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  1. Although old the Spit still has a very good outline, it does need some upgrading regarding the wheel wells and the canopy. I think Airscale does provide an instrument panel. And don't forget to build in the dihedral in the wings otherwise it's a bit flat. I always enjoyed the PSL books on how to build the Airfix 1/24 kits (and a few other ones such as the 1/48 Lanc en B-17 and 1/32 Revell Mossie).

    It's a very good basis for some scratchbuilding. I once did the entire interior and learned a lot about the Spitfire in the process.

  2. Wonderful aircraft, legendary recovery and epic restoration.

    My wife and I once made a boat trip on Loch Ness, the water is very stange, black and very choppy that day.

    You really thought something was lurking beneath the waves. While the other tourists were looking for Nessie

    I asked the captain about the Wellington. He was very puzzled as people are only interested in the "monster".


    He happend to be a diver during the recovery and had some very nice stories to tell. I was glued to his lips you might


    Great trip that was. Although I didn't have time to look around for Nessie.


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