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  1. Jennings, Any chance we will see more from you covering post war USN/USN Reserve Hellcats? Would love to do my Airfix kit as a Reserve unit. Cheers Gaz.
  2. Hi everyone, Anyone know who is the official importer of HKM kits into the UK currently?. Made a complete mess of my 1/32 Lancaster canopy and would like to purchase a replacement sprue if possible as the mighty Lanc looks bloody silly as a cabriolet frankly. Thanks in advance.
  3. Looked textbook in the Facebook Video. John Schuler video
  4. Looks great apart from that nose turret split...no different to the ancient Monogram 1/48 kit...you think with todays moulding tech they'd be able to come up with a better solution. It's not like there even a piece of frame that goes across there on the real turret to atleast attempt to mask the join. That issue aside i like what i see so far!....can't wait....already know which B-24 im gonna build!
  5. With the R2D set most likely nothing. But for a Merlin powered Cavalier you don't need the resin nose plug or the new belly pan that make up most of the set. Not sure if the Latin/South American operators even had the extra avionics in the rear cockpit area too,I'm thinking just a extra seat. So all you'd need are the tip tanks,underwing pylons and tailfin extension.. The weapons supplied look great but weren't used down South so that's another chunk of unneeded resin. Any antennas can be fabricated easy enough. May just contact Brian @ R2D to see if he'll do me a deal on the parts I need... Just may even give me the push to finish the FAS Soccer war FG-1D(modified Tamiya F4U-1D 1/32) that sat gathering dust for afew months now
  6. Wonder if Resin2Detail would consider doing a basic Cavalier Mustang set too?. Would also love to do a FAS Cavalier Mustang from around the 100 hour 'Soccor' war timeframe...but its not cost viable for me to lay down $80.00 on the R2D Turbo Mustang set to throw most of it in the trash
  7. That looks nice Jennings. Really want to do one in the green/brown camouflage from the 1970's either with or without the sharkmouth. The HC P-51A decals sadly aren't much use for this scheme which is why I haven't gotten back to you guys who offered me decals...although I do appreciate the offers Guess I'll have to find someone capable of drawing up and printing some custom art work for me.
  8. Yep, the 354th had a bunch of nice looking filletless D-5's perfect for the Revell kit. 15th Air Force would be great too,I'm with Steve a nice yellow tail 52nd FG would look awesome they get no love compared to the other two 15th Mustang Groups. Really surprised at the lack of new decals for this kit...maybe everyone's all Mustanged out these days.
  9. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone ever did decals for late camouflaged Dominican F-51D in 1/32? Wanted to build one in 32nd for awhile now,Goolged but drew a blank unless someone done custom art work. Any help would be most welcome. Cheers, Gary
  10. Kit looks good for the price, Now who's gonna give us some nice early D-5 decals?? Been looking through my many,many Mustang books and online for nice looking D-5's as LouIV and pretty much any 357th Yoxford suject is well abit of a yawn fest decal wise. Personally I hope we get some 354th FG P-51D-5 as I've always liked the Pioneer Mustang Group.
  11. so happy to finally see a 32nd fat face Spad. Will be ordering at the end of the month after payday... Now if only someone would give me a 32nd B-26K Counter Invader
  12. Holy cow...was excited for this before...now we have teaser pics..I can see my wallet taking a big hit on this one.
  13. Oh wow...best news I've heard in ages.. Really hoped Trumpy would have given us a AD-5/A-1E/G kit anyway...but if i have to go aftermarket I'm glad its you doing the conversion atleast we know the quality will be top notch. Now could we talk you into a AD-4N/NA with the internal crew station and fuselage airbrake delete too?
  14. Beautiful Bird....this is the version I'm waiting for...
  15. Just in time for when the FAA ground Fifi in 2017 if the Internet rumours are true
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