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  1. And that was over ten years ago. Now those models are gathering dust in storage. Would make nice objects for a museum.
  2. When aluminium skin is riveted to a frame you cannot avoid stressing the metal so the oilcanning look should be present from day one. However usage or overstressing the airframe (corkscrew anyone?) will make it more pronounced. Cees
  3. The reason the two middle bombs are lower is that the Lancaster has three bombstations next to each other. On the middle station they used a twin bomb carrier that could use the existing single pick up point but could be fitted with two bombs. Cees
  4. During overhaul all sections of the aircraft were dismantled. At the time (unlike now) they didn't care about provenance or keeping aircraft authentic. Because the cockpit had the bombtally and noseart you could easily think that's the original complete airframe ( I believe S-Sugar was originally to be built as a Manchester). If components weren't up to sratch they were scrapped or reduced to spares and replacement parts fitted, either new spares or reconditioned used ones. During wreck recovery I have found several Lancaster fuselage Perspex windowpanels which had been painted over black. Cees
  5. Converting the Lanc into a Manchester, hmm now that's a nice idea. Cees
  6. Always nice to read such positive comments regarding new Trumpeter releases. Cees
  7. Beter laat dan nooit, gefeliciteerd ouwe!
  8. Some new pics (2) on the HK Models facebook page showing a nacelle with undercarriage and a Merlin. It is progressing.
  9. You are all correct. Having found several of these cable cutters from digs, they are very ingenious things with a cartridge operated chisel to cut through the cable. Cees
  10. Nice finish. The Revell kit is a good basic kit. At the moment I am converting one into a MK XIV using the Grey Matter Figures set. Cees
  11. He had many plans. He visited me twice at home where I gave him a large number of Halifax drawings. He wanted to that one as well. Alas. Cees
  12. John, I see the Hampden has increased in price. Does this mean you have reworked your patterns? We have been discussing this over the past few years at Telford since the kit I got which was below standard. And I really want to do a Hampden. Thanks in advance. Cheers Cees
  13. I have a Matchobox one on the go too, the yellow wings really hurt your eyes. It's a nice simple kit. Kent Karlsen did a very nice one in Norwegian markings recently. Cheers Cees
  14. Bader had tin legs not wooden ones. Cheers Cees
  15. Don't care, any 1/32 Liberator is fine by me. Cees
  16. Looks fantastic, I especially like the 300 sqn livery, I plan on doing the HKM Lancaster as DV286 BH-C, as we recovered the wreckage of that aircraft from the IJsselmeer during 2003. Cees
  17. Shall we call this the "wishful thinking thread" or "one of those other threads" Although a Halifax would be my cup of tea, coffee too. Cees
  18. Any idea when the kit is scheduled for release?
  19. I have been to the Eder dam and you can still see a dark shadow from the breach repair and some sluice gates are missing too. Impressive to stand on it and image what happened that night. Sent shivers down my spine.
  20. Nice work so far. I usually enjoy reading work in progress reports. That is until the kit (usually by Trumpeter) gets some bashing. Don't know why that is, must be a psychological thing that needs to be done to certain manufactures. At that point I leave the thread alone. Cees
  21. Indeed, but apart from that there are also detail changes such as larger bombardier bubble, sidewindows with viewing bubble, location of pitot tube etc. Don't know yet about the sideview windows but the bombardier bubbles and pitot tubes are included as per James' preview. As are the H2S, Fishpond sets for the later versions. But these were also retrospectively installed in the earlier Lanc. Cees
  22. First boxing will be Mk I/III.
  23. Nice and busy, I hope to get some sprues later to save me from further scratchbuilding the Manchester interior
  24. Wonderful! A pleasure to follow that thread.
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