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  1. That would be my guess too. If they do a FF.33 in 1/32 I'll definitely buy one.
  2. I might have been interested had the seller offered free postage.
  3. Indeed, that is true. We will all just have to wait and see, but I think the situation with WnW moulds is not analogous to the demise of previous companies because WnW were the pet project of a very wealthy owner and the company has not gone into liquidation.
  4. Those companies went into liquidation and the moulds were sold-off. This is not the case with WnW. PJ can do what he likes with the moulds. He may decide to sell them, keep them or destroy them, so there is no certainty that they will surface again under a different label. The Meng Dr.1 could be a one-off.
  5. In the UK, I buy my Vector products from neomega resin, but they don't appear to have the B-24 engine sets yet: https://www.neomega-resin.com/american-radial-engines-18-c.asp I've used them 2 or 3 times - the last about a month ago. Ultra fast delivery (next day for the last order). HTH
  6. I did one in 2012. Sadly, I've lost most of the WIP photos, but here's the completed build: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234921294-132-hellcat-166w-jx701-hms-indomitable-1945/
  7. I disagree. The announcement of an imminent announcement is a marketing strategy. And, in my opinion, in this case not a very good one. Others may have different views.
  8. Indeed. It might have been a nice surprise without the marketing hype, but now I just feel disappointed.
  9. de Havilland Hornet - the prettiest of them all
  10. I 'm looking forward to this release. One small point to note, however, is that it is not possible to build the first two options - 804 Squadron N2272:G and 804:H, which incidentally is N2276 and the usual aircraft of Lt Carver RN - without modifying what's in the box slightly. N22xx serial aircraft are Sea Gladiator (interim). The key external distinguishing feature is the presence of an external arrestor hook, not a recessed hook as seen on N55xx serial aircraft. You can see the external hook on the well known photo of N2272, with S/Lt Sleigh in the cockpit:
  11. Wish I'd kept this one: Sold it in 1982 for the current market value of four Wingnut Gotha IVs. See how I got the thread back on track, there?
  12. Hi Dana, I took my information from Sturtivant and Burrow's Fleet Air Arm Aircraft, 1939-45. Ian
  13. KD431 is a FG-1D CORSAIR IV under Cont No.a(S)1871 & Requisition No.N-1450, numbered KD255 to KD560. BuAer Nos.14686 to 14991. So you need the Tamiya F4U-1D kit.
  14. 804 Squadron was based at Hatston, June to September 1940, and is one of the two FAA Squadrons that took part in the Battle of Britain. During this period it was equipped with Sea Gladiators (previously embarked on HMS Glorious and then Furious during the Norway campaign). Most were Sea Gladiators (interim) with serials in the N2265-N2302 range. These were Mk II Gladiators with an external arrestor hook, rather than Sea Gladiators with serials in the N55xx range with recessed arrestor hooks and dinghy stowage.
  15. I have both Hornet kits, but haven't started either. I'm still struggling with the HpH Walrus.......
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