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  1. I wonder when Eduard will release their pe-sets. These could be huge. cees
  2. I do not miss the eighties but I do miss the musical creativity that was everywhere at the time. When we got a music show called Music Box on cable tv in 1984 or so I really enjoyed watching those musicvideos (not a fan of MTV). I am still a huge Ultravox/Midge Ure fan and (at that time) Kim Wilde was the most beautiful women in the world. Cees
  3. Just to point out that a lot of the critique regarding this kit is the result of poor cleanup of the parts. These days the fit of parts is so precise that if not cleaned up well issues may arise. That's just good old modelling. Not mentioning the lack of quality control on some kits. It's a nice product for an excellent price. Sometimes it seems we cannot accept anyting other than Tamiya quality these days. Cheessh
  4. I'd rather see photos of anything you built the past 12 months. But I must admit I admire your positive attitude. Cees
  5. Couldn't contain myself anymore and got this kit last Saturday. Luckily mine was in good shape and no sinkmarks on the flaps, no broken canopy, just a good looking package. I don't care about the flimsy box. I cut open the top to make a topside opening box. Still deciding to build it as is or scratchbuild a fin to make a Dutch Mustang. Choices, choices. Cees
  6. So all we need now is a.....HKM Lancaster. It will come, just be a bit more patient. Cees
  7. Model companies can never do no good. Canopy too thick, outcries everywhere, canopy too think, same deal. (watch the emoticons ) Cees
  8. I hope HKM will kit the Lancaster version with the huge saddle fueltank on it's back.
  9. Very nice livery. Did you pillage another kit or scratchbuilt the fillet yourself?
  10. Oh and Graham....it suspiciously looks like a Lanc.
  11. That was indeed a 3d printed model devoid of any surfacedetail. But is was pretty much the final shape apart from the engine nacelles which were not approved by the lsm team. This has since been addressed. You have all seen the renderings last year. This will be one very nice kit. Not perfect as such a kit does not exist.
  12. Two Liberators and a Lancaster, we never had it so good.
  13. Ha, you don't know how Jeroen drives, it's more like lowflying
  14. I expect you to tell Jeroen and me all about this wonderful piece of work during the trip to Lingen tomorrow. Cees
  15. The winner of Telford 2019 in the making. Wonderful project Peter. Cees
  16. The tailposition on the CAF Diamond Lil has a similar set up. A while ago it was converted back to it's original lay out. Cees
  17. Fantastic result, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. Cheers
  18. During the Flanders modelshow in Antwerp last Saturday I noticed the fuselage halves of an ID-models Liberator sticking out someone's bag. Crude now
  19. Beautifull build Miroslav, I am working on this kit right now and like it very much. Cees
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