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  1. Hello all you LSPers: I need a little help. I am building the 1/24 Typhoon and i am not happy with the barrel covers. Does anyone know if Master barrels have a barrel cover that will work with the Typhoon ? Thanks Jim
  2. Sorry about that, they don't have paddle blades.
  3. Hi Everyone; Just thought i'd drop a line and let evryone know that there is still someone out there that is making parts for the old Revell Mosquito. I picked up a new canopy for the Mk.V1, these guys even have the props (paddle) and engines. I ordered my new canopy ( beaware this is for a late war Mosi with the bulge on the observers side). I had it in four days and you get two per pack. Check them out here: http://www.heritageaviationmodelsltd.com/index.asp Thanks Jim
  4. Hi; Has anyone got a scan of a Mosquito MK V1 Instrument panel. I need a straight on shot either in 1/48 or 1/72 scale. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys; I'm just finishing it off. One great kit though for the price it could have have come with the H.E. Rockets #32023. Otherwise you get everything that you can think of. The plans are no hell but there is a great build located elsewhere on this forum. jim
  6. tomcat1

    Wheel Well

    Hi Matt; The only real problem i am having is that if i do what you suggest which i have tried the total length when glued would be way outside the wheel wells, like about two inches on either side. That's pretty bad to say the least. Thanks Jim
  7. Hi Guys; I bought one of the TA-152H and was wondering if anyone has had any luck fitting part# PUR3. To me it seems too big to fit between the wheel wells. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim Chmura
  8. Hello to all; Is there any companies that make 1/32nd scale German WW11 aircraft weapons, looking for 20mm MG/FF cannon, MG81 J machine gun. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim Chmura
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