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  1. Postman brought these today at my doorstep. Finally i can choose a color-scheme for my F-5E Tiger II project.
  2. I stick to the European sellers. It's the safest way, never had any problems, and no unnecessary customs surprises.I'm happy to pay the price for a decent kit, with the knowledge you wont get screwed by unpleasant surprises that raises the price to the limit.
  3. Plastic look's very thin on some places. It's for sure high quality if you ask me.
  4. Sound's great and very promising. I immediately started to search for the Fouga Magister book published by Flash Aviation from the moment i heard the Fouga was slowly coming to life. Today i found a copy trough Ebay.
  5. Would be nice to share Laurent, thank's for offering. I've heard dat Danny like to make some changes to the actual sprue's, can you confirm this??
  6. Love to see these two display color scheme's in which Lt.Col. Paul Rorive flew. The figure's of the KH F-5 kit's are reserved for my future Fouga build.
  7. I found some time to make some progress to the F-5E Tiger II cockpit. Extra detail was added to give the canopy mechanism a more realistic look. Also the whole cockpit is painted for now, still some minor tweak's to do before enclosing the cockpit into the fuselage half's. Close-up of some extra detail added. Dry-fit into the fuselage half's to see nothing is in the way for a proper fit. Part's, ready to receive their black primer. And the base color. Ejection seat after receiving the paint and the seatbelts, which are still unpainted. Ejection seat after painting of the seatbelts. And finally the cockpit after receiving a wash. Greetz Danny
  8. Belgian decals will surely be included in the kit, which one i don't know. On thing for sure, the test shots look's very promising. Release date still not know, i've heard it will be arround september.
  9. Oohh yeah, on my bucket list. https://www.facebook.com/largescalemodeller/photos/pcb.2585300571541882/2585299814875291/?type=3&theater
  10. Time to show you guy's some more progress. Still, i'm working on the cockpit, especially the turtledeck behind the ejection seat. When i looked at some photo's, i noticed that there where item's missing regarding to included kit's part's, so i tried to replicate in a certain matter. It's not the real deal, but it will be close enough to give the aft section of the cockpit a more or less realistic appearance. Like i said before, i wasn't really convinced about the appearance of the ejection seat, and due to some help of a fellow LSP member i did some tweaking regarding the back seat and the cushion. This is like it was before.... And after the mod. Look's far much better in my eyes. I did some extra wiring, and placed some extra rod's there where they supposed to be. Thank's for watching.....
  11. Brian & Marcel, thank's guy's.
  12. I know, this was just a try-out to give the seat some extra detail. But thank's allot for the warn, much appreciate it. I took a look at your topic, and it's a great idea you did to give the seat some extra detail.
  13. Ok guy's, let's give it a try, hopefully with a nice end..... I've heard that the right hand cockpit console was reversed molded. Sad to see in first person this was true. Still no problem at all, i will use the Eduard colored pe, so problem will be easily solved. First thing to tackle, the ejection seat. With the help of some Eduard pe and some part's from the spare box, thing's look's so much better. A dry-fit into the two fuselage half's, thing's went really nice. I removed all of the detail from both cockpit side consoles, due to receive the colored pe in a later stadium. Also the detail after the ejection seat was gled onto the cockpit tub. For now, i'm busy to add some scratch wiring. That's all for now.
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