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  1. Looks like I'll be going with the family. We're ostensibly visiting my sister and her family who moved to Wisconsin in December. They're the next exit off the highway so nice and handy. But first I have to survive an 11 hour drive with my 6 & 8 year olds....
  2. Tomcats over Hornets any day! There's a Tomcat in the very last shot of the trailer at least.
  3. I don't know what primer you used but you could try removing it with Tamiya lacquer thinner. It's cool enough that it won't attack the plastic. After you removed most of the paint, use a polishing compound to remove the remaining residue.
  4. I did one a couple years ago. The hardest part was making the deeper fixed canopy section. Yours is coming along really nicely. Carl
  5. They still do I believe. I've seen them come up from time to time on eBay for around $500 as a set. Which isn't far off from the Bandai 1/72. They do need a bit of work correcting details though. But it's certainly impressive when done.
  6. One of my favourite paint schemes on the Spitfire. I did mine using the Tamiya kit. The pink only stands out against the white of the invasion stripes on the wings. Carl
  7. For Canada, Revell will be distributed by Borgfeldt. They're the same company that's distributed Tamiya here since forever.
  8. It's looking good there. Sorry to hear about the paint issues. If you still have the masks, you can use them for the touch ups needed. They're generally quite resilient and I've reused masks many times.
  9. Thanks! Here's the link to the build. The rockets were actually Aerobonus, not Quickboost. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QAB320064 The rails they come with would work on a Typhoon but not on the Mossie. They also have decals for the rockets included.
  10. Here's the Quickboost rockets on top and the Profimodeller ones below. I picked these up for my Banff strike wing Mossie. I've got the MDC stubs as well, just waiting for the rocket rails which Kagemusha just reminded me has been three years now... Carl
  11. I got the decals applied to both sides. There aren't too many fortunately which is great for me. I also started working on the forgotten main rotor.
  12. I only got the kit after I saw the masks come out. After I bought these masks, I asked to DN do a couple of custom sets of Tiger Meet masks for a CF-18 and Mig-29UB in 1/32. The CF-18 I'm hoping to start at some point soon. As for the Hind, It has been a really great kit to put together. The step in mine is almost certainly due to the fuselage having been crushed. Everything else has just gone together very nicely.
  13. Thanks Kev, Brian and Brad!
  14. The stub wings and tailplanes were next. Once done, these were glued in place. So quite a bit done. A fair bit left too but it's moving closer to completion.
  15. Next up was more masking. Finally, time for the light grey to be applied. Here's all the various masks. I kept them on a sheet of waxed paper in case I needed to do touch ups. Which I was expecting due to the various lumps and bumps.
  16. Once the canopy was dry and I had sanded the bit of filler down, I masked it off and sprayed a coat of black. This was followed by Gunship Grey. Then I started on applying the paint masks. DN Models make a set of these which is the reason I got the kit.
  17. I made a bunch of progress over the last couple of days. I got the canopy glued onto the fuselage. The fit wasn't perfect so I glued it on sections. Once the back section was dry, I glued the gunner's part. Doing it this way pretty much eliminated the big issues and left a couple small seams that I filled with sprue glue. The benefit was I got a nice secure bond between the canopy and the fuselage and it self leveled as it dried so I didn't have much sanding to do.
  18. Congratulations on the wedding Brian! That's one way to get a trip somewhere nice.
  19. That's a bunch of great information. Thanks for sharing it. I still have a couple Panthers in the stash (one Dragon, one Rye Field) so it'll definitely come in handy when I get to those.
  20. Thanks CAT! Your comments about the waviness make sense to me. Something I hadn't thought of when I did the zimmerit. I'll have to definitely keep that in mind on my next attempt. As the unit was known to have removed the tool racks ,would they have then applied zimmerit to the missing areas? Or would it have been applied under the racks? I can see in several pics it's absent from under the spare track links.
  21. Thanks Maru! I think changing things up once in a while really does help keep my interest at the bench up. Thanks Kevin! When I looked at pics of the tank, it looked like the zimmerit wasn't applied where the tool racks were all originally mounted so I left it off there.
  22. I can't help you with any advice on casting resin or making moulds but I'm still interested in following along because of the subject matter. I've got a couple of the Mitsuoka kits in the stash too but didn't know about the track. These ones are still unbuilt. I've also got an F40 with a full interior and engine plus a Knight Rider KITT somewhere. If you like this sort of cute car, check out Neko Works. They make these cute style cars in resin. They're solid so no interior details at all. The bodies are very well detailed though. Carl
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