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  1. Wonderful! A pleasure to follow that thread.
  2. Hey nobody started a thread yet about trying to fit a Revell D-nose to the Trumpeter B? Cees
  3. There's a preview on LSM
  4. Bloody Paralyser?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. One thing at the time Steve LOL Cees
  6. Try looking at pics taken during the recent refurbishment of nx611 at east kirkby. With the fn5 removed you can see the screen behind the turret location. Hope this helps. Regarding the fuselage windows what would have been the general reaction on fora like lsp if the windows hadn't been included? Just curious. Cees
  7. The first Lancaster I have came with the later propeller blades. If you look at the testshots you can see both styles of pitot tubes are represented. Cees
  8. There is an internal "shield" inside the nosesection that acts as a windcurtain. At the back of the rear fuselage there is an external wind deflector around the fuselage made from wood and fabric to prevent control difficulties when the rear turret is rotated. Cees
  9. Tooling is still underway, what you see are very early testshots. Tooling will continue until june/july. The surface details will be added later according to Neil. So please refrain from comment regarding accuracy etc. yet before the definitive kit is available. Cees
  10. Why do you think the cowling panels of the various types used during WWII had the partial serial numbers painted inside (on some Mustangs on the outside). Because they wouldn't fit other aircraft. Which is a blessing if you try to identify an aircraft more than 70 years later. Cees
  11. You just can't please any modeler Cees
  12. It will come, at least before Telford, I hope Very pleased to see that the fuselage windows have been incorporated as the LSM team insisted. HK Models didn't want it at first but as the dambuster Lanc also had the windows as had most of the serial batches they finally relented. Speaking from experience with the 3D printed mockup it can be done but trying to get more than 20 identical windows is a tough job. Cees
  13. But typical for the Lanc.
  14. They did a 1/72 conversion which IIRC was quite crude.
  15. Jim, If that photograph is taken in flight then the airpressure would indeed show more of the ribs. On the ground however that is very much less pronounced. Hope this helps. Great project. Cees
  16. I have met him once at Elvington and spent some time with him. he even showed me his storage area. I was amazed at what was stored there. His Mosquito is a magnificent achievement especially as you know with little parts he started with.
  17. Well, in the Stirling and Halifax you could walk upright without problem.
  18. Stil waiting for that 1:13 Hawkermarine Hurrifire.......
  19. And you probably weren't wearing bulky flying gear too.
  20. Yet another example of a thread morphing into one of those I want.......topics.
  21. In a few years time you can book a flight in "Just Jane".
  22. I wonder when Eduard will release their pe-sets. These could be huge. cees
  23. I do not miss the eighties but I do miss the musical creativity that was everywhere at the time. When we got a music show called Music Box on cable tv in 1984 or so I really enjoyed watching those musicvideos (not a fan of MTV). I am still a huge Ultravox/Midge Ure fan and (at that time) Kim Wilde was the most beautiful women in the world. Cees
  24. Just to point out that a lot of the critique regarding this kit is the result of poor cleanup of the parts. These days the fit of parts is so precise that if not cleaned up well issues may arise. That's just good old modelling. Not mentioning the lack of quality control on some kits. It's a nice product for an excellent price. Sometimes it seems we cannot accept anyting other than Tamiya quality these days. Cheessh
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