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  1. WOW that looks awesome Erwin!!!!!
  2. I always paint lightest to darkest easier coverage and touch up
  3. wow, that looks fantastic
  4. Im with Brian, this is a hot mess and I will be passing on this kit. You're doing great fighting this beast, keep it up!
  5. yeah, been waiting on this one...hope it comes with one of the MANY colorful liveries
  6. "Then I will need to transfer over to ready for inspection. How does one do that?" Most of us create a new thread of finished pictures with a link back to the build. This is fantastic, looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  7. Sharp build, you going to enter it this september?
  8. wow, I knew this wouldn't be shake n bake...but damn!
  9. the spaceman pilot figure, with enough carving and effort it becomes "passable"...but just barely.
  10. Its an enjoyable build for sure, nothing really stands out in my memory as a "gotcha" in the build., I take that back. The fitment of the belly weapons pack front piece (just aft of the nose gear, the one with the canon ports in it) is a real bear to fit properly. Take your time on the radar antenna and use a slower curing glue to get it aligned properly.
  11. I feel ya Alfonso, Im in the same boat. Hold fast.
  12. wow, stay safe you guys my heart goes out to those who lost people
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