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  1. dont be afraid to get sooty with the exhaust late war german fuels we're coal based and we're quite dirty love the camo and the exhaust is a nice breakup of the scheme, dig it
  2. also, GACK.....do I correct my line routing or no.....its kinda...well....CA'd down.....
  3. whoa! Mike thats awesome thank you, what rock did you find that under?
  4. Im sure, the recon birds are a real black hole of information.
  5. yeah, there's a lot of issues, but it still looks like a P-38!
  6. Yeah, it was definitely an ease of manufacturing decision. When I do my 1/32 Revell '38 Im going to redo that whole area on the aft rad' pod.
  7. wow, excellent work and problem solving, you're knocking this outta the park!
  8. FOR SURE Max, I think you're solution allows the best chances for success back there without ruining both canopies
  9. looks great, have you seen the OWL Resin conversion set in 1/48? Looks pretty detailed and could be a good ref.
  10. Hakan, that are you've circled is flat out wrong on the kit. Its actually a plate that is ever so slightly above the actual boom surface, google "p-38 radiators" and you can find some images. If not, let me know and I will see what I can find for you. Here is what I did in 1/48
  11. yeah Fanes, the gear is not very well documented and Im relying heavily on others builds for details. I found all sorts of schematics and diagrams for parts of it, but huge research gaps in other areas! Throughout this project I have found more voids and mysteries in documentation then helpful items lol!
  12. thanks guys This has definitely turned into a project of sub assemblies and sub sub assemblies lol Andy and Max, the rear pit is definitely the most involved and most confusing aspect of the conversion. I started to lay out the floor work for the schrage and will need to really study all my pics to get it right. I've already made allowances to move the rear PE bulkhead back 5mm, and will use one of the kit gas bottles for the assembly since Im not using them in the nose bay. I decided the rear O2 lines will just go into the "void" of the canon bay as I dont feel the added time and energy routing them would be worth it in the end. I made a quick hobby store run over the weekend to get the .05mm square stock for the rear canopy and located all the round stock I need for the front roll over hoop and racks in my existing stock stash. Progress may be glacial this week, gonna be a hard emotional week so if I drop off the radar dont be surprised.
  13. looks mighty fine Carl
  14. I had big plans to get paint, etc on this weekend. after two major work issues I did not However, this is what I got done this past week: I found and re attached the 4th clamp O2 hoses run added another flashlight started the wiring and battery install, then finished it had to scab back on some material I lost when I got sloppy, but the height is correct again and I got all the 2 system on brake lines, Im calling it good enough
  15. I agree Max, this is now the 3rd "mystery" I've found in terms of BF-110 info during this project.
  16. Any of you kind folks have a diagram or picture of how the O2 hose routing goes from the regulator on the port side to the position on the starboard side? This would traverse the "void" for the canons. Now I can make assumptions here, but I would like to think this would be cautiously routed to avoid the hot guns and the flammable O2.
  17. I need to correct part of my statement. While researching rear O2 routings today, I paid attention to the cowl gauges. I stumbled across a pic of the inside of the cowling which shows that the round ports were flush glazed from the inside. This appears to have been problematic as some are shown missing even on the same cowl! I found pics of cowls with no glazing, 1 of the 3 missing, all 3 intact etc. This "may" have been why on the G's they went to the single pane glazing.
  18. Fanes, do you have any info on the rear seaters O2 hose routing, namely where it crosses the cannon bay
  19. Max is correct, since the upper cowls are not "handed" there are holes inside and out. The glazing resides on the gauges themselves attached to the engine bearers
  20. I was really gonna do the same thing ^, I need two Eddies to go please...hold the spitfire
  21. nice work Carl!
  22. may need one just for that
  23. I have pics, printed actual 35mm pics not digital :p
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