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  1. Thank's. Some scratches on the shell but further no significant damage. Visors are scratch free and the inside is in perfect condition. Everything has it's price, but in this case it was a fair and correct price i paid.
  2. New to my collection. Came from a former German pilot who got his training on T-6A Texan II and T-38C Talon with the 80th FTW @ Sheppard AFB, Texas.
  3. DannyVM

    ACMI pod

    Ok thank's very much guy's, time to get busy.
  4. DannyVM

    ACMI pod

    Very nice Tom. May i ask what you used to build the ACMI pod?? Regards Danny
  5. DannyVM

    ACMI pod

    Hi everyone, anybody know's if there is aftermarket resin ACMI pod's in existence?? This type i need for my F-16CJ project. Could it be scratch made, maybe of a Sidewinder? I don't know if the dimensions are the same? Regards Danny
  6. My score from yesterday's IPMS convention visit.
  7. 6.0L V8 engine......here in Belgium that would definitely kills you wallet all the way.It will cost you a fortune to keep this beauty running in Belgium. Still have fun with it mate, it look's like a kick ##ss car to me.
  8. I'm in for both Fokker DR.I kit's, but regarding the Albatros DV. and DV.a i have them both, so no need for another one. Great to see WNW surprises us with these beauty's, but again, i'm gonna pas this one's.
  9. This morning, the postman came with these beauty's at my doorstep. Greetz Danny
  10. Indeed, i couldn't leave it. There's not much to find when it come's to Wessex reference.
  11. Today at the KMK Mol modelling convention........... Finally the 1/32 DACO Fouga Magister takes shape......still this is the only one which was build by a member from the IPMS Antwerp modelling club. Regards Danny
  12. My score from today's visit at the KMK Mol modelling convention. Regards Danny
  13. No not at all. I only did the nose cone because i have a Trumpeter MIG-23 myself and the nose is very obvious, so i wanted to get this right.
  14. Also the nose cone is way of. If your interested, i can make you a corrected resin nose cone. Greetz Danny
  15. Ooohhhh yeah.......great news https://www.facebook.com/largescalemodeller/posts/2998543480217587
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