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  1. Main landing gear detailing. Or why i keep doin it to myself After the main wheel bay's where done i thought i finished a not so popular part of modeling to me. But, that said, the result compared with the bare naked landing gear leg's is just way better when finished. Landing gear leg's without details And after some painstaking hours which give me almost a heart attack. Greetz Danny
  2. Just look at this modeller.... All Formula 1 race cars, completely from scratch and.............paper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH_8Ir2bB4E
  3. Thank's for the nice comment, but i'm not agreed mate, i've seen your work and it's great, so please stop to dis-like yourself. I second that Brian. Thank's Albert.
  4. Nope this one is on hold.... Thank's, just some painting, nothing more, everyone can achieve this.
  5. Thank's for the nice comment. It's a great kit for sure
  6. Thank's guy's Yesterday i did some detailing regarding the F-16 wheelbay's. Not my favourite thing to do, but hey, once starting with the tiny wire and brass tubes there's no stopping. So after some painstaking hours of cutting, bending, cursing and glue the damn things into the wheelbay's i'm satisfied. I have to say this is maybe not 100% realistic and complete, but it will give the wheelbay a more natural look when looking inside. I started with the front wheelbay, let's say a warming up for things to come. I used different sort's of lead wire, brass tubes and copper wire. Next are the main wheelbay's. Like i said before, wheelbay's are not my favourite part, still i like to give them a more realistic look. When you leave these alone and paint them the way they are it will have an empty look, so, this is how it look's oob. Thank's for watching.
  7. Just an F-16, nothing more, nothing less, but thank's for the nice comment.
  8. I think he do. He gave me something instead for this build which i admiring everyday.
  9. First paint go's onto the ejection seat. This is the end result. Next comes the pilot. And finally the cockpit itself. And after all 3 part's are joined, it look's like this, Hope u all like it. Greetz Danny
  10. I finally getting back to my modelling table. Still working on the KH F-5E but in the mean time, i wanted to start this splendid kit. This one will be a total oob build. No extra's, just the thing's provided in the box will be used and some scratch build items where necessary. I'm gonna follow the Tamiya instructions, which are a little unconventional compared with other manufacturers instructions, but nevertheless it will be a very interesting build if i look at the kit inside. This kit can be build and when finished it can be disassembled for transport. Therefore, lot's of part's are just not glued together. I won't go this way, the whole model will be glued, except for the weapons. Enough talk, time to start this Viper. I'm beginning with the engine, which will be put together but not in detail, the whole thing will be hidden into the fuselage. Also the main wheelbay is getting done, which is part of the air intake. The air intake seams are filled with some putty. The inside of the exhaust is done with some extra weathering to get a realistic look. Also the exhaust nozzle itself is painted. Exhaust done, time for the cockpit work, again, this will be totally oob. The kit's cockpit is very nice, fit is great and the pilot is a real juwel, so i will use him to control this model. All the needed cockpit part's Some dry-fit with some clever engineering to get the part's fit together. After the ejection seat is glued together i dry-fitted all the cockpit part's to see if there was any trimming needed. But all part's fit's perfectly, even the pilot is easily getting in and out without breaking any part's. Now it's time to give this cockpit some color..........
  11. Wow that's nice, is there video footage of this model??
  12. Two weeks ago, the postman delivered this at my doorstep. For my up-coming Mosquito project.. The Big Sin set contains very nice stuff. Greetz Danny
  13. Domino in Belgium also send's overseas. Price for the kit is 33.50€ = 38.09$, you can chose between tracked shipment which is 19€ = 21.60$ or tracked and insured shipment which comes at 31.50€ = 35.81$. Keeping in mind the package stay's below 1 kg. Hope this help's. Greetz Danny
  14. Thank's for the nice comment. Sorry to say i don't have it anymore in my possession. This was a model for a good friend of mine. Greetz Danny
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