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  1. John, I see the Hampden has increased in price. Does this mean you have reworked your patterns? We have been discussing this over the past few years at Telford since the kit I got which was below standard. And I really want to do a Hampden. Thanks in advance. Cheers Cees
  2. I have a Matchobox one on the go too, the yellow wings really hurt your eyes. It's a nice simple kit. Kent Karlsen did a very nice one in Norwegian markings recently. Cheers Cees
  3. Bader had tin legs not wooden ones. Cheers Cees
  4. Don't care, any 1/32 Liberator is fine by me. Cees
  5. Looks fantastic, I especially like the 300 sqn livery, I plan on doing the HKM Lancaster as DV286 BH-C, as we recovered the wreckage of that aircraft from the IJsselmeer during 2003. Cees
  6. Shall we call this the "wishful thinking thread" or "one of those other threads" Although a Halifax would be my cup of tea, coffee too. Cees
  7. Any idea when the kit is scheduled for release?
  8. I have been to the Eder dam and you can still see a dark shadow from the breach repair and some sluice gates are missing too. Impressive to stand on it and image what happened that night. Sent shivers down my spine.
  9. Nice work so far. I usually enjoy reading work in progress reports. That is until the kit (usually by Trumpeter) gets some bashing. Don't know why that is, must be a psychological thing that needs to be done to certain manufactures. At that point I leave the thread alone. Cees
  10. Indeed, but apart from that there are also detail changes such as larger bombardier bubble, sidewindows with viewing bubble, location of pitot tube etc. Don't know yet about the sideview windows but the bombardier bubbles and pitot tubes are included as per James' preview. As are the H2S, Fishpond sets for the later versions. But these were also retrospectively installed in the earlier Lanc. Cees
  11. First boxing will be Mk I/III.
  12. Nice and busy, I hope to get some sprues later to save me from further scratchbuilding the Manchester interior
  13. Wonderful! A pleasure to follow that thread.
  14. Hey nobody started a thread yet about trying to fit a Revell D-nose to the Trumpeter B? Cees
  15. There's a preview on LSM
  16. Bloody Paralyser?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  17. One thing at the time Steve LOL Cees
  18. Try looking at pics taken during the recent refurbishment of nx611 at east kirkby. With the fn5 removed you can see the screen behind the turret location. Hope this helps. Regarding the fuselage windows what would have been the general reaction on fora like lsp if the windows hadn't been included? Just curious. Cees
  19. The first Lancaster I have came with the later propeller blades. If you look at the testshots you can see both styles of pitot tubes are represented. Cees
  20. There is an internal "shield" inside the nosesection that acts as a windcurtain. At the back of the rear fuselage there is an external wind deflector around the fuselage made from wood and fabric to prevent control difficulties when the rear turret is rotated. Cees
  21. Tooling is still underway, what you see are very early testshots. Tooling will continue until june/july. The surface details will be added later according to Neil. So please refrain from comment regarding accuracy etc. yet before the definitive kit is available. Cees
  22. Why do you think the cowling panels of the various types used during WWII had the partial serial numbers painted inside (on some Mustangs on the outside). Because they wouldn't fit other aircraft. Which is a blessing if you try to identify an aircraft more than 70 years later. Cees
  23. You just can't please any modeler Cees
  24. It will come, at least before Telford, I hope Very pleased to see that the fuselage windows have been incorporated as the LSM team insisted. HK Models didn't want it at first but as the dambuster Lanc also had the windows as had most of the serial batches they finally relented. Speaking from experience with the 3D printed mockup it can be done but trying to get more than 20 identical windows is a tough job. Cees
  25. But typical for the Lanc.
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