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  1. Thanks Mark. The info and your quick reply, both appreciated.
  2. Jumping back to Red 8 and looking at the instruction sheets, were the upper wing surfaces a solid color? or would they have been a splinter pattern? (sorry if I missed this elsewhere)
  3. Hey Big Kohona,

    Are you only after the BB 1/72 sets? I have several other volumes I'd be willing to trade? Bf 109F's Eastern Front, Fighters over Japan I&II, Operation Bodenplatte, etc. I'd ideally only want 1/32nd scale.



  4. Thanks thierry, appreciate the answer. You wouldn't happen to have an item number for the Schatton rockets would you? and a source for them? Also, what is your reference source for mounting these? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Been awhile and even though I am thinning out my collection, I haven't given up completely on the hobby! I still have a couple of 109s that I'd like to build, "one day" and I've often been tempted to order a couple of Jerry Rutman's Bf.109G 210mm rocket sets. From what I have seen of his sets, the quality is there and they look great. Has anyone bought these? or know of some pics showing what they are like and what exactly comes with the set? $9 is a reasonable price, but I am curious before I spend (I am trying to learn from Uncle Rick's advice of not going overboard buying so much resin for a kit... I think I have a long road ahead of me! ). Thanks in advance! Cliff
  6. I received my package from Radu as well. What a gem of a piece. I am really looking forward to using his canopy on my next 109 build. This canopy will add a whole new level of detail to the kit. Thanks Radu. You can expect another order for a few more in the near future!
  7. True enough Matt, I should have been a little more specific with my comments. I was working with the presumption that the kit was new and not an "as is" type of deal. Tim's suggestion might also prove to be a good way of dealing with it. Either way, I hope he is able to get the missing parts.
  8. Why not return the defective kit to exchange it? Let the retailer who sold it to you have the problem. They can deal with their distributer, either by returning the defective kit or obtaining the right parts. You should not be left sitting out in the cold and left waiting / hoping that they might get you what you need. Returning / exchanging it puts the onus on the people who sold the defective kit to take care of the problem. I was at Uncle Bills in Calgary and a customer came in with one of Trumpetet's 1/72 Sherman kits, it was missing a complete set of parts as well. The instructions showed the parts in use, but when you looked at the kit's parts diagram, those same parts were not included. (it was running gear). Uncle Rick did the right thing by his customer and opened a second kit, gave him the parts he needed and then contacted his distributer to bring this to their attention so they could handle it with Trumpeter. Rick also returned the 2 defective kits, so he was not out either. Best of luck with it!
  9. That'd be good see this one out again. I wonder if any of the aftermarket resin companies will give us some detail sets (cockpit, u/c, etc). You can at least bank on Eduard making a photoetch set.
  10. Thanks Matt. @ hacker, ain't it the truth...
  11. I received an email from Eagle Cals the other day showing a functional photoetch canopy they will be carrying made by Radu. Can anyone tell me more on this? From the pics in the email, it looks absolutely fantastic!
  12. Who'd have thunk it??? Great tip. Thanks!
  13. Hey Dave, can you drop me an email regarding the Moskit exhausts? I am wondering if my emails are getting through to you (the only thing I can curse and like at the same time... modern technology and emails! LOL)
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