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  1. Hi Kyle, looking forward to seeing how your Tomcat turns out. If you check reference photos you might find that the raised panel lines on the beaver tail are more accurate than you think. Everyone jumps on the re-scribe bandwagon but the real deal may have actually had more like raised panel lines in that area. Might be worth a looksee. Just saying Hey Phil, good to see you again buddy. It's been a while. Welcome back dude. Cheers.
  2. Good to see your Tigercat all mocked up Brian. I was lucky enough to get to hold a built up model on Hph's stand last November and can attest to just how heavy this model feels with all of the weight inside. It's nice to see you beginning to enjoy your big Cat after all of your hard work. Hope it's all plain sailing from here on in. Cheers.
  3. Excellent. Thanks for that Dave, much appreciated. Duly bookmarked
  4. That is a glorious model Doc. The images are so vibrant. Love the work you put into the underside in particular. Very nice. May I ask where you got the grass for the base? It's extremely convincing. All round beautiful job. Cheers and Happy Chrimbo.
  5. Nice choice Tony. "Just Jane" would be one of my choices but would n't there need to be more modifications than to make the BBMF Lanc? Cheers
  6. Nice but I sincerely hope that the serial on the aircraft depicted is n't how the kit turns out
  7. Hi Zach, too bad about the seam under the fuselage. Can't help wondering if it may have been caused by paint in joints. I've read many accounts where paint has caused similar issues on these WNW kits because fit is so tight. Glad you got it sorted though and it's great to see how beautifully your engine turned out. Keep at it as I can see the end result being spectacular. Cheers.
  8. That one was there this year William and picked up a gold. It was extremely well done.
  9. Great finds MARU. Thanks for sharing these
  10. Hi Peter. I can only echo what others have said in that photos do not do justice to your Spitfire. Yes, it looks beautiful in pictures but even more magnificent in the flesh. I'm glad I made the trip to see it. It was worth it. Huge congratulations on the well deserved awards including the Edgar Brookes memorial trophy, a job well done. It was my pleasure to shake you by the hand and as one or two have already mentioned, you are as modest as you are talented. I'm confident that your Firefly will be just as earth shattering eventually. What better way to advertise your company than by turning out some of the world's highest calibre models? Well done that man. You're an all round good egg and richly deserve all of the accolades. Cheers
  11. She's a big beast Iain and looked fabulous on your stand at Telford. You've really captured the look nicely and seeing her in this natural state shows just how much work is required to attain such a high quality finish. Keep at it, she'll be a beauty and will look magnificent next to Tom's Shack' at some time in the future. Cheers
  12. Hi Chuck. There's no lack of modelling skill on show here buddy. Beautifully crisp finish that we've come to expect from you. Thanks for taking the time to detail your adventures so brilliantly and I look forward to seeing the finished bird in all of her glory. In the mean time, enjoy your hols. Cheers
  13. Hello Tom. Just dropped by to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at Telford on Sunday and see this big girl in the flesh. The quality of your work is even more impressive in the flesh and I commend you on your approach to surface fidelity. It's a joy to see subtlety and restraint employed when it is all too easy to overdo panel lines and surface details. Congrats on a beautiful scratch guild so far. Cheers.
  14. Hi Kent. I was lucky enough to attend the show at Telford recently and HPH had a cutaway Cat on their stand. It looks extremely impressive so keep up the great work and the rewards will follow. One thing to make sure of though......don't forget to include the roll of toilet paper on a rear bulkhead Cheers.
  15. Hi Brian. I was lucky enough to hold a completed one of these at Telford recently and I was struck by just how heavy the finished model was. Is the landing gear strengthened or full metal? Also, are you using HPH's own epoxy adhesive to glue the parts together? Mirek patiently explained that this particular glue could be used to fill slight gaps and sands at the same rate as the surrounding structure. It might prove useful. The model was beautifully rigid and looked superb even in it's unpainted state. You are in for a real treat and I'm confident all of your hard work will pay off. Enjoy your big cat build, I know I shall enjoy following along. Cheers.
  16. All beautiful models Miroslav, well done. It would be superb to see them all together. They are all magnificent but I like the Indian air force version best of all. Thanks for sharing them. Cheers
  17. What a great and magnanimous idea chaps. A very fitting tribute and congratulations to Peter for being the first and worthy recipient of the award. Cheers
  18. That is some quality work on those jet exhausts. Your work is very sharp and clean even on the minutest parts. This bodes very well, good job. Cheers. P.s, respect for your tenacity and determination with posting the images. Glad you've got it sorted so that we can enjoy your build.
  19. Dieter, this is exemplary. Beautiful work sir. I agree with the others when they say this must be the best Su-27. For me, the fact that you have included the personnel and ground clutter is the icing on the cake and is what makes your images indistinguishable cfrom the real thing. Thanks for taking the time to re-post these superb images. Bravo!
  20. Peter, your Spitfire looks truly beautiful. It is a testament to your skill and craftsmanship throughout. Marvellous job. I'm glad that you found a base that you're satisfied with. I can see your reasoning about mounting the model on a mirror but I've always found mirrored bases confusing and distracting. For me, a model as realistic as this should be shown on a realistic base which heightens the authentic look in my eyes. Of course, I'm in the minority and as we can see, the mirror is a very popular choice. Good job. Now a question. May I ask if you plan on creating a flat spot on the main gear tyres at all? Having followed along with this build online I would love to see it in the flesh. Your Spitfire would be worth the price of admission to Telford in the autumn on it's own. Exceptional in every respect. Bravo. Cheers.
  21. Hi Rob. From memory the main gear bay parts fit pretty well. The nosegear bay is about a millimetre short IIRC. The pit parts are very good. The jet nozzles look superb but are a little small in diameter for the fuselage of the original Trumpy release. It is n't a major issue on the finished model to my eyes. The canopy, windscreen and nose cone are a long way off if left unaltered. The Zactoman resin parts cure this problem to perfection. As the other guys said, Chris's parts are second to none, regardless of cost. Hth, p.s, my photos are all on PB so are lost but I could reload some snaps for you if they'd be any help.
  22. I..........ummm What........hmmm So I wanted to say.......ummm.....? Sorry, just speechless! What can one say? Magical......
  23. Looking good Chuck. The colours look accurate on my monitor. Cheerz.
  24. Kent, that works beautifully, good job. May I recommend some free photo editing software called "Photoscape". It offers a number of filters which can impart an aged appearance to photos. Using Photoscape on your recent image would render it virtually indistinguishable from the real item. Cheers.
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