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  1. Mike, sounds good, I'll be in touch Bruce
  2. your D is looking great!
  3. thanks to all, I'll look into it. Bruce
  4. does anyone make a model kit of this? Bruce
  5. I'm teaching KC-135R simulators at March ARB in Riverside California.
  6. thanks for all the great comments guys. I'm headed to California for a couple months so the internet is the only place this project will be seen for awhile. Bruce
  7. I have all sorts of ideas as to what to do with the stinger tail. Jennings, If you get an advance copy please contact me. BTW I headed to March ARB to teach KC-135 simulators for the next 3 months. Bruce
  8. whats the latest on a release of the B-17F, anyone know? I haven't finished my G but was wondering when I need to start saving for the F. Bruce
  9. well here it is. I'm as finished as I can be for now. I'm headed to California for several months. I had some problems with decals, I had a couple of my Eagle Strike national insignia shattered. the gear doors are a combination of Eduard and sheet plastic. Canopy is the Squadron vacform. don't look too close Bruce p.s. I put the landing gear pop up indicators on the wings and nose after I took pictures
  10. I have the model sitting in my display case alongside some I built and it blends in nicely. Bruce
  11. Basic painting went OK. I used Alclad and some Old Silver. Now all the small parts and canopy and decals...
  12. I forgot, I got the speed brakes done too. I hate saying it but I wasn't happy with the Eduard update set for numerous reasons. i.e., I had to add lots of other detail in order for the photo etch to be used. You can't glue the stuff on the inside of the speed brake. Bruce
  13. Well it won't get done by the close out of the build but hopefully I can get it done to take to Jacksonville, FL next weekend. Here is the latest update.... speed brake area and wheel wells are plumbed: I'll add a little more plumbing when the gear is in and well add some to the nose wheel well also Bruce
  14. the tail wasn't that hard to add. I marked a line on each fuselage section that was close to where I thought the new tail would go and cut the old tail off above that line (its always easier to cut a little more off than add plastic back on). I glued the two fuselage sections together then started refining my cutout for the new tail. Bruce
  15. more progress...fuselage and wings are glued together. I had to add a ton of weight above the gun panel and drilled into the backside of the resin nose piece and added lead weight in order to get the thing to balance due to the resin tail and my PVC exhaust pipe. I had cut off the wing fences and cut slots in the wing for brass replacements and was going to to use them but decided it was going to be easier to use the brass ones as a template to make 10 thou plastic ones. I've decided to do a silver Mig of the 1972 time frame since my F-4E project F-4E was shot down by one. I've got to plumb the wheel wells and I'm ready for priming and paint. Bruce
  16. things are coming together. I've got the fuselage together and am working on mounting the wings, then its on to plumbing the wheel wells. about the wings...I had to move the mounting holes for the drop tanks and this is how I did it. I made a template for moving the holes. I took a clear piece of plastic and glued it to a plane piece of styrene. I marked on the bottom of the wing, the centerline for the middle wing fence on the top of the wing. holding the template over the existing holes I marked their position in relation to the leading edge. On my template I marked the centerpoint between the two holes and drilled a small holes in my template. I slid the template along the bottom of the wing until my centerpoint on the template landed on the fence centerline mark then using my small drill bit thru the template holes, I marked the new location for the mounting brack for the drop tank. Drill the bottom of the wing with larger holes for the bracket and Voila!, the new location is done. now if I can just get the wings on straight ! Bruce
  17. Here are a couple before and after shots of the cockpit.
  18. I finally got over a hump and have done some work on the cockpit. I extended the back wall, added some wiring, piping, and Eduard photo etch and extended the intake tunnels. I hope to get it done by the deadline. Bruce
  19. John, Have you been in touch with Doug Feeney recently? How is he doing? Bruce
  20. looking good. what have you decided to do about the exhausts? Bruce
  21. Harold, you are killing me...I've got your seats, are you going to be selling the wheels? Or maybe we can trade for some of my resin. Bruce
  22. /congrats on your 2nd and 3rd place. both great looking models. Bruce
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