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  1. Lovely looking Mosquito Peter. Top notch work all round. Everything appears to be crisp and pin sharp on my monitor. I really hope that Tamiya follow this MKVI with a bomber version although I'm not holding my breath. Nearly there now so bring it home..... Cheers
  2. Good work on the IP Mark, a big improvement. That decal pack looks great too. Cheers.
  3. Hi David, This looks like a great project. I'm old enough to remember seeing 'copters similar to this in "M.A.S.H" and "Skippy the bush kangaroo" so I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this little Bell. Eager to see you start on this. Cheers
  4. Hi Jack, You could give Randy a PM He is known as sluggo here on LSP. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showuser=34691 His compant StencilPal do great work. http://www.stencilpal.com/?post_type=product I'm very happy with the masks I've used from him. HTH
  5. Great videos guys. The Twin Otter landing is impressive because of the aircraft size but that Super Cub on the bush tyres made me laugh out loud. Astonishing to see it just plop down and stop within it's own length and then hop back up into the air in about the same distance. Brilliant! Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the explanation Ron. That artcle was a great read. Cheers.
  7. Hi Marcel, I hope your little one's condition continues to improve. Nice job on the Ferris cammo. Your masking looks top-notch. Keep at it. Cheers
  8. Hi Chuck, good to see your update. That is some seriously crisp work. I thought the same as F. A quick pass with a sanding stick could improve the look of those petals substantially. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/F-15_Eagle_nozzle_details.jpg Hope the shoulder continues to heal at pace. Cheers.
  9. Very nice Carl. It looks just as good as I'd hoped it would. @Steve, did 248 blow a rod at some point? http://cdn.9cloud.us/images/261/p51_12_cylinder_rolls_royce_merlin__1935615943.1024x0.jpg Cheers.
  10. Hi Dennis, Erik, Richard, Brian and Jim. Thanks for stopping by and adding your kind comments guys, much appreciated. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my efforts. Chhers.
  11. Neat work so far Martin. Do you have an image of the actual machine that you're planning please? Cheers.
  12. Hi Shaka, this should be an interesting one to follow. Enjoy your foray into the Piper. Cheers.
  13. That looksfabulous Carl. The wash and gloss coat give just the right appearance in my eyes. Subtkle and realistic. Good job. Those chromed components are going to look superb against the red, especially with other pipes, wires, hoses and ancilliaries added to splash other colours around. I'll say it again, what a great choice. Cheers.
  14. Gotta agree with everyone else Chris, this is a stunningly attractive scheme. Looking forward to this one. Cheers
  15. Carl, this is the coolest! A red merlin with chrome rocker covers? Wow! What a terrific start. Good job. Cheers
  16. Hi Max, hi Mark, thanks for the interest. I should be getting into this during the week, all being well. Hi Tim, it could make a nice contrast to a certain Air Cadet mkiii at some point, eh? Hi Brian, I'll try to post up some sprue shots soon. Cheers
  17. Cool! Really enjoying the show already Max. I can see I shall need a large note pad to copy your mods. Thoroughly enjoyed the video too. Please feel free to add as many vids and images as you like along the way. Cheers
  18. Too bad Mike, I was looking forward to seeing this built. Hopefully you can join the GB with something else that's more in keeping with the time constraints? Cheers.
  19. Great to see this in the GB Brian. I'm eagerly looking forward to your next update. Good stuff. Cheers
  20. Hi Carl, can't wait to see you get started on this one. Great choice for the GB and she'll look superb in that striking scheme. Inspiration: http://de.academic.ru/pictures/dewiki/83/Spitfire_LF_XVIE_TD248.jpg http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraft/AirShows/Duxford2002/Spitfires/Td248/SpitfireTd248Landing9oClock.jpg http://www.godihirschi.ch/Cats/spitfire/spitrot6.jpg Cheers.
  21. Thanks Mike, glad you like it. Hi Don, good to see you. It was a relief to finally get back to this one and see it through. Wish I could have finished it in the GB though. Ah yes, the Tomcat......perhaps 2017 is the year? Hi Kev, thanks. Of course mate, please feel free to add it to the website. Andy, Shaka Hi and William, thanks for the kind words guys. Glad you enjoyed seeing this one. Cheers.
  22. Hi Carl, hi Thomas, thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated. Hi Chuck, thanks for stopping by my friend, much appreciated. The Tomcat and Eagle are always calling to me but I need to regain more enthusiasm before I re-visit either of those bad boys. I've been living vacariously with the great builds going on here on LSP. For now I'm going to attempt to participate in the "Keep it civil" group build and construct the Revell ASK 21 glider that I won in 2015's LSP raffle. It's going to be quite a departure from what I'm used to making and that's for sure. I did n't snap any close-ups in this sitting, sorry. Here's a link to the WIP which does show more: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60215&page=7 Hope you are feeling better. Happy New year guys.
  23. Hi Whitey, I'm not aware of any, sorry. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly who can be more help. Failing that and given the new "Keep it civil" GB it might be worth approaching Norbert at ReedOak to see if he has any plans to produce civvie pilots. If you do find any please let us know. I might consider a civvie pilot to put in the ASK 21 Cheers.
  24. Hello folks, Last year I was the lucky winner of a model kit in the LSP raffle. Iain kindly donated this Revell kit of the ASK 21 glider which fits in perfectly with this GB. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&qpvt=Revell+ASK21+glider&FORM=IGRE Civilian aircraft are not my usual fare so this is an ideal opportunity to try something new. For now this is a space setter post but I'll be back with more as soon as I get the box open. Cheers.
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