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  1. This kit is on indefinite hold. Dave at WNW advised me that they are out of the A sprue of the Albatros D.V kit. They have requested more, but have no idea when they will receive any. I can't close up the fuselage knowing the compass is missing. Not only would it not look right, but it would be almost impossible to insert later. Guess I'll decide on another kit to start. I've had problems posting photos with photobucket after posting the first couple ones.
  2. What the heck! It says that you moved or deleted the images.
  3. I didn't think about the new release, Ron. I'm sure the airshow may have put him behind. I've only have been ordering from them for about a month and had never purchased outside the U.S. I am fast becoming a good customer. I've bought a Albatros D.V, a Fokker D.VII, a Fokker E.III, a accessory sprue, two lozenge rib tapes decal sheets and another D.V decal sheet. At this rate, I need to buy stock in the company.
  4. Since I am waiting for a replacement compass or sprue from Wingnut Wings for my Albatros D.V, I decided to start on my WNW Fokker D.VII (OAW). I haven't received any e-mails from WNW since I sent them a request for a replacement compass or sprue, but I'm hopeful. I decided to do Rudolph Stark's lilac trimmed mid-production model. I found color photos of the aircraft at the U.S. Air Force Heritage museum site including the cockpit interior. It is a reproduction of Stark's aircraft which is on display at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio. Not only is it colorful, but I have two bottles o
  5. There's going to be a delay on this build. I dropped the compass last night and it appears as if my Miniature Schnauzer thought it was something to eat. I have contacted WNW to get another part or sprue and have no idea how soon I can get a replacement.
  6. Duh! Thanks Kevin. I should have caught that error. I left the extra S out of the e-mail address and it went through.
  7. Last night I accidentally dropped the compass of my WNW Albatros D.V on the floor and my Miniature Schnauzer swallowed it before I could pick it up. Twice I attempted to contact WNW at help@wingnutswings.com and it wouldn't go through saying it was a error. Has anyone been able to contact WNW for purchase of a sprue or part?
  8. Great work, Willi. You have caused me to order a WNW Fokker E-III
  9. I think I've finally got it. This is a photo of the Badehose Albatros DV. Now to take some pictures.
  10. I haven't gotten much done except the wood fuselage interior and a seat cushion. I'm practicing techniques by trying to finish Roden Albatros DI, Albatros DIII, Pfaltz DIII, Fokker DVI. Made the DV cushion out of plastic stock, countersunk larger holes and used plastic rod for buttons. Finally made one for the for the Pfaltz today from putty and shaped the buttons by using brass tubing. Still having trouble posting pictures.
  11. If you figure out photobuckrt posting, let me know. I got photobucket, but have yet to figure out how to post on this sight. I haven't got past the preliminaries on my DV and already ordered a Fokker DVII (OAW). These WNW kits are fantastic!
  12. After watching some of the techniques used so far, I decided to try building a WNW kit. I got the Albatros DV and the Bavarian DV decal sheet. I'm going to do (try) the Ludwig Hanstein/Theodor Rumpel black and white vertical striped Albatros DV. I ordered Airscale WWI instrument decals and brass tubing after reading Des Delatorre's instructions on making eyelets and turnbuckles. I "chickened" out before receiving them and went to Bob's Buckles this morning and ordered cut brass tubing and eyelets to use while practicing Delatorre's methods. I don't have the experience that most of you have
  13. I have just started buying Wingnuts Wings kits, but have several Roden kits. I have noticed that some Roden kits do not have a compass, examples: The Albatroses and Pfaltz DIII. Has anyone scratch built the compasses and what materials did you use for the build?
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