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  1. Gotta agree with everyone else Chris, this is a stunningly attractive scheme. Looking forward to this one. Cheers
  2. Carl, this is the coolest! A red merlin with chrome rocker covers? Wow! What a terrific start. Good job. Cheers
  3. Hi Max, hi Mark, thanks for the interest. I should be getting into this during the week, all being well. Hi Tim, it could make a nice contrast to a certain Air Cadet mkiii at some point, eh? Hi Brian, I'll try to post up some sprue shots soon. Cheers
  4. Cool! Really enjoying the show already Max. I can see I shall need a large note pad to copy your mods. Thoroughly enjoyed the video too. Please feel free to add as many vids and images as you like along the way. Cheers
  5. Too bad Mike, I was looking forward to seeing this built. Hopefully you can join the GB with something else that's more in keeping with the time constraints? Cheers.
  6. Great to see this in the GB Brian. I'm eagerly looking forward to your next update. Good stuff. Cheers
  7. Hi Carl, can't wait to see you get started on this one. Great choice for the GB and she'll look superb in that striking scheme. Inspiration: http://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/83/Spitfire_LF_XVIE_TD248.jpg http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraft/AirShows/Duxford2002/Spitfires/Td248/SpitfireTd248Landing9oClock.jpg http://www.godihirschi.ch/Cats/spitfire/spitrot6.jpg Cheers.
  8. Thanks Mike, glad you like it. Hi Don, good to see you. It was a relief to finally get back to this one and see it through. Wish I could have finished it in the GB though. Ah yes, the Tomcat......perhaps 2017 is the year? Hi Kev, thanks. Of course mate, please feel free to add it to the website. Andy, Shaka Hi and William, thanks for the kind words guys. Glad you enjoyed seeing this one. Cheers.
  9. Hi Carl, hi Thomas, thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated. Hi Chuck, thanks for stopping by my friend, much appreciated. The Tomcat and Eagle are always calling to me but I need to regain more enthusiasm before I re-visit either of those bad boys. I've been living vacariously with the great builds going on here on LSP. For now I'm going to attempt to participate in the "Keep it civil" group build and construct the Revell ASK 21 glider that I won in 2015's LSP raffle. It's going to be quite a departure from what I'm used to making and that's for sure. I did n't snap any close-ups in this sitting, sorry. Here's a link to the WIP which does show more: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60215&page=7 Hope you are feeling better. Happy New year guys.
  10. Hi Whitey, I'm not aware of any, sorry. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly who can be more help. Failing that and given the new "Keep it civil" GB it might be worth approaching Norbert at ReedOak to see if he has any plans to produce civvie pilots. If you do find any please let us know. I might consider a civvie pilot to put in the ASK 21 Cheers.
  11. Hello folks, Last year I was the lucky winner of a model kit in the LSP raffle. Iain kindly donated this Revell kit of the ASK 21 glider which fits in perfectly with this GB. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&FORM=IGRE Civilian aircraft are not my usual fare so this is an ideal opportunity to try something new. For now this is a space setter post but I'll be back with more as soon as I get the box open. Cheers.
  12. Goodness! This is a mammoth project Hubert. You are a brave man. I salute your courage and look forward with anticipation to see more progress. Good luck. Cheers.
  13. Very nice choice of subject Mark. Your reference picture shows some fantastic smokey weathering on the tail of the bird which should be fun when you get that far. I look forward to seeing how this one turns out. Cheers,
  14. This should be a spell-binding trip Kent, glad to see you joining in the GB fun. I'm agog to see what you come up with, especially if the model eventually sits on a snowy diorama base. Great stuff, Cheers.
  15. Excellent choice Max. Glad you're building one of these as it means I can shamelessly steal crib umm, borrow all of your enhancements and ideas. I almost forgot that I've got one of these in the loft and could scale up G-ANSM for this group build I look forward to seeing what you come up with. (Cracking scheme BTW) Happy New year Max, Cheers.
  16. Hello all, Thought I'd kick the year off be posting a couple of images of this tribute to Edgar Brooks. I began this build during the GB but stalled when I got distracted. During the holidays I have been able to re-visit it and finally finish my tribute to Edgar. Better late than never. Hope you enjoy the end result. I had hoped to be able to display the model all buttoned up but the intake under the nose does n't want to come off anymore. I managed to batter the kit stencils into submission but chickened out with the larger markings which were masked and painted. sluggo kindly provided the masks which worked beautifully, thanks Randy. The cannon are metal items and fitted perfectly. Really a top notch product. Also, the wheels are resin items from Barracuda studios. Excellent product and heartily recommended. The finish is Tamiya AS whizz can with a coat of clear gloss lacquer over it from Montana Gold spray cans. I then toned that down in places with Valejo satin varnish before weathering with various mediums from Games Workshop inks through water colour pencils to pastel chalks. I finally gave up trying to use Photobucket and reverted to Joomeo but it's a while since I use that site so hope the images show up for everyone. Any comments, good or bad, are most welcome. Cheers.
  17. Hi Kent, So glad you signed up to LSP and share your work with us. The models shown above go to illustrate just how skilled you are. Truly magnificent models. Best wishes for 2017 and many more years to come. Cheers. P.S, I think I found the images that you based your desert diorama on
  18. Very nice collection of jets Christian, thankyou for sharing them here. Great photography under natural lighting, at times, extremely convincing. Just the ticket! I look forward to seeing more from you. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay. Cheers
  19. Hi Sammy, Welcome aboard. I'm glad you signed up and thank you for taking the time to share your F-16 here. It looks to me like a beautifully built and finished model. Great job. The photography is impeccable. Many of your images would pass for the real thing. This is a captivating series of images and right up my alley. Magnificent. Cheers.
  20. Nice work on the cockpit and figures F. It maybe too late for this build (or hopefully not) but it is possible to achieve an extremely realistic effect on the HUD combining glass by using irridescent film. This will give the beautiful emerald green like the real deal when viewed from certain angles. Keep up the good work Cheers
  21. Hi Miloslav, there is no doubting your painting and modelling skills. This is a very eye-catching model.
  22. Miloslav, you have achieved an excellent model. Well done. Cheers.
  23. Love this (Aegean ghost?) scheme and the way the HAF jets get so dirty. Can't wait to see this girl or muckied up. Keep it up. Cheers.
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