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    AceofClubs reacted to Pastor John in Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 D-9, JV 44   
    And so my Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 D-9 is finished representing Red 1 of JV 44's protection flight and flown by the the Staffel Kapitan Lt. Heinz "Heino" Sachsenberg (104 victories). The models was finished in Mr Paint RLM colours which were a joy to use and the decals were by EagleCals.
    This model was supposed to be a straight from the box quick build a year ago - but instead became a money magnet!
    After market sets used were the following
    Quickboost props
    Quickboost Super-charger intake
    Quickboost exhausts
    Aires cockpit
    Aires main gear bay
    Barracuda wheels
    Eduard canopy mask
    Eduard Spiral mask
    Eduard landing flaps
    Master MG 131 and MG 151 gun barrels - and also pitot tube
    HGW seat belts and control surfaces
    EagleCals decals as mentioned above.
    Added to this list during construction were two of my own AIMS products - 32PE014 Fw 190 Hatches and Latches and 32D024 Fw 190 Oleo Leg markings (I just could not resist getting AIMS into the build somehow
    Three other after market products were bought and had to go in the bin but apart from those headaches I really enjoyed building this exotic bird of prey. The model finish was rather simple thankfully as Tamiya 2mm wide flexible tape seemed to fit the scale perfectly. And so with the Mr Paint White Primer masked off the RLM 23 was applied. Once this was masked off the RLM 76 and late war greens were applied free-hand using the many photos of Red 1 as best as possible. Hope you like the finish photos. Please note only the first two photos show the red lowered and locked landing gear indicators as I forgot all about them till after checking the photos. Best wishes and stay safe, John

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    AceofClubs reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    The linen effect decals I was waiting for arrived so I've now finished applying them to the fuselage, wings, tail plane and control surfaces.
    The Ansaldo built 'Baby's' were primarily used for training and probably flown multiple times daily.
    It's probable they were not kept as clean as maybe the operational aircraft were.
    Therefore I've intentionally applied heavier weathering than I normally would,
    Ansaldo built aircraft tended not to have the white vertical rudder stripe painted, but instead left it as clear doped linen.
    Also, it was common for the upper surfaces of the lower wings to be doped with a drab olive colour, as the glare from a clear doped linen surface could affect the pilot's vision.







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    AceofClubs reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    The lower wing, the wing ailerons, tail plane assembly and rudder fitted.
    Now it's onto pre-rigging, the struts and then start assembly.


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    AceofClubs reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    I'm now working on the tail unit, starting with the rear float.
    First is to pre-rig the eight bracing wires between the four support struts.
    The mono-filament used is 0.08 mm diameter with 0.4 Nickel-Silver tube and 1:48th scale turnbuckles from 'GasPatch'.
    Next step is to fit the float and struts then complete the rigging from the fuselage to the float,

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    AceofClubs got a reaction from Marcel111 in 1/32 F-4E Chico the Gunfighter - Rebuild   
    A truly masterpiecethe weathering is superlative!
    ciao Filippo
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    AceofClubs reacted to Marcel111 in 1/32 F-4E Chico the Gunfighter - Rebuild   
    Hey guys, I know my Chico build is yesterday's news around here. However, I unfortunately used Future on Gunze acrylic paint back then and it resulted in fine noticeable cracks. Given the effort I put into Chico I wanted to go back and correct this. At there same time there were some bloopers on my original build, for example the windows on the Rockeyes I mastered were too large.
    The cracks were really deep so I had to sand down to plastic on the affected areas. For some reason the water from the wet sanding sort of silvered all decals that the sanding water came into contact with (I think it had to do with the Future underneath them), so in the end I reapplied about two thirds of the upper and about a third of the lower paint. I went for a slightly more weathered look than before. When I built Chico someone sent me a very rare pic of Chico being air refueled, unfortunately I lost the pic. I had to hence get a little creative with the stenciling and I think I got a little carried away with how much fun it was using those little Eduard masks, from memory the real thing had minimal stencils.
    On the plus side there are now other pics of Chico out there, which amongst other things show that the nose gear door was painted red with white "Spooky II" lettering applied. I did this part by hand since I didn't want to have to wait for custom decals to be made and mailed. BTW the gunpods should actually say "Spooky II" on their noses also but I wasn't about to redo those. For this particular mission, Chico the standard gunpods were in service :-) I did correct the muzzle area of the pods a little, the tight fit made my initial attempt have the pods angled down somewhat. I think they look better now.
    Here goes:

    On the tarmac:

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    AceofClubs reacted to Ramm66 in Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4, Oblt. Hans Ohly   
    Hi guys,
    This is Oblt. Hans Ohly's machine from 1./JG 53, during the early phase of Battle of Britain. 
    The kit is Dragon/Cyberhobby, built nearly OOB. I used HGW seat belts, and made some minor modifications and improvements here and there.
    All markings are painted using self-made masks, except the swastika and kill markings.
    For painting I used MR Paint and Gunze colours; for weathering Flory's wash, various oil paints, chalks and pigments.
    Thank you for watching, and I hope you like it!
    Best wishes,









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    AceofClubs reacted to spook in Italeri 1/32 Israeli Mirage IIIC   
    Hi all,
    Here my last built : the Italeri Mirage IIIC in israeli 117 squadron markings. I used Isradecal marking but I painted the red markigs on air intake.
    Hope you like it









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    AceofClubs reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 scale Ansaldo 'Baby'   
    Hi all,
    I'm waiting for the propeller to arrive to complete my Siemens-Schuckert D.III model.
    Therefore I'm making a start on the 1:32nd scale resin model of the Ansaldo 'Baby' by 'Lukgraph'.
    I'll be modelling the first 'Baby' built (Ser No: So 5005) by the SA Aeronautica Gio Ansaldo of Turin.
    This aircraft was fitted with a Le Rhöne 9J rotary engine (120hp) with a circular engine cowl.
    I've made a start on the 3D printed engine, which I must say is the best finish I've seen thus far from a model company.
    The surface shows very little, if any, of the layer striations seen on some 3D printed model parts.
    Cutting the parts from their support trees is a bit tricky and because the material is quite hard, removing the tree stubs on such small parts is difficult.
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    AceofClubs reacted to CruZz in 1/32 F-16C 90-813 Spangahlem   
    Kit: Tamiya
    Extras:  Cockpit, wheel bays, jet exhaust - Aires
    Weapon bay: CMK for hasegawa kit + Aber gun barrel
    Avionics bays and some part of engine 3D print same as ALE-50 on the wings.
    AMRAAMs and training AIM-9 : Eduard brassin...
    ACMI Scratch
    Anyz decals for cockpit
    RES-KIT wheels
    RBF Eduard.
    HTS modified from kit
    Sniper pylon modified from Academy.
    Sniper container Eduard brassin.
    Exterier PE parts Eduard.
    Dischargers master same as pitot tubes.
    Astra decals insignia + some my own decals
    Numbers on pylons by dry trasfers Hobby Decals.
    Colors Gunze C....    

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    AceofClubs reacted to JAWS in Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?   
    I want an updated 1/32 F-16! 
    *Re-release the T-Bird kit so I can build a block 42 without dropping a crapload of cash on aftermarket parts.
    *The biggest area they failed us is the lack of weapons that came with the Block 50.
    *Give us all the weapons like the Academy F-16I
    *More decal options
    *"D"-model option
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    AceofClubs got a reaction from Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-47M Thunderbolt ”Josephine”   
    Oh man, what a wonderful Jug
    Top hat
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    AceofClubs reacted to Anthony in NZ in FGR.2 WILD HARE Phantom Conversion   
    OK.....where do I start
    This wont be a fast build I am sure, and it is something I am going to work on between working on and planning the next stages of my 1/24 Airfix Mosquito build.
    The past few months have been mostly dedicated to study of the British Phantom, its differences and what I have to work with.
    Drawings have been a challenge, but I have found this site which seems pretty exhaustive
    As well as this site
    The first thing I found is that the panel lines are still mostly of the US Phantom variety and many are very different to the FGR. Even there are differences between the FG.1 and FGR.2, so to be super accurate you need to decide which version you want to do.
    Lets look at the upper fuselage for a start.  I cut the bleed air door openings out neatly and sanded the ridge out of the spine where there is a molding seam as well as give the rear fuse a general sand up to check for unevenness and blemishes in the surface.

    Here you can see a comparison of the 2 fuselages (Wild Hare on the left, Tamiya on the right).  Some of the BDR patches were removed by Frank and Klaus, but there were still more on the rear fuse that needed removing.  I have removed the left side ones, but still have that big one on the right to remove still. There is a ridge down the side that runs the length of the fin, this needs removing and will be replaced by plastic card later on when the fin gets attached.
    There are still so many similarities between the 2 kits I even pondered cutting the sides off and grafting them into the original Tamiya plastic, but apart from being able to work with the plastic I wasn't going to achieve much. The reason I considered it was because the resin (mine anyway) is very brittle and difficult to rescribe.  The trick here as I have found out is to use very fine toothed razor saws.  Scribers and larger teeth saws just shatter along the line...VERY frustrating! Extra work I dont need.
    I have started correcting the panel lines on the rear fuse and am adding new rivet detail to match the existing kit or finer ones where I can.
    As this is an unprepared 'warts n all log, you will have to put up with seeing my scrappy work and messy superglue as I go.
    Here I inserted the refueling probe receptacle (I will have this extended)

    Also the master had obviously broken at some stage and got repaired, so I sanded up the repairs on the casted part and now there is no evidence of it.
    I love the look with the RWR antenna on the fin tip and glued it on.  But again, many of the panel lines on the fin were missing
    More on this later

    Primer on...

    Back to fixing surface details

    Feedback would be much appreciated
    Cheers guys and I hope this might be of interest to some of you out there
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    AceofClubs got a reaction from Stokey Pete in A pair of colourful Vipers - Pic’ heavy.   
    Zeus Viper is superlative! 
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    AceofClubs reacted to Stokey Pete in A pair of colourful Vipers - Pic’ heavy.   
    As some predicted, my summer has been well and truly taken up with these little beauties. Lockdown has been kind to me, affording me both time to be a stay home dad to our 2 year old, and giving me plenty of bench time. 
    I present to you all, a pair of Tamiya F-16Cs. One dressed up in the newest incarnation of the arctic splinter scheme from Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. The second is the truly spectacular ‘Zeus’, from the Hellenic Air Force F-16 demonstration team.
    Both have been built gear up and will be posed in dynamic turning positions once I’ve made stands on which to mount them.  Both have been built OOB with the exception of a couple of resin load out parts for the Aggressor jet. I’ve forgone a little accuracy with the Block versions to keep the build cost down. 
    Arctic Aggressor.
    AMS Resin ACMI pod.
    Eduard Brassin AN/ALQ-188.
    DN Masks for the splinter scheme.
    TwoBobs sheet 32-068 decals. 
    Vallejo model air Aggressor paint set. 
    CFTs and extended Para’ pack tail from an Academy ‘Suva’ kit, kindly received by donation.
    ’Smokewinders’ were created by removing the detail from a pair of kit missiles and reshaping the nose and fins.
    Paint masks from Model Maker Decals, meant for the Academy kit, but with lots of patience and extra masking tape, work with the Tamika kit. Just be very careful when studying the placement of masks before committing to paint. 
    The top surface came from using Mr Hobby Aqueous paints. The blue shades all coming from guestimated mix ratios. 
    Undersurface paint from Hataka Lacquer HAF paint set. 
    Onwards to a few piccies then.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed building these two. 

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    AceofClubs reacted to corsairlada in 1/32 Nakajima A6M2-N RUFE   
    Very old 1974 TOMY kit  plus MDC conversion
    color AK Real color , Gunze C,
    Yahu Instrument panel
    homemade mask - drawn in corel draw, mask which was edited and carved on  plotter by my friend Pavel
    Shortland floatplane base, Solomons Islands, February 1943, flown by Lt. Keizo Yamazaki









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    AceofClubs got a reaction from Pastor John in Fw 190 D-9 JV 44   
    Interesting project, John!
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    AceofClubs reacted to Grant_T in Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom 2 Finished at last!   
    A bit more work. The colours in this pic seem much too bright, probably because of the camera setting or light. It is better under natural light.

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    AceofClubs reacted to Grant_T in Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom 2 Finished at last!   
    I painted the bottom with Vellejo metal color Aluminium, and then did to post shading with burnt iron and pale burnt metal to give it some variation. I just masked the whole bottom though so I don't have any pictures.
    I've just been working on the back end of the aircraft. Slowly getting my mojo back

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    AceofClubs reacted to spacewolf in Fokker DR 1   
    That was so much fun and went so quickly I moved on to the cowling. It is not bad but the cooling and prop shaft holes are wrong, the raised section where the cowl meets the flat face is only shown as a engraved line... so out with the trusty books.. gotta fix this !

    Plugs were cut from sheet and glued in..

    The openings carefully plotted and drilled out.. one of my plugs popped out and had to be redone...

    The outer cowl was cut from thin sheet and glued on, then sanded flush with the curve ...

    Primered and with light divots from a pin vise and small drill to represent the rivets....

    A bit more work to do before I'm fully happy with it but really pleased with how it's coming along thus far !
    Please feel free to chime in ... any advice or insights to the build are welcome !!
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    AceofClubs reacted to JefH in 1/32 Hasegawa P-47 "Oh Johnnie"   
    Well it's been about a month.  
    I've been slowly working on the Jug but unfortunately not documenting my work too carefully. 
    First time using masks for painting the markings.  Honestly one of the most satisfying things I've done since returning to the hobby.  I used Gunze and Tamiya paints as I can't find MRP in Canada yet.

    Lots more work to come, but it's a start.  
    Thanks for looking and stay safe.



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    AceofClubs reacted to ericg in Trumpeter F-100D, Capt Ronald Swanson, 10 JUNE 1968   
    This model was built to depict the F-100D flown by Captain Ronald Swanson during a ground support mission in 1968 whilst under the direction of Forward Air Controller, Flying Officer Macaulay Cottrell RAAF. It was whilst I was building Mac's O-1 Bird Dog that I had the idea to try and track down either of the F-100 pilots mentioned in the combat report written by the BLADE flight, and was successful in contacting Ronald. He agreed to be my subject pilot and this is the result.
    Aires Cockpit.
    Aires Wheel Bays.
    Aires Exhaust.
    Zactomodels Nose Cone
    Armoury Wheels.
    Videoaviation BLU-27 Napalm bombs
    Eduard MK-82 Snakeyes
    Eduard photo etch slats
    Aerobonus helmet
    Master Pitot Tube
    Scratch built seatbelts.
    Scratch built pylon sway braces
    Canopy hinge point moved 5 mm rearward
    Main undercarriage legs shortened 3 mm
    Cannon access panels moved 2 mm rearward
    Various panels re scribed
    Pitot tube attachment fairing rebuilt
    Drop tank hard points moved 3 mm outboard
    Scratchbuilt landing lights.
    23mm plug to lengthen each drop tank
    Other small tweaks.
    Paint and Markings
    MRP paints with painted markings.





















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    AceofClubs got a reaction from Grunticus in Revell 1/32 Me262 A1 / A2 (kit 03875 of 2019)   
    Well done! Best compliments
    ciao Filippo
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    AceofClubs reacted to Grunticus in Revell 1/32 Me262 A1 / A2 (kit 03875 of 2019)   
    I was able to do some more work today. The tail is done, and the masks are cut. What brand of foil do you all use for this purpose? Any recommendations? The Oramask one I use now is just a tad on the thick side, and just a tad too tacky.
    Anyway, some more photos.
    I was quite thrilled when the masks came off, it looks awesome IRL. It's almost as if the fuselage below the stabilisers out of focus 

    It's now officially a citizen:

    I was, and still am, unhappy about the cammo pattern transition on the side. This is where it is now at and I think I will leave it like this (maybe a very very light mist of RLM 82 over the demarcation line?). This was my first attempt ever on airbrushing German mottle cammo but I clearly still need to get the hang of it. Any pointers would be appreciated!

    More masking and painting markings tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
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    AceofClubs reacted to Grunticus in Revell 1/32 Me262 A1 / A2 (kit 03875 of 2019)   
    I had a bit of fun today.

    Those MRP paints are a delight to work with. They spray like a dream, and cleanup is also less labor intensive.
    Tomorrow will be spent on adding the slats, flaps, and landing gear. All in extended position as you may have guessed. I have thinned the RLM 76 for the fin and rudder with 40% white but I am debating if the contrast should be more visible. It IS visible in the right light, but for scale effect I might just lighten it further. Thanks for looking.
    The finish on the fuselage looks a bit rough here and there because I man-handled the model way to much due to errors of my own doing. I think that in the end under gloss and then semi gloss it will look all right.
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