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  1. Very nice work, i want to do that!!! Congrats!!! Saludos
  2. Thanks guys!!!!!! Youngtiger, the dragon in the F-15 i painted, had a problema with the decals, they "disolved" when i was putting in the model jejejeje don´t know what happen!!! Saludos and thanks !!!
  3. And the cabin and seats subir gif hosting imagenes subir fotos online subir imagen Saludos
  4. Thanks Funky and Iain. The decals are from zotz with resin parts for the wings and the tail. Saludos
  5. With his big brother subir fotos a internet sube imagenes And that´s all guys, i hope don´t take so long to build another little one, only 4 years for the F-4 jejeje but i hope start with a mig -21 in indian scheme or F-4D in vietnam or He-11 with desert camo. Saludos from México!!!
  6. The radar and the gun i decided to build apart subir gif imagenes gratis subir foto And the little japanese family!!! subirimagenes subir fotos online
  7. share image subir fotos subir imagen subir fotos sube
  8. More subir imagenes gratis subefotos sube imagenes sube imagenes
  9. Hi, after 6 years i´m here again for a second job with this nice model of tamiya. The build not present many difficulties, the decals for the size some jejeje but finally i can put in his place. With zotz decals and his resin parts, photoetched for the seatbelts and RBF, scratch the FOD´s. First, the real one imagen jpg imagen jpg subir foto And the model subir fotos online subir fotos gratis
  10. A few more One of the work in the dragon And one with the pary with i have more fun!!! I prefer to let it close The ejection seat i hope you enjoy it!!! Saludos
  11. Hi, mi first one of many more to come, i hope The dragon was painted also the shark mouth, i destroy the decal sheet of two bobs!!! Ejection seat with photoetched parts and the FOD's of scracht And it's all, someday i begin with my second one, maybe a Su-27 on eritrean camo or english avenger, i hope soon. Saludos
  12. Very nice work, the shadding effects liked very much!!! keep going!!! Saludos
  13. Hi, i made a couple for a F-15J with a telephone card http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/3702/200803200004fm2.jpg and the final result I hope it work for you Saludos
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