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  1. Thanks! This means I can build the Revell kit using June Nite decals with or without a AM fillet tail
  2. Hello there, Can anyone shed more details on Capt Fiebelkorn’s P-51D? I see that it has a fillet on the tail, but looking at the serial on the tail, 44-11161, it is, to my perception, an early mustang. I noted that most of the early P-51D-5 had the serial 44-13XXX, but I can’t remember the exact detail on when switched to the D-10 series. Could it be possible that his mustang was an early version with a field mod tail? Thanks in advance!
  3. Would the pilot be considered acceptable for a Super etendard? In other scales, of course.
  4. Thank you so much for the information! :-)
  5. Can I also use the blueprints? :-)
  6. Really amazing work! How do you overlay and draw over a line drawing or blueprint? Wanting to try this for a kit conversion
  7. I think what Mr. Song is saying is that the distributors in the US & Europe are the one who are jacking up prices. A good case in point: the 1/32 A-10. If i recall, the kit would cost around 90-120 USD depending on where you buy it in the CONUS, but in the Philippines, I bought the kit for 50 USD equivalent; considering that it wasn't on sale when I got the kit. I was even able to buy the SBD for only 40 USD, the Crusader for 55 USD, the Wildcat for 19 USD, etc. Which kind of make me realize why in our LHS, foreigners who visit the shop, buy the most expensive kit everytime. Way cheaper simply because of trade laws and customs on these goods may be different from yours.
  8. Good day guys. :-) I agree with tigger that the kit's a nice clean build. :-) I was not cleared to tell anyone at the time, but I was able to build the harrier test shots from ipms-philippines. Trust me, even with the kit errors and in my case without instructions and decals, it will still look like a harrier. (now to ask someone to build a mechanism to make the nozzles move with together. :-)). To complete the kit I used the revell harrier decal to dress it up to look as a marine a/c. Tigger, I still owe you one for the sea harrier conversion set, and I promise i'll start with it soon.
  9. It was in a glass case, so I do apologize for the flash. Anyways, enjoy!
  10. yes it is. :-) we already had it almost 6 months already but could'nt show it yet, until now. :-)
  11. We are currently having our IPMS nationals here in manila. Been taking pics the whole day. These pics are the area for 1/32 planes. An if you look closely between the two huns, one big honey:
  12. And the plane after being shot down you can even see here 2 things: 1. fuselage stripes where not applied. (my theory is according to one of my readings the stock of white and black paint ran out) 2. The stripes on the landing gear cover seemed a bit off. (application while the plane is parked with gear down, so the crew painted using the 18 inch rule. kinda makes me wonder what the striped looked liked on the ground)
  13. Jeff, thank you for your help. I kind of assume that during D-day even allied planes got shot down by flak if not by the luftwaffe, or replaced due to wear and tear. Which would probably explain why by september, the stripes in most aircraft where either gone or seemed much better done than during D-day. To prove my point, I watched "the war" a documentary, and there was one pilot by the name of quentin aanenson. He had a P-47 which had both color and b/w pics. again it's just my opinion. And I really appreciated your, and the other people's help in this. The colored image from a video file
  14. Thanks for the reply guys. Decided to paint it white. I kinda guess during D-day, It was much easier to paint in the pylon. Besides, it would leave a gap in the white edge, which means some over anxious AA crew might try and shoot down one their own.
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