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  1. Hi guys, just for your information first kits is being delivered to first happy customers. This means that preorders has just ended and we are in normal sales mode from now on.
  2. Dear friends, preorder to our Kit will start today around 7 p.m. European local time . All preorders will prior executed till 15.11. All preordered kits have got special add-on: resin exhausts, as thanks for your patience and appologize for delay of release. End price of the kit is 2.400 CZK. Special price for preorders is 2.200 CZK.
  3. Test build HGW 1/32 Bf 109E Limited Edition by Miloslav Hrabaƈ
  4. Hello Everybody, we're back to LSP after long time to announce that just a few weeks remain till our first kit release.
  5. Hi guys, November product launch: http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/november-2016-newsletter Enjoy! Jan Bobek HGW Models
  6. Dear friends, if you have a minute be so kind and check our latest newsletter. It's full of new stencils (HGW wet transfers) and of course lasered seat belts. http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/september-2016-newsletter All the best Jan Bobek HGW
  7. Hi guys, some news from July 2016. Thanks for checking it out. http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/july-2016-newsletter Martin HGW
  8. Dear all, we would be very delighted if you check our May 2016 newsletter. It is all focused on positive riveting. Thanks for your time. All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  9. Dear friends, if you have a minute we would be delighted if you check our latest newsletter here: http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/august-2015-newsletter Thanks for attention. All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  10. Dear friends, if you have a minute please check our February newsletter. It contains: Camo netting; fabric seat belts for Felixstowe F.2a, Se.5a, Hansa-Brandenburg W.29, Arado Ar 196A-3 etc.; and wet transfers for Spitfire Mk.VIII. Briefly about our completely new product - camo netting: "Based on unique technique called relief print. Just soak in warm water for a while and let the gravity do its job."
  11. Hi John, check this out: http://shop.hgwmodels.cz/en/132-scale/287-f4u-1-corsair-seatbelts-132-132527.html Martin
  12. Hi friends, enjoy our December 2014 newsletter here: http://shop.hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/december-2014-newsletter All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  13. Here's our October newsletter: http://www.hgwmodels.cz/hgw-newsletter-october-2014.html Thanks for checking. All the best Jan
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