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  1. It was me that hijacked the thread, though I did apologize. However, great to see this is being reexamined as I am making this diorama again. Roof Rat mentioned that the painting was done next to the island with a screen as a windbreak hung from two forklifts. That would be an even better diorama. Graham
  2. Checking out this GB by chance I realized that this is a great excuse for me starting my He51 that I have been sitting on for some time. I got this kit as I was inspired by the one that was at Phoenix last year, I just hope I can do it justice, as it is an amazing kit. So far, parts are being cleaned up. I will post pics shortly.
  3. Hello there, I have been a long time watcher of some of the great work on this board, and always wanted to get involved. So this GB is a chance. I have got a Silver Wings Heinkel He 51 that I need an excuse to build and this is as good a reason as any. So what do I do to get involved? Thanks Graham Columbus OH
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