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  1. Hi everybody! Long time from last update. Thank's Shepard for reminder. I have still worked on this project, but I had no time to write something. Main subject was undercarriage. Few words about leg and axle covers. I made them from styrene sheet formed on wooden molds. I used blowtorch to heat plastic. Half of undercarriage will be with covers and rest without. Main leg with bracket without covers. Second one with covers. Part on the top of the cover I made using vacuform. When all parts were ready I had to imagine how to join together. All construction must be strong and all angels correct, but about it in next post. Regards Tomasz
  2. Many thank's for all of you for such pleasure comments. I'm glad you appreciate my efforts. Leci, leci i nic na to nie poradzimy. Fajnie, że się obaj odezwaliście. Gieniu, musimy znowu trochę pogadać. Niestety czas leci za szybko. Dawno nie gadaliśmy, musimy się zdzwonić, tak jak z Gienkiem. A może jakieś spotkanie wspólne?. I've made undercarriage. Good news: I can use wheels from the kit, rest of parts must be scratch. First time I decided to vacuform parts, but I write more in next post. Regards, Tomasz
  3. Dzięki, ale przesadzasz. Po prostu robię to co lubię. Pozdro
  4. Hi everybody! Four years passed from the start of this project. I didn't realize how it will be time-consuming. I don't know how long my work will be last yet. But I know that one day i finished this aircraft. So for fourth anniversary I decided to join fuselage with lower wing. Regards, Tomasz
  5. Hi! Painting will be long process because of masking, many small pieces of tape etc. But now, My Boeing can breath. I had got exhaustes from Vector and I thought simple work. When I compare them with photos I changed my mind. I could use only outlet ends. So many problems, fitting, glueing etc. I use wood scorcher to form plastic tubes. I can also take a breath, small breath. Nice watching Regards Tomasz
  6. Hi ! My first update in 2015. She's got an armament. Machine guns were painted Alclad magnesium, barrels were oxydated. Regards, Tomasz
  7. Hi Peter! Very good work! It's pleasure to watch your threads. Happy New Year! Happy modelling! Tomasz
  8. Hi Loic! Your experiences are very close to me. Planning the project is most important, and it takes usually long time. To get an idea how is harder then activity of building. Happy modelling next year. I"ll be watching your threades with great pleasure. Tomasz
  9. Hi everybody! Last update this year. First, I'd like to thank all of you for very kind comments, for watching my thread. It's pleasure to be in so good company. And returning to the project. Frame after filling and sanding Next, I added small fasteners to each side I was thinking about leather covered padding around the edge of the cockpit for a long time. How could I make it. And this "How" is sometimes most difficult part of work. After few attempts I decided to use double electrical cabel. And next few evenings some surgery, how to cut this cable to get satisfactory effect. This is the result, only fitting. Happy New Year for all of You, happy modelling, great projects. See You next year. Regards Tomasz
  10. Hi Gentlemans after Christmas. I moved my interest on cockpit area. I decided to prepare surface around the cockpit. I will paint this area before installing machine guns to avoid difficultis with masking. So I had to make windscreen. I discovered there are three separate glass instead one piece windscreen from set. These glass were mounted in special frame with groove. Windscreen's frame requires filling and sanding, but after that it will be ready for painting. Regards Tomasz
  11. Hi! Thank you very much for kind words. Carier hook is next. I had to made quite new because this from set was not good. I added platform on the end of fuselage where was situated hook attachment. Regards Tomasz
  12. Hi after brake! I changed working area. I went to rear part. Some photos of tail wheel process building. It's not finished, only test fitting. See You Tomasz
  13. Hi Loic! It's pleasure to watch. Good luck. Tomasz
  14. Hi! Thank's for your kind opinions. Yes, You are right. May be one day. Thank's for invitation. Most of parts are painted before assembling. I'll have to mask different areas with small pieces of tape. It will be time-consuming. If we are talking about painting few words about paint. I had to mix four diffrent paints to get proper grey using FS template. I like Gunze paints. And proportion: 1 part 314, 1 part 115, 3 parts 35 and 3 parts 332. This paint is used to metal airframe, for skin it will be lighter shade. I managed to add few arms with their details last week. Current look. Regards Tomasz
  15. Hi everybody! Thank you very much for kind comments. Dzięki Artur! I added some details, few wires, bar and tubes. There are so many details that It's difficult to note changes. I can make very popular quiz for you: Show me diffrencies between photos below. There are two pairs. Nice watching. Tomasz
  16. Hi! Build must go on. Current state of my project. Lower wing with several coats of Mr. Surfacer. Upper wing with ribb tapes and other details. Fuselage with gun carriages, ammunition boxes, ejectors, wires of instrument panel etc. Regards Tomasz
  17. Hi everybody after holiday break! Short update. I made framework of the aileron. Front and trailing edge are cut from kit part, ribs - scratch. Fitting with the wing. Regards Tomasz
  18. Hi everybody! Thank you again for your good word. Last small hatches were added and bottom of the ribs. Central part of upper wing is complete. Nice watching Tomasz
  19. Fantastic work of this superbe upgrade. I'm waiting for injection kit to cut all structure of fuselage, wings and stabilizers. Good luck in new project. Tomasz
  20. Hi! Thank's for watching and coments. Some progress. I added frames of hatches, compass, trailing edge line etc. Regards Tomasz
  21. Hi! I took up struts because both wings are complex. I'd like to fit them first, before i add all details to wings. Open areas of both wings make this fiting more difficult. I can't deny yourself to see my boeing with both wings. What a pity it's only test fiting. Regards Tomasz
  22. Hi! I'm glad you like it. I know that is not a main stream, but so many kind opinions give me kick for further works. Yes, Peter. I gave my brownings to my friend. I think he is able to make copies, but it could be difficult because they are empty inside and very crispy. I cut the shape in telephone card and fastened to metal plate. I used 0.5 mm evegreen sprues and thin Tamiya cement to glue. And now all ribs are on place. Regards Tomasz
  23. Hi! After long arrangement.....It's time to begin. Regards Tomasz
  24. Hi! Thank's for comments and watching. Some progres with upper wing. Tvelve ribbs are ready, each one about one hour working. Two spares Upper wing prepared for further works. Full ribbs closed this empty space. See you next post. Tomasz
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