  fruits--- ate them, ate lovely fresh vegetables,  and fresh fish, (some  that are not known to westerners!)   ate super duper  food, drank fruit juices and felt exhausted  at times. 
      I took a ecotrax ride along the old sugar cane train  and that has taken ME to the beaches where the guides have laid on magnificent  food  and fruit to enjoy. 
    Gone  fishing. caught  fish. cooked fish and ate them  around camp fire with the family. 
    Today *yesterday by now as Fiji is 11 hours ahead* on MY birthday WE dined out as a family  at a restaurant *booked way in advance* and enjoyed Indian  and Thai food which was exquisite. The Ocean was our view.

    I still have to travel to Mauritius  but MY  Great Uncle  and Great Aunt are also travelling there.... as you are all aware that a Japanese  ship, freightliner or whatever you call it  spilled its oil in July this year so one side of the Mauritius  coast is heavily coated with thick black  Oil spreading ....

    Then still have  to travel to Reunion *more  family there too* and be adventurous there too. 
     then pick up Aunt and Uncle  and return to Fiji and then onto Singapore and back home. 
    So all-in all  thats where I am and what I am seeing.
    Fiji has seen the impact of global warming and climate changes as the rivers and ocean's  rising  levels, drive the village  people who lived on the shores further up the hill into modern style homes,  where once they lived in their traditional  Fijian  "BURE" *pronounced  BURREY* ..
    Daywalker/Frank   Dr.Karl  Dennis and Viv(hope you are both well.),Kevin, Bryan, Radu   Mike C(hey Mike hope you are keeping safe and sound),Max and last  but not least Jan..
    Hope you are all doing great and that this virus has not dampened  your spirits.Or your plastic  MoJo .

    possibly see you all or some of  you at least in Las Vegas... 

    I appreciate  your best wishes and thank you all once again..
    That is one reason I appear to be offline on LSP...
    Thank you.

    MARU  5137.
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    Tnarg reacted to Fencer-1 in Painting effects templates   
    A.M.U.R. Reaver will offer new PE Set next week. There is set of four patterns for different effects, from fine regular grains to irregular stains and splashes. I "played" them yesterday using 1/24 P-47 wing for metallic paints effect test. They are very thin and flexible but very robust, because they are made of 0.05 mm stainless steel and will serve all the lifetime.

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    Tnarg got a reaction from LSP_K2 in Is there a competent history of the Finnish Air Force?   
    There was a multi-volume history series with English captions, what area are you interested in? Look for Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia series. There were almost 30 of them, with individual aircraft type profiles or time period focus. Lots of photos and profiles in colors. Enough English for me to figure them out.
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    Tnarg got a reaction from R Palimaka in Is there a competent history of the Finnish Air Force?   
    There was a multi-volume history series with English captions, what area are you interested in? Look for Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia series. There were almost 30 of them, with individual aircraft type profiles or time period focus. Lots of photos and profiles in colors. Enough English for me to figure them out.
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    Tnarg reacted to MikeMaben in West coast wildfires   
    3:30ish a.m. I thot I heard a jet flying over. Big roaring sound. The roaring didn't fade
    away like it normally would. I thot 'what the', so I got up and looked out the window
    to buckets of water raining down on my street. Then flashes of lightning accross the sky.
    10 minutes later the power went out but the massive rain and lightning/thunder continued
    for another 20 or so minutes. Today we had wind and light rain. By the late afternoon the sky
    was clear and blue. It apparently didn't put out all the fires but it had to have helped.
    The air in Portland is breatheable again for the time being. Hope it rains all over the west coast.
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    Tnarg reacted to ChuckD in Last roll of the dice   
    @haveblue Whatever kits you choose, I hope you land on your feet.  I know we don't know each other, but all of us here share a common camaraderie through a mutual love of the hobby.  So, I wish you the best in these difficult times.  
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    Tnarg reacted to Jennings Heilig in Last roll of the dice   
    Of the Tamiya kits mentioned, the F-16 is far and away the best of them, especially for that price.
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    Tnarg got a reaction from Rick Griewski in Revell 1:72 V2 in launch configuration   
    Your attention to small details brings this build to the top of things to watch. You are an inspiration to us all in making fine details look good.
    Thank you,
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    Tnarg reacted to Out2gtcha in Off Grid for a week   
    We've (read I here) have changed a lot of little things on the trailer, with a seemingly endless list of things like a PC/BluRay player for on the fly photo editing, new beefier jack stand, sun-glass holders, tray holders, bev holders, exterior surface protection, solar extension, ect ect. Nothing major exterior or suspension wise, as from the factory its really set up well, and thought out nicely.  
    However, it is to be noted that its one of those trailers that would be best served for those who really want to get away, or off the grid completely, with amenities. There are definitely sacrifices to be made for that (standing up inside, toilet or sink inside) but there are probably better options out there if the wife wants an inside bathroom. My wife and I were die hard primitive (tent) campers/overlanders for 10 years + before switching to this, so its like a whole new world.
    Since getting it, we have only stayed in a traditional RV type camp setting once, and it was pretty much a nightmare for the both of us, so in that aspect it makes it a way easier to sacrifice an inside toilet.  
    Thanks, Its a lovely setup for getting WAY away from everyone! With Covid, things were a bit more locked down than were were used to on this trip, but in the end it all worked out. 
    This is the area we stayed in, but because we ended up in the exact same place we vacaed in on my birthday week 3 years ago, we didn't take a lot of pics. Absolutely stunningly beautiful area:

    Nice little path we hiked that went way WAY steep at the end:


    Ive been feeling the urge to get back to the bench lately, and have been feeling disconnected from modeling, but I aim to fix that shortly, as I will be resuming work (steadily I hope) on my ZM Ki-45.
    Thanks all! 
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    Tnarg reacted to williamj in West coast wildfires   
    Fires in B.C. Can. not as bad but we've had a few..Bad one just above my hometown at the end of Aug.
    Mount Christie fire pics....What is very frightening is the helplessness you feel as it comes roaring through,fortunately no lives lost in this one.


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    Tnarg got a reaction from BiggTim in West coast wildfires   
    Forget the lightning, just send rain.
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    Tnarg got a reaction from BiggTim in West coast wildfires   
    Last Wednesday we woke up to near darkness. The smoke from Oregon was on top of an inversion layer which made the sky only a bit more bright than if lit by a full moon, and it was dark orange. By noon, we saw the parking lot lights still on at the local hardware store... automatically turned on because it was still dark.
    Local fires are mostly out in Sonoma County. My son's mother in law's place was saved, but only by hard work and a miracle. Their neighbor had been fighting fires for CAL FIRE in southern California, returned to find the cat tractor he had purchased in his driveway. They used it to cut fire breaks and kept a pocket of unburned land safe but surrounded on three sides by fire.
    It gets pretty crazy in fire season and it seems that it came early this year. Make sure you have your back up disk with you in your emergency evacuation bag.
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    Tnarg reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    The linen effect decals I was waiting for arrived so I've now finished applying them to the fuselage, wings, tail plane and control surfaces.
    The Ansaldo built 'Baby's' were primarily used for training and probably flown multiple times daily.
    It's probable they were not kept as clean as maybe the operational aircraft were.
    Therefore I've intentionally applied heavier weathering than I normally would,
    Ansaldo built aircraft tended not to have the white vertical rudder stripe painted, but instead left it as clear doped linen.
    Also, it was common for the upper surfaces of the lower wings to be doped with a drab olive colour, as the glare from a clear doped linen surface could affect the pilot's vision.







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    Tnarg reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    Just a few updates for the fuselage as they're not covered in the kit:
    Filler cap (oil tank?) and access panel hinge to the top of the front decking.
    Filler cap is 0.2 mm plastic cards discs with a 0.3 mm diameter tube.
    Both fuselage/wing roots have photo-etch flying wire attachment points added from the ‘PART’ 1/48th scale WWI Aircraft Control Horns (S48-087).
    Creases added to the corners of the linen stitched panel, using ‘AV’ Masilla Plastica (401) putty,
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    Tnarg reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    The basic cockpit assembly is ready to be fitted into the fuselage.
    Control wires are 0.08 mm diameter mono-filament, cross bracing 0.12 mm diameter mono-filament.
    Turnbuckles are the 1:48th scale resin versions from 'GasPatch'.
    All tube work is either 0.4 mm or 0.5 mm diameter Nickel-Silver tube.
    Seat belts were replaced with spare Sopwith F.1 Camel kit from 'Wingnut Wings'.
    Fuel tank pipe and throttle control rod are 0.4 mm tube.
    Aileron control line pulleys scratched from cut plastic card discs, with spacer discs to allow the control line to be able to wrap around them.
    Seat cushion made from 'Milliput',
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    Tnarg reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    Just a small update.
    The instrument panel is complete.
    Oil paint for the wood effect and decals added (not in the kit) from my spares.
    The five selector levers were made from 0.4 mm Nickel-Silver tube, flattened then bent to 90 degrees.
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    Tnarg reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    The 3D printed Le Rhone 9J engine is complete.
    Painted with 'Alclad' Steel lacquer and weathered using by sponging 'Tamiya' Weathering Master Burnt Blue, Gunmetal and Silver.
    Complete engine washed with 'AK Interactive' Kerosene, thinned with White Spirit.
    Spark plug leads twisted from 0.125 mm diameter copper wire.
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    Tnarg reacted to Scotsman in F-35as are always Boring Grey ?   
    Maybe not - from the Avionist website , a selection of F-35 agressor schemes.. Oh boy.....
    F-35 Aggressors#

    Just a taster .. where did I put my F-35 again?
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    Tnarg reacted to MikeMaben in West coast wildfires   
    Thanks for checkin' in Tim. Some (hopefully) good news, current
    forecast in Portland OR is for thunder storm Thursday and showers likely Friday and Saturday.

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    Tnarg reacted to Marcel111 in 1/32 Mig-29C (9.13) Ukrainian "55"   
    Thanks guys!
    I have completed the inside convergent/divergent section also. Incredible how the Zacto parts just fit into place perfectly, glue is almost optional.
    These Vallejo acrylic metallic paints are a revelation. First of all they look great. They are also acrylic which suits me perfectly since I really hate using enamels and lacquers. But on top they can be mixed with Tamiya acrylic paints, which means color and dull variations are easily created.

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    Tnarg reacted to mustang1989 in 1/35 Ryefield Type 82e Staff Car   
    I’ve really been tied up with my Ford Maverick build. Never before have I had to do so much in the way of plan out and precise fit to get a model to “work” convincingly before. It seems like it’s been one step forward and two steps back for over a half of a year now. Right now I'm stuck with trying to get an AMT '67 Mustang engine bay to work with the Jo-Han '70 Maverick body and all line up with the frame at the same time. The last few months I’ve needed distractions to keep me motivated in building so that I’m at least getting something accomplished at the bench. With this latest snag with the Mav I again…..need something to keep me motivated. I thought long and hard about either another OOB auto build or something else.  I pondered my options and thought to myself, “What if I combined the best of two worlds and satisfied my auto craving while at the same time doing something militaristic in nature?”. What I came up with was something that’s a little outside of my scale preference but something that I’ve been wanting to build since late last year.

    Ya see…..I’ve got this 1/35 scale Ryefield Type 82E VW Beetle in my collection and right of the box it’s one helluva kit. It’s got an engine and full interior as well as lotsa details under the “hood” where the spare tire and all that stuff is. I’m going to order some 1/35 scale small arms and equipment to kind of set it off a little bit but it’s going to be an OOB build with some teeny mods done to it to enhance what is already there. 

    And with that……we’ll be starting with this……

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    Tnarg reacted to scvrobeson in West coast wildfires   
    Our AQI was above 350 today, and it looks like it'll be there straight through to Friday.  Not to mention that another fire has started, and seems to be moving towards the already established Creek Fire, which would be awful to have it join it.
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