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  1. Sounds like a very rational conclusion.
  2. That's funny, when WNW announced theirs the HKM Lancaster was immediately downgraded to the second league. Cees
  3. A good opportunity for the aftermarket. How nice of HobbyBoss to make it so easy for them. Cees
  4. Tjeeszzz, sometimes people are so quick to find a mistake in a kit for their own glory, that they forget to check themselves Oh well.
  5. I must admit that because of that observation bubble the HK Models Lancaster is hereby classed as unbuildable Luckily my Manchester doesn't have one. Cees
  6. Just seen the Viking in the flesh at the show. Wonderful. Well done. Cees
  7. Collings Foundation's Lib came from an RAF-dump in India, was used by the Indian Air Force and later bought by Doug Arnold in the UK and passed on to Collings. It was first painted as All American, then Dragon and it's tail and finally Witchcraft. Cees
  8. We don't need any one of those, but it would be nice to have one.
  9. Only the later ones (at least the twenties series) had primer on.
  10. The wing join is the same as the B-17 and leaves no gaps. I fitted the wings of the testshot at the HK Models stand and it couldn't have been easier. Cees
  11. This kit is primarily responsible for the sudden cancellation of my scratchbuild HP 0/400 The unfinished fuselage will make a nice addition to the WNW kit when finished. Cees
  12. Good to read you had such a good time Kent. It was nice meeting you as well as seeing some familiar diorama's in the competition area (hey, that looks familiar isn't that the one made by Kent?) Keep it enjoying yourself. Cees
  13. Well. My scratchbuild O/400 has suddenly stalled due to unknown reasons. Cees
  14. Time to bump this poor old thread. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on a HKM Lancaster. Thank goodness there is no oilcanning to sand off. Cees
  15. The Lancaster obviously judging by the 40 pages on LSP. Cees
  16. Simple, I want them both. Perhaps more of each. Can't help it I love the Lancaster (though I am a great fan of the Halifax). Cannot have too many of them. Cees
  17. Wow, this is a set I must have. (perhaps two). Great work Peter. Luckily we have Lancaster expert Hatch available Cheers Cees
  18. And during 2014 largely reworked to correct the the external outlines. Cees
  19. For that price a good basic kit with some "issues"? No problem, can't wait to get my hands on one. Doing the "Gremlins Roost" of which we have a lot of wreckage at the museum on display and a pic of the sharkmouth nose.
  20. That's a mk VII Rog. The Bull Creek example.
  21. And, speaking from experience, these radiators are extremely heavy.
  22. IIRC there are three intake variants as used on the Lanc.
  23. You're a brave man who is playing with fire.....for a short while. Destiny awaits
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