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  1. We had a number of shops here in Toronto growing up that I would try to go to. 


    - Rigby's was the closet to me. A 15 minute bike ride. Every year, they would bring their big display cases  of finished models to the Ex.


    - Keith's Hobby Shop was further away but was a great, well stocked shop. One of the best at the time.


    - Leisure World was in the basement of a building in the downtown core, practically suurounded by office towers.


    Then there was Mr Gameways Ark, Northstar Hobbies, Dragon Hobbies and some smaller shops that specialized in Anime models. 


    Thankfully there's still one great shop here- Wheels & Wings. Great service and selection. 






  2. Now the fun began with the wiring. Upon installing the ignition harness and after checking several reference photos, I noticed that some of the wires thread through the metal cylinder head plates. Some go over and through, others under and through. It was a bit of a struggle to make sure I got them all oriented correctly.






    Here's the end results. 







  3. Thanks folks! It's been fun making the small changes. There's still a couple more I need to make including the tailwheel fork. 


    Meantime, I worked on the engine. 

    The cylinder banks were painted with AK Extreme Metal Aluminum. I then masked them off for the grey crankcase. 




    I repeated this with the pushrods.







    I drilled out and wired the ignition harness. Getting the holes centred was a bit of a pain. 







  4. I started on the changes to the fuselage that the plane had as it was built as a land based fighter. The tail hook was removed and the opening was covered over. In addition, the rear half of the tail wheel doors were fixed shut.


    Tamiya include the multipart doors so I used the closed option for the rear part. 




    On the inside, it's even marked where to cut it. 




    After cutting it apart, I glued it into place along with the rear fairing. 




    After looking at some pics of what the cover for the hook opening looked like, I cut one from thin sheet styrene and glued it into place. 






    I then added some rivets to it and that part was done. 




  5. 33 minutes ago, Uncarina said:

    Looks really nice! Do you know if they addressed the dimensional inaccuracies of the HK seat?


    Cheers,  Tom


    Tom, here's the best I can do comparing the two. 




    It's definitely not based on the kit seat and the seat pan is much shorter than the kit one. 


    Edit: I decided to trim away some of the frames so here's a better comparison.






  6. 6 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

    I'll be interested on your take of the Takom kits, Rog. While I have some of the V2 stuff and associated equipment, I've yet to grab any of their armor kits.

    I built their Jagdtiger in the same series as the Panzer III kits and it went together very nicely. 






    This was OOB with nothing added. The price was great too, less than $40 CAD when I bought it. 



  7. 1 hour ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

    A bit late now, but are you sure you put the belts in the right slot?  I would have thought that putting the min the biggest slot would work just fine.

    But the nagain, I could be wrong as in what these buckles look like in the real thing meaning you needed the long slot free...


    I double checked that but the buckle is etched to fold a certain way. I just checked their Skyraider belt set and the buckles there are correctly made. So a minor goof up. 

  8. Time for an update. The cockpit really gave me a hard time, probably as a reminder for not having worked on planes for a bit. 




    Mostly I had problems doing the detail painting until I realized I had finer brushes and remembered the magnifier in the corner of my bench. 


    The HGW decals are thin but will fold on you if you look at them funny. With a drop of Tamiya Mark Fit Strong, they confirmed over the various switches and panels on the consoles and IP.






    I used a Prismacolor pencil to add some wear and chipping to the rudder pedals and the pedal troughs. 


    Another struggle was the various tanks in the cockpit. Masking them off so I could paint their retaining straps was tougher than I remember. 






  9. I haven't been able to reset my password so don't have any access to the website. I've emailed them so hopefully they get back to me and let me know what I'm doing wrong. 




    Edit: just got a email from them and it's been sorted. I can surf their site again. 









  10. Starting with the cockpit, I cleaned up the fuselage halves and lower centre wing section. There's a couple ejector pin marks and that's about it.




    Then I shot some interior green on those parts as well as the other cockpit parts. 






    I've done some post shading as well. The tailwheel bay framing is also together. So far so good.




    I then started on the black for the panels. 




  11. Well it's been a while since I've worked on a plane kit, much less a GB. I burned out on planes after some spectacular recent fails and switched to other subjects. Mostly armour and cars but it was time for a plane again. So I picked my favourite prop- the Corsair. 


    A few years ago Fundekals released a set called Whistling Death. One of the planes is a USMC F4U-1A called Blue Baron that has an unusual camo scheme possibly  due to weathering and touch-ups. In either case, that's my subject. 

     I'll be using the Tamiya kit with some AM besides the decals but nothing to crazy as that's what did me in last time. 




  12. Dspiae makes the ones for Meng, that's for sure. I think some of the Wave ones are made in the same factory as the Trumpeter ones.


    Here's the Dspiae V3 on the left, V2 in the middle ( I re-ground the tip after it snapped so that it's usable if a bit stumpy) and the Trumpeter on the left.




    I also have a couple of the Wave bent cutters which are handy for tight spots.




    The rest of my cutters which include  God Hand, Gunze, Tamiya and Wave.




  13. On 3/3/2021 at 9:23 AM, Neo said:

    I recently got the v3 of the dspiae works good. The disappointment was that the 2 main reason I got them was for clear parts to about the stress marks and Bandai Star wars kits since they are snap in no pain, but instruction do not recommend cutting clear and review say to avoid using on Bandai!! 


    On a side not Trumpeter as recently come out with a single blade cutter that is around 25$ I'm gonna grab one in my next hobby shop order apparently it's really good. I'll dedicate it to clear part and won't cry if it breaks it at 25 vs 68$


    The Trumpeter ones work very well. I have a pair of those as well as the Dspiae V2 and V3. 


    Whichever ones you get, don't drop them as the blades can shatter.




  14. 3 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


    I acquired the Horizon kit late last year, so now I have both. This new one is clearly superior (it's injection-moulded plastic, for starters), though I still plan to build the Horizon kit as well.




    How do they compare in size? The Horizon kit was pretty big. 


    When you do get around to the Horizon kit, try to get some sort of reinforcement into the main body. Mine kept collapsing under its own weight. It was my first vinyl kit I'd ever built. I had much better luck later on when I built the Screamin' 1/4 Boba Fett.



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