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    perrisb reacted to Showtime 100 in F-117A Nighthawk (channelling my inner scratch builder)   
    Any updates on your build ?
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    perrisb reacted to JRutman in P-51 B Big Mac Junior   
    The lightning holes were covered with individual rectangles of felt like material. There is a thread of mine showing the constuction of my master pattern. If you search on the venders forum or the in progress forum it is still there somewhere. Or maybe look it up on Greymatterfigures website whose linky is on this website?
    The canvas attached to the top of the box that makes up the wheelwell and at the bottom at about the place where the tail gear makes it's 90 degree bend.
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    perrisb reacted to Jack in Modern Heli kits, will we ever see?   
    heeey, that's a good one: a LSH group build...
    And Michael, this would be a great opportunity for you to build civilian......
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    perrisb reacted to Collin in Hasegawa Fw 190D-11 Conversion   
    Terrific looking Dora there Kevin....well, well done!!
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