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  1. Hi Matt, i used Games Workshop Chainmail. and i airbrushed it on. Thanks for the complements m8. Bert
  2. And finaly i painted the Aires radio compartment set. Didnt have much to go on for colour. So i decided to ceep the skin bare with Manufacturers stamps. I did find some pictures of the radio equipment. Im sry not all pictures are that sharp. Cant get the cam to focus that good up close. Hope you like what i did so far. Bert
  3. Next i build the MDC cockpit. The detail on that is beyond words. I did change the foot paddles a bit (added a lower rim and straps) And i used Radu's wonderfull seatbelts.
  4. It did take me a while but here are some pictures of what i have done so far. First i had to mate the Aires oil coolerpannel and the Eagle parts radiator cowl.
  5. Hi m8, Ik know the pictuire of the compartment is of an G4. But as i understand it the layout is not that different. The equipment in the other pictures is the same and at least now we know the colours. Regards, Bert
  6. some more Thats what i found after an evening using Google. Hope it helps. Bert
  7. These are the pictures i have
  8. Thanks m8 that helps. I have some colour foto's of the compartment. They are in the Ospray modelling the bf 109f and early g book by Brett Green. But these pictures dont show the radio's. I did find seperate pictures of the radio's. If you want hem i can scan the pictures and mail them to you. Regards, Bert
  9. Hi there is was wondering if you had found any pictures of the radio compartment as you are planning (like me) to use the Aires radio set. I have pictures of the stripped compartment but none of the equipment itself. If you have any could you share it with a fellow moddeler? Its a good detailed set and i would like to make the most of it. Kind regards, Bert
  10. Your bird is turning out to be realy beautiful. I hope i can come close to your build quality. And your way ahaid of me in the build so your pictures help me a lot. Thanks for that. Regards, Bert
  11. Sry for not posting ant progres the last 5 days. But i found out i have to modefy the MDC and Aires parts to make them all fit together. Almost done with building the cockpit. Ill start painting it this weekend so ill post some pictures then. Its going well but realy realy slowely. Bert
  12. This Italian Fiat, was build by my 5 year old son.
  13. Thanks for the complements, its nice to get comments from fellow modellers. And the ones on LSP now what they are talking about. I did see some beautiful birds on this forum. I wish i could put my old builds on here. But i give them to my sons when i finish (not much room to display). And they play with them to distruction. (they are 3 and 5). My oldest just made his first kid. Pritty good for the little man, im realy proud of him il put a picture of that one on. Im building an BF109G-6 for the groupbuild and ill be posting as i build. Regards, Bert
  14. Wow Texas i love to C where you are going with this bird. Looks like major scratch building. Very nice job so far. Bert
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