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  1. Thanks for the information! :-)
  2. As the title says, I read somewhere that Curtiss used templates for the camouflage patterns for MTO aircraft. So am I right to assume that the color edges have a hard lined demarcation, or is feathered? Thanks in advance!
  3. I removed the locating tabs for the for the cockpit so I can just drop it in from below. I also glued on the tail. Next step: sanding and fixing the joint.
  4. Scribing done. Compared to an actual image.
  5. A quick profile shot. Scribing up next!
  6. At least tail looks centered and squared. :-)
  7. Here’s the fit up close. So it may mean that the trumpeter kit is a little too narrow, OR, the Hasegawa kit is a little too wide.
  8. Thanks guys! Anyways, sawed of the short tail, and test fitted the new long tail. Had to go at it carefully, but I think this is good enough. There’s still a small step, the resin tail being a little wider than the kit fuselage.
  9. Having finished almost finished my revell P-51D, I decided to go for the Trumpeter Warhawk. Of course, the kit does have issues. After looking at the kit, 2 things strike me. One, the nose IS misshapen, already addressed is the side profile, with that huge bulge going front, but one thing no one seem to notice is that on top profile, the nose actually is wide. Second is the intake. Just. Ugh. Being a short tail, I needed to convert it to a long tail. So I got me a Grey Matter 1/32 Long Tail conversion, normally for the Hasegawa kit. I also got me the sprue for the exhaust panels from a 1/32 Hasegawa P-40E So I started by hacking off the exhaust panels, and grafted the hasegawa ones. Sanded the hell out of the nose. Literally paper thin. I placed in putty in the insides to strengthen up before I keep going. But I need your opinion guys. Here’s where I am now.
  10. I’m sorry if this topic had been discussed 10 years ago, but am I correct in assuming that the aircraft doesn’t have main landing gear covers?
  11. Thanks! This means I can build the Revell kit using June Nite decals with or without a AM fillet tail
  12. Hello there, Can anyone shed more details on Capt Fiebelkorn’s P-51D? I see that it has a fillet on the tail, but looking at the serial on the tail, 44-11161, it is, to my perception, an early mustang. I noted that most of the early P-51D-5 had the serial 44-13XXX, but I can’t remember the exact detail on when switched to the D-10 series. Could it be possible that his mustang was an early version with a field mod tail? Thanks in advance!
  13. Would the pilot be considered acceptable for a Super etendard? In other scales, of course.
  14. Thank you so much for the information! :-)
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