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  1. Hey Gunpowder Are you on speed or something??? This kit is coming together so fast and looking good to boot! The props don't look to bad. Maybe a little too fat towards the tips, but I'm no expert myself! I'm deffinitly going to but the Mk II version of this kit now!! Keep 'em coming! Cheers Richard
  2. Hey there Gunpowder WOW this build is coming along very quick! You're right about the level off detail, looks nice and busy! The instrument panel looks great too. Keep 'em coming! Cheers Richard
  3. Hey Gunpowder Fantastic start too a great looking kit! Will follow this build with great intrest. Hoping to build the MkIIc some day. Please keep us posted. Cheers Richard
  4. Hello all Well finally made a start on the cockpit! Added a bit of detail here and there. Long way to go yet! Thanks for looking. Still haven't sorted out the markings for it yet! So many to choose from! Cheers Richard.
  5. Hello JCote Absolutely stunning work! All the leavers and switches are going to work right? Sure looks like you'll be able to taxi around the kitchen floor when your finished! No matter how long this project takes you, it'll be well worth the wait! Regards Richard
  6. Hey Javlin That is looking awsome. Great paint scheme and detailing! Oh yeah... like DMurph said "whats next?" Look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for sharing Richard
  7. Hello there Tomcat Fanatic Your 104 is looking good so far! Got to be one of my favourite jets ever since I saw the movie "The right stuff" when I was a kid. Keep us posted. Cheers Richard
  8. Hello all Once again thanks for the comments. Its really giving motivation to get this bird finished! Well I've been busy getting the engine and prop done today. The prop was painted with Tamiya spraypaint Bare metal. Then coated with black and yellow tips. Then the fun part was picking the paint off with a scalpal! The fire wall was scratch built. Still learning as I go hence alot of detail missing! Thats all for now. Thanks for looking. Richard.
  9. Hi all Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement. Much appreciated. Taken a bit of a break from the engine to try and sort out the wing dihedral. I made a torsion bar out off aluminium that I,ve glued to the inside of the bottom wing. The ends have been bent up about 8 degrees. A sheet of 1mm thick plastic was CA glued to the bar and then glued to the wing half. Here is the end result. Hopefully more to come soon. Thanks for looking. Richard
  10. Hey AndyB Your Spitfire looks great! Always good to see a large scale Spit near completion. Keep it up! Cheers Richard
  11. Hello Brian Your work is one of the reasons I do this hobby. Your leavel of detail is unbelievable and inspires me to continue modelling. I only wish I could do in 1/24th scale what you do in 1/32nd! Thanks for the inspiration Richard
  12. Hey Javlin Your 109 is coming along great. I like the extra detail you've done in the cockpit. Keep it up Richard
  13. Hello again. Thanks for the kind words. Kinda forgot it was my first post here on LSP. Been a big fan of everything that gets posted. Inspirational is all I can say. Well I managed to get some paint onto the Merlin and engine mount. Sprayed black, high lighting done with tyre black and dry brushed with pencil lead. Next I'll paint the various details. Thanks for looking Richard.
  14. Hello all Been working on this kit on and off for a while. Started on the wings, gun bays and wheel wells. Just getting finished on the engine. Hope to get some painting done soon. Thanks for looking. Richard
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