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  1. I don't like the 'like' button......it makes people lazy.
  2. I will see it when it hit the shelves, any news about it leaves me stone cold because of the fact every year it appears to get back on the www because of someone think's he or she have big news.
  3. Thank's Alain, i've seen this video multiple times just to notice more regarding the art on their helmets. There is even a better video, with the same in cockpit video but only longer and there you see that their helmets have art on the front and the back. https://youtu.be/r8o6yDm_Uf4 But again, thank's for the help mate, it's much .
  4. Brian, here's a photo from the DACO book, maybe not a F-104D, but it will get nearly close to one i think. Greetz Danny
  5. Thank's Alain. Very nice indeed, great color scheme mate. Do you know if the two Voltige Victor pilots had other decorations to their bone dome's or was it only the two color scheme?? Greetz Danny
  6. Delivered by the postman today. This is a PK 75 YUAF Flight Helmet which is a copy of the well known french Flight Helmet Gueneau 316! The Type 1151 Oxygen Mask is a copy of the well known Ulmer 82! The paint of the helmet is a tribute to the Voltige Victor aerobatic team! Regards Danny
  7. I keep asking the same question over the Harrier Gr.3
  8. It's time they will bring a 1/32 scale Gr.3 on the market................i would be very grateful.
  9. Dutik, here are 3 photo's of my battery holder from my F-104.
  10. All the way fan for sure........tonight i'm gonna watch the first episode of the last season, it will be bitter sweet to see that the show will end soon.
  11. Still they have a fair amount of Japanese colors in their range. I have to look how many, but i've seen quit allot in the box i bought lately from them.
  12. Your opinion, i have no problem with that John, not at all, but that rich guy his hobby is one that concern's us all because we pay for his hobby. That so called thing he has for W.W.1 aircraft took a very strange turn when he chose to release a Lancaster bomber, which is in my humble opinion not a W.W.1 aircraft. I know, many folks here are exited that a 1/32 Lancaster will be......again, released by a second manufacturer. I'm happy for them, but to me, this is just weird stuff by a guy who let His money talk and don't care by other people need's, that's called greed my friend. No need for that, that guy leaves me stone cold, just like his strange decisions whether or not he's rich.
  13. Nothing wrong with that, so why not. The most well know scout's deserves a place in the WNW stable, and he would profit from those kit's. Two great kit's indeed, if i had the room to put them i would sure have those in my stash. Sadly yes, he releases what he want's and in my opinion, the wrong policy, but again that's just my opinion.
  14. To be honest, i really don't care what he think's. I see allot reply's over here about Peter jackson this....Peter Jackson that................really, that guy is just is a guy that makes models, nothing more to me, nothing less. Again,his personal favour leaves me stone cold. The only thing that count's is the fact that my money will be spend on certain WNW models which i like. What the so called Sir ??? Peter want's, i really don't care. This guy is on the model's kit's market, so he has to go where the customer wants to go, not where he want's to go.
  15. At the moment i'm busy with my KH F-5E. Some numbers don't respond with the part's on the sprue, and the Eduard pe also give's some mistakes in their instructions, so extra attention is needed. In the contrary, the kit just builds very nice, part's suffers indeed with some flash but the fit is rather good.
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