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  1. Available for order now, P-40s EagleCals, winging their way from Cartograf, ETA June 18: Visit our site here: https://www.eagle-editions.com/?s=p-40&post_type=product
  2. Hello John; I think we found the decal sheet you are talking about. It is EC#104 featuring Norma/Little Bunny/Helen #54. The starboard side has the name 'Norma' in yellow. Let port side has the name Little Bunny in White and the name Helen in yellow. Is this what you are referring to? Which name do you think is the wrong color? Look forward to hearing from you. Here are the photos in our instruction sheet. Jerry
  3. Thanks Rockie; we're excited!
  4. With the pending release of the Great Wall Hobby P-40B in 1:32 scale, Eagle Editions has several sheets with exciting markings for this newly tooled kit. Here are some of the pilots/markings we are offering in our EagleCals line:
  5. With the pending release of the Great Wall Hobby P-40B in 1:32 scale, Eagle Editions has several sheets with exciting markings for this newly tooled kit. Here are some of the pilots/markings we are offering in our EagleCals line: See next post
  6. Finally! Now in stock...EC#174 Spitfire Mk. 1A and EC#175 Fw 190 A-8/R2s...now shipping!!! Visit our site for details and to place your order today. www.eagle-editions.com
  7. Cartograf is telling me first week of September...hope so!!!! Guessing covid 19 set all of us and them(!) behind! Either sign up for our newsletters or watch our website for announcements! thanks for asking, Judy
  8. JG 301's report complaining about the wooden flaps was for some of their Ta 152s and not Dora 9s. Whether the were painted wood or varnished, they still came apart under severe weather conditions. Jerry
  9. See page 155 of Tom Hitchcock's book The Focke-Wulf Ta 152 where he quotes a factory document.
  10. Posting for Jerry Crandall from Judy's computer....admins can you help us? In late February 1945, the Focke Wulf factory received a list of problems from JG 301 dealing with their Ta 152s. One of the complaints was, "Upon landing, the wooden landing flaps were severely damaged by water thrown up from the runway. At each occurrence they had to be replaced." This same problem was reported by JG 6 that it was happening to their D-9s that had wooden flaps. Cheers, Jerry
  11. Hello; The Fw 190 A8/R2 had the outboard MG 151 20 mm cannons replaced with the MK 108 30 mm cannons and appropriate under wing panels. That was it period. The R2 was chosen to use as the Sturm aircraft having the option to use all the armor plate and armored glass as required by the unit. There were R2s in service that did not have the Sturm equipment installed. Cheers, Jerry Crandall
  12. In production, slightly delayed...hope to have good news soon! Thanks for asking, Judy for Eagle Editions
  13. I can make them any size. Originals are 150 dpi, 750X422 about 188 KB
  14. Jerry Crandall has just finished a quick and dirty four day build of the new 1/32 Revell Fw 190 Sturmbock kit. Here is what he says: I wanted to see how our EagleCals EC#99 decals of our late friend Hans Weik's markings looked on this new kit. He was the Staffelkapitän of 10./JG 3 "Udet" and his A-8/R2 was the only known one in Sturmgruppe Udet to have victory bars on the rudder. I cut a lot of corners. The canopy and antenna wire are not yet attached. Jerry
  15. Looking at mid September....or sooner! Judy
  16. Visit our site and see all the Me 262 EagleCals available here: http://www.eagle-editions.com/aircraft-decals-for-the-modeler/32/me-262s Thanks for looking! Judy Eagle Editions Ltd.
  17. Any chance we could import these to the US for resale? Please let us know, thanks! Judy Eagle Editions Ltd. LLC
  18. Coming soon! In the works. Also don't forget about our EagleCals #99 that has FW 190 Sturmbock from JG 3
  19. Sorry, no plans at this time. Judy, Eagle Editions
  20. Our price for the 1:32 scale Preddy figure sculpted only for us by John Rosengrant is $34.95 U.S. Perhaps you guys should get Hannants to carry them for you to save on the individual shipping which is sky high and we have no control over that. I'll drop them an email as well. Telford is just around the corner, so hopefully they can get right on it! Judy and Team Eagle
  21. Our checker board decals should fit as they are the same as the old Cutting Edge decals, both having been designed by Thomas Tullis, EC#102 and #103. Brett Green used Cutting Edge Frenesi for his build as the kit decals are not ready as yet. See his build on Hyperscale here http://hyperscale.com/2017/galleries/p51d32revellbg_1.htm So, all should be well with the world! Judy and Team Eagle
  22. Thought I would remind everyone about all our available P-51 Mustang EagleCals appropriate for the new Revell kit: EagleCals #100 EagleCals #140 EagleCals #139 EagleCals #141 EagleCals #102 EagleCals #103 Click on each one above for more details. All are in stock and available now! thanks for looking, Judy and Team Eagle
  23. Hi guys; after a very long delay, we finally received notice from Cartograf that our Bf 109 G-6 EagleCals #171 and #172 will be here next week!!!! Visit our site for details and to order...so sorry for the long wait but they are definitely worth it!!! http://www.eagle-editions.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Bf+109+G-6+decals Happy weekend from formerly fire bound Montana to snowy Montana!!! Judy and Team Eagle
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