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  1. Hi! I took up struts because both wings are complex. I'd like to fit them first, before i add all details to wings. Open areas of both wings make this fiting more difficult. I can't deny yourself to see my boeing with both wings. What a pity it's only test fiting. Regards Tomasz
  2. Hi! I'm glad you like it. I know that is not a main stream, but so many kind opinions give me kick for further works. Yes, Peter. I gave my brownings to my friend. I think he is able to make copies, but it could be difficult because they are empty inside and very crispy. I cut the shape in telephone card and fastened to metal plate. I used 0.5 mm evegreen sprues and thin Tamiya cement to glue. And now all ribs are on place. Regards Tomasz
  3. Hi! After long arrangement.....It's time to begin. Regards Tomasz
  4. Hi! Thank's for comments and watching. Some progres with upper wing. Tvelve ribbs are ready, each one about one hour working. Two spares Upper wing prepared for further works. Full ribbs closed this empty space. See you next post. Tomasz
  5. Hi everybody! Olfa knife, one of my best friend. Some progress. Brownings are almost ready. I'd like to replicate them in resin for future projects. Nice watching Tomasz
  6. Hi everybody! It was long break in my posts, but works go on. The third year of my project was ended on April. I began the fourth with upper wing. I will make it the same way as lower, but central part will be open. I wanted to use Aires brownings, but i changed my mind and decided to make my own. First I've got objections to dimensions of Aires product, I think they are to small. Second, I make them empty inside, because one of them will be exposed outside of the aircraft. Start working. I hope I can write posts regularly. Regards Tomasz
  7. Hi! It's only hard work and determination. There are a couple of black tubes which I added from last update. I made them from plastic wires, painted chaos black. It gets densely. Assembly of one tube with all details take me at least 30 minutes. Regardes Tomasz
  8. Hi gents! It was not good idea to talk about money. They demanded rise. I cuoldn't achieve their expectations, so they left me alone with this project. But I learnet a little. I added fuel filler. Some more wires, pipes, tubes. Clamping rings are made from cotton swabs tubes. On the end, I think this is electrical box. Regards Tomasz
  9. Hi everybody! Unfortunatly I'm not able to hide this true longer. I'm happy that it lasted so long. I'm only reporter of this project and tiny alien engineers are the real authors. So what did they do during this week? Photos which they allowed me to take show test fitting of cradles with ejectors and ammo boxes inside fuselage. It was really tight, but all parts fit perfect. Regards on behalf of alien engineers Tomasz
  10. So few words about cradles. I've got two photos of this area from both sides. I used them as a template. I cut both walls first. Next I glued about 0,5 mm width strips from 0,1 mm styrene sheet. I used thin Tamiya cement. Joining lines disappeared because this cement delicate dissolved plastic. I added rest parts next. Tomasz
  11. Hi! Thank's all for watching and nice comments. Time is ripe for armour. Ammo boxes first. Machine guns have diffrent cradles, because they are displacemented. I made them according to photos. When cradles were ready I touched cartridge case ejectors. The lack of good documentation and drawings is my main problem in this project. I took photos of my model from both sides, scaled them to model dimensions and they used me as drawings to create ejectors. Regards Tomasz
  12. Hi Loic! This is true model making. It's pleasure to observe such threads. Regards Tomasz
  13. Hi after longer break! I had no time for update. Lot of work, many details, pipes, wires, tubes, etc but small progress on photos. Today i show you three horizontal tubes which i added last time. Two upper were made from streched cotton swabs above fire. They have diameter about 0,3 mm. Their construction on photo. From right side I put inside copper wire, from left plastic bar with rings also from cotton swabs but bigger diameter. After mounting I made also detail which i added to the front of lower bar. All together after adding front part of upper tubes Regards Tomasz
  14. Hi Gent's! I really appreciate your kind opinion. It's like a kick for further work. I also like to follow threads on this forum. This is our high school. I returned to detailing front part. I made four elements fastening fuel tank support cradle. Each of them contains seven parts of diameter 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 mm. I'll be constrained to do many so delicate parts in this space. I've got special big match for such photos Regards Tomasz
  15. Hello! I consider lower wing done on this stage of project, so I decided to join front part with engine, fuel and oil tanks, with fuselage. It was big day. Photos with dry fitting wing. I plastered fuselage tamiya tape for protection Regards Tomasz
  16. Hi after New Year break! I almost finished left wing on the end of the year. So I started to work on right wing with new year. As I said earlier I sand off all surfaces of the wing to eliminate joining line both halves of wing and wrong placement of ribs imitation. Thereupon I had to make new covers, hatches etc., but first I decided to delicate ripple surface. I also reconstructed ribb tapes from thin self-adhesive aluminium foil. Progress on photos Regards Tomasz
  17. Striking camouflage perfectly done. Congratulations. Tomasz
  18. Hello everybody! This is last update this year. i'd like to thank's all of you for your favourable comments and patient watching. Your support helped me to make satisfying progress this year. May be next year will be the last of this project? This is my own wish for 2014 and for all of you I wish HAPPY NEW YEAR. So come back to work. I added two missing frames of hatches first. Next I touched four compresion struts between spares. As always I made fixing to spares for them. See you next year. Regards Tomasz
  19. Hi everybody after Christmas! Some progres. I started to mount reinforcements under the strut. First I had to made rib between spares. I cut insets from 0.1 mm sheet of plastic. I made reviewed hatches the same way. I was afraid of effectes but I'm satisfied. I have to add few more. Regards Tomasz
  20. Good afternoon! Thank's a lot for your nice comments. As worse kit than better for me. What could I do with Tamiya kit ? This old Hasegawa is only pretext to build this plane. Top of the wing is almost ready. Slats on place. Regards Tomasz
  21. Evening everybody! Thank's Gregory! Build threads are necessary to avoid discovery America every time. Thank's Brian! I didn't put rivet heads. I made it another way. I used rivetter or needle to make them on plastic sheet. I cut on straps and next cut to demanded dimension and glue on ribs. That's all. It's not so benedictine work as it appeares. I started to glue straps on top and bottom of ribs with imitation of perforation for rib tapes. Regards Tomasz
  22. Hi Peter! Exellent work! When you've got good documentation, details can wipe out, but it is fascinating to jump through hoops. I wanted to ask you about wonderfull bolts and nuts which I saw in pilot seat, but you explained source in this post. Good luck! Tomasz
  23. Thank's for NICE ... comment .... hehe. I never say there's no doubt in such case. Regards
  24. Hi everybody once again! I'm glad that you like it and thank's for such nice comments. I'm surprised that my old Hayate will be so well-received. Of course, Kevin, it's pleasure for me. I finished this model a couple of years and I didn't take photos in progress and I didn't show my models anybody. It was changed when I decided to take part in first contest and hayate got award. Regards Tomasz
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