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  1. Its a nice subject, but in order to do it accurately, there are a number of issues to consider, which are unique to the Canadian built Lancaster and to FM104. All Canadian Lancaster prior to KB855 except KB783, were fitted with the Frazer Nash FN50 mid upper turret, which included the taboo track around the turret. Martin 250 turrets were installed on KB783 and from KB855 on. This included the FM series FM100 to FM229, the last Canadian Lancaster built. Post-war, the later series aircraft(FM serials) were brought on to RCAF service, as they were newer air-frames. With the fitment of the Martin turret, the turret mounting position was moved a few feet forward closer to the wing. An external strengthening plate was also placed on the outside , just below. From the pictures I have seen of both the HK and Wingnut models, both have the FN 50 turret, which would mean filling and moving the turret position. As well all the windows would be filled as the Canadian Lanky's were not fitted with them either after KB705. The rear cockpit canopy astro-dome would also have to be raised( your drawings don't reflect this) . There are also a few other additions to the cockpit , including the provision for another control wheel and a different engineers panel. There are also the issue of fabricating the search radar dome as well as the rear observation windows. FM104 still survives today and has just been moved across Canada to Victoria BC, were it will be restored. There are lots of other interesting Canadian Lancaster options, including lots of 6 Group nose art . There are also lots of post-war variations in RCAF schemes. There are also fair number of stencils for this scheme. Hopefully, the intent would be to include these as well. Just some more grist for the mill! Mark
  2. Here are a few shots I took of the Sea Fury in the Canada Avaition Museum. I was looking for a shot that shows the rivets are present and can be seen. This particular airframe was taken directly from from RCN service and has not been touched since then, this being the issue with most other Sea Furies which have been repainted . As an aside, the Sea Fury T20 is very heavily riveted around the second rear cockpit. There are a number of restored Sea Furies T20 with a single seat , the rivet pattern gives away the origin of the aircraft. MRP
  3. Ok lets try the picture again ! It works. This is the most original Corsair cockpit in the world. This is the only Corsair with an untouched (restored) cockpit left. It was built by Goodyear in 1944 and it remained that way. MRP
  4. Hopefully, here is a picture of the FAA Museum's Corsair. The armament boxes on top of the cockpit are a little different from the ones used by the US Navy, but they do look similar. There are a number of other differences between the FAA and the USN cockpits, including radio placment (TR9) map case and signal flare cartridge holders also the throttle is a little different, for the radio button . I am presently building the Trumpeter Corsair, but as a FAA bird, from HMS Formidable. I will also get around to putting a few shots of it up. MRP
  5. Hi all, In my quest to build the ultimate Corsair , I purchased both the Black Box set as well as the Aries set. I was a little disappointed by the Aries set. In comparing the two sets, I prefer the Black Box set, and this is the one I am using. The Aries set is a scale up of their 1/48 set. The main cockpit section is modeled in a u shaped, with the bulk heads attaching to it. (this could lead to painting challenges) One obvious error with the Aries set, is that the head rest is too small and looks out of place, as well, the level of detail seems less than the Black Box.The side walls and throttle quadrant are also simplified in look and detail , in comparison. However,I do think that the Aries set is easier to use than the Black Box set. The Black Box set does require a bit of skill to line the sidewalls, bulkheads and floor all together. They are both however, an improvement on the Trumpeter cockpit. The wheel bays, in my opinion, are not a huge improvement on the orignals. The Trumpeter kit does suffer from mould release marks, and this is what you are trying to fix with the set. Mark
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