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  1. I know. I was actually had a crazy thought to cut up the Revell D and B, similar to how the Revell D parts would be like. Especially the wheel wells of the D. The wings of the new D is a drop fit to the B fuselage, with the exception of wing root parts since the D model had a extension. But like you mentioned I realized I couldn’t massacre a new tool kit to update an old one. It would be a waste on a well done, brand new D kit.
  2. i agree there’s a difference. To help settle this, can we ask norbert to post a reedoak figure in 1/32 and 1/35 scale of a pilot? I’ve seen the differences between 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 on his website and other posts, but not 1/35 vs 1/32. I assume he uses CAD to scale the figures properly? We can do it using figures from kit boxes, but even those vary in 1/35.
  3. I’ll still build the kit, it is one of my favorites actually. It’s just that, they might have done a little more research on what markings are appropriate for late dash 5. For example, Death and Destruction would be a nice addition. :-)
  4. Actually I’m very familiar with your site! I’ve been meaning to snatch the Phantom brass legs for my 1/32 F-4G. Hopefully soon! :-) you do really nice work!
  5. Thank you! These images are digutal, got them online. But I have the Great Book of World War 2 Airplanes, and in the Hellcat section, clear to me that there is a window there. I’ve done research on the production number for Paper Doll, but nothing’s come up.
  6. I’n building the P-40F, and so far, YES, the PE for the flaps really fit well! I didn’t use the PE seatbelts because I already have the HGW set, but I’ll be using the targeting sights once I’m done.
  7. Long tail obviously. Same flat cockpit floor. And atrocious exhaust openings. any other thoughts? Most likely the kit will be easy to build, following my experience with the P-40F. But accuracy wise.....you be the judge. http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=3397&l=en
  8. Tamiya desert yellow and nato brown. Aiming for a faded thing. Will distress with oils once decals are on and sealed
  9. Same thoughts too. I may try to cast my Revell P-51D antenna mast using oyamaru. After further reading and research, I think I can skip the canopy framing since these were added to the mid to late L variants.
  10. So when trumpeter tooled this kit, they should’ve mentioned it the earlier short tail version. I noticed it lacked the antenna mast, an extra frame on the windshield, and the rear view mirror on the canopy framing appropriate for the version I’m aiming for. Should I scratch build it, or leave it be?
  11. Painting on going, after this gloss coat, then decals, then weathering!
  12. The grey matter resin tail was specifically for the Hasegawa P-40E, with an already separate tail. The resin tail is more wider at the bottom, but ok on the top when fitted on the Trumpeter P-40.
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