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  1. oh I love love love that scheme
  2. LOL the other people are my priority, its just 3 of us and a dog in a small apartment. Luckily we move into our house next week and my GF and i get a dedicated hobby room! I cant wait to pick up my 110G project again!
  3. YAAAA its back looking good buddy, bummer about the paint issues
  4. very nice, I plan to do a drone as well with my 1/24 Airfix 'cat
  5. wow, it appears every vane is different in size, and cross section from that pic, some even show "bulges" while the others are longer sickle shapes
  6. gack! fix it Chuk I miss your work. hope all is well
  7. great content as always, I picked up the 229' book as well and its wonderful, spot on review. That '111 dio is awesome.
  8. wish I'd find an early Esprit in my garage....oh you mean the connie :p
  9. nice work Kent, that lock on book is a great ref for sure
  10. Been living in an apartment without any real model space, plus now that we're under lock down I've got to keep busy. Built these two, working on a 1/72 BF-110D as well.
  11. or white with red,gold and black depending on the sponsor livery https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/g3824/photos-racing-liveries-on-warplanes/?slide=12
  12. Thanks gang, only on my cell phone Kev, I pick it up from Fred's on my bday in a couple weeks Dutik, i'm excited to be back in a house, we've been in a 2 bed apartment for the last 6 months and the space is VERY welcome, especially since we're all on lock down and the kiddo is on e-schooling.
  13. not modelling related....but.... Bought a Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit, and a new house to put it in FINALLY i can start building again.
  14. Sorry Jennings, was not aware of that.
  15. ahem...1/32 overall and 1/24 for the Hellcat please
  16. take a look at Japanese F1 cars from Honda, etc. Or Toyota's Le Mans or Rally Cars.
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