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  1. DannyVM

    Make the others jealous

    I don't know if there are differences between this kit and the earlier boxings. The decal sheet is nice, but it's a tiny one, not much stenciling data on the sheet. I was all ready planning to get myself other decals for this, still in doubt to do so.
  2. DannyVM

    I hate eBay... Now What

    You hate Ebay...........well it's simple then, don't sell on Ebay
  3. DannyVM

    Mr. Paint / MRP Paints?

    MRP paint's are NOT inks what so ever, they are just Cellulose paint's. It's simple as that, nothing more nothing less.
  4. DannyVM

    Make the others jealous

    Just delivered by the postman.
  5. Thank's Mark for the nice comment. Thank's for the answer. I have a whole resin cockpit installed so this will also give some weight to the front.
  6. DannyVM

    looking to blood moon

    Saw it while driving to Germany. To be honest.......i saw the moon like always, nothing special to it. But your photo's are really nice Mark, nice work mate.
  7. Question to the guy's who already finished a Trumpy A-6 Intruder. Is this beast once it's finished tail heavy? In other word's i s it necessary to put weight in the nose?
  8. It's a great kit Marcel, you won't regret starting this enormous beast.
  9. I just made an test fit of the A-6A cockpit into the fuselage. Cockpit and frontal wheelbay and LG leg is completely finished. Stil i need to do some little detailing to the wheelbay and LG leg after i noticed some thing's i forget to do, photo's will follow. For now, here's the entire cockpit section dry-fitted into the fuselage. Regards Danny
  10. DannyVM

    Shoreham Air Crash Ruling.

    26 juli 1997 at Oostend Air show, Belgium. Omar Bilal, pilot of the famous Royal Jordanian Falcons crashed his Extra 300 in front of a Red Cross tent. Ten people where killed.
  11. DannyVM

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    Sadly, the pilot didn't get out in time. He went straight above our head's into the cloud's and a few second's later i saw him tumbling down into a spin quit a distance away from the crowd. I remembered he tried to use his brake chute, and after a split second i saw the canopy blowing away, sadly, when the plane rolled inverted the ejection seat left the jet at tree-top height, resulting in a severe collision with the ground. The pilot was still in his seat when he collided into the ground. In remembrance, Cdt. Michel Duvivier, Mirage V demo pilot, Belgian Air Force. +7 August, 1988 Regards Danny
  12. DannyVM

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    You have to count Revell kit's into the range of price value versus quality. No other manufacturer can do better in this range then Revell. Their price is very sharp regarding price-quality kit's and they are still doing fine in that segment. Sad to here that they staggered regarding their modeling kit's. People who said that Revell kit's aren't worthy of making, are just fooling themselves. Why, well it's simple, you won't pay much for a Revell kit, so if thing's went wrong, you still didn't pay much for that kit. On the other hand, most of us forget that they are practicing a hobby which is called scale modeling.......yeah, right, building scale models, not real ones. But ok, i understand that there are builders that lay the bar very high for themselves, that said, without stepping on someones toe's, for some of us Revell kit's will never be good enough to build, but for me i always liked them. I even ordered five minutes ago the Dessert Storm Tornado Gr.1.
  13. DannyVM

    Mirage 5 from Italeri Mirage IIIE/R?

    I've got all the Renaissance bit's for my future Mirage V BA. Great stuff. Did you order the Martin Baker Mk.10 seat also?? I will build the Mirage V BA-05 whitched crashed in 1988 during an air show. I was there and i've seen it happen close by. In this period the old Martin Baker BRM-4 seat was still in use.
  14. DannyVM

    Your favourite paints?

    Brushing : Vallejo Model Color and Model Air Airbrushing : MRP
  15. Thank's Brian. Still there's some work to do before i can call this done. It's a huge project. I have a lot's of figures, and i need a piece of carrier deck. So enough to think about.