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  1. Good morning folks, looking for info on the NASA F-104N's. I believe they new builds delivered to NASA for chase duty. How different were they from "regular" F-104G's? I am interested in doing the natural metal bird with the orange tail and yellow orange "Arrowhead" on the forward fuselage. Was the orange just international orange or was it the day-glo type of orange? Also was there thin black stripes dividing the colored stripes on the wings? Thanks in advance.
  2. Here is a preview with some good pictures of the sprues. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Revell/Preview_Rev_P-51D-5_Mustang_32/Rev_P-51D-5.html
  3. Two questions if I might. I am a jet guy, but who doesn't love the Mustang! As far as the canopy is concerned to display it open, as I understand it the end of the canopy frame should "touch" the top of the skin of the fuselage. I was wondering whats the best solution to achieve thus effect? File some of the fuselage canopy rail in a bit, Or is it more on the frame of the canopy itself? Also on the picture that Jennings has of the cockpit of the NASM P-51D, Is that the common color of teh seat bucket? looks like "bronze green? Thanks !!
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