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  1. Hey Smokinguns3 Sensational looking cockpit! The PE really finishs it of nicely. Also the different instrument colors look autentic. Like most milltary aircraft it would have gone through its fair share of up grades. So it is quite possible that slightly different colors could have been applied. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted. Richard
  2. Hey there Ian Your F 16 is looking good so far. What scheme are you going to paint her up in? Thanks for sharing and hope to see more progress soon. Cheers Richard.
  3. Hi Perry Wow great build so far! Going to look fantastic all painted up! Thanks for sharing. Richard
  4. Thats the basic cockpit color on. Now just high lighting and painting the details. Thanks for looking. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Cheers Richard
  5. Hello all Well its finally happened! I've managed to throw some paint on my model.
  6. Hey Lars Your build is coming along very well. There is a great amount of detail available in the kit by the looks of things! Great vac forming machine too! Keep us posted Richard
  7. Wow Kev Let me be the first to say that your FW190 looks fantastic. Great job and well done for perservering with the few issues you had along the way. Its all well worth it! Cheers Richard
  8. Hey Thor Sweet build so far. Great detail in the engine and cockpit! Keep us posted. Cheers Richard
  9. Hey there Thanks Kev, Jean, Ango and Brian for the input. I'm hoping the next updates will have some color. IE RAF int. grey/ green! Back soon. Richard
  10. And here are the bulbs. 0.5mm wire with Kristal Klear for the glass. Thanks for looking. Tips and hints welcome Richard Ps. AndyB you can never have to many 1/24th scale builds at one time!
  11. Hi all Just a small update today. Cockpit is allmost ready to paint!('bout bloody time!!) Just the oxygen hose and spare bulbs for the gunsight to mount.
  12. Hey ther Chris Man that is awesome! You have transformed the skin on that airframe to a whole new level! Keep us posted Cheers Richard
  13. Hey Kev She is really coming to life now!! Looks fantastic. As far as the decal issue goes, instead of sliceing it, maybe try pricking it with a needle and apply a drop of solution to get it to settle down. Still looks great though! Cheers Richard
  14. Hey there Smotti, Your cockpit is looking out standing. Very nice weathering and use of the photo etch! Can't wait to see more!!! Thanks Richard
  15. RWKennard


    Koala that is absolutley stunning attention to detail! Can't wait for more progress! Thanks for sharing Richard.
  16. Hey there Chris Simply stunning build mate! Got to love these old Airfix kits aye. I've got a Gr3 in my stash and your build will be a great source of reference! Thanks for the inspiration Richard
  17. Hey Gary Your Spitfire is absolutely stunning! The colors look spot on. Can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for sharing Richard
  18. Hey Andy Thanks for your input. Your Trumpeter Mk v has been a great source of inspiration for this build. Hows your 1/24th Hurricane coming along? Love to see some updates on that! Cheers Richard
  19. Hey Ango Once again thanks for your comments. Hopefully getting the cockpit done will all the hard work out of the way! Then thing might get moving a bit quicker! Cheers Richard
  20. Hey Dominic Looking good so far! Going to be a great addition to your FW190. Cheers, Richard
  21. Hey guys Thanks for the feed back. Big Kev; I can't wait to get some paint on the thing aswell! Kinda forgotten what paint smells like!!! How is your painting working out on your 190? Edger; Thanks for the dates of the mods. I've found some odd details in the standard kit! Makes me wonder what airframe the team from Airfix studied when the kit was produced! Alan; Yip! Once a fan always a fan! Something about the Mk1 With its black spinner, Dk earth and Dk green camo the makes it so cool! Jean; Thank you. Coming from you thats a great compliment. You have set the bar I'm just trying to imitate it! Rigger; Thanks. Its been a lot of fun adding the detail! Still a wee way to go though! Hopefully more to come soon! Thanks for looking Richard
  22. Hey there Fastzx Sweet looking builds. Any inprogress pic's? Thanks for sharing. Richard.
  23. And last but not least. Test fitting the rudder unit with the fuselage all closed up!. Thanks for looking. Any hints or tips feel free to let me know. Richard.
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