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    1/24 US Navy pilots by Reedoak

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    1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat

    Thanks, perhaps you could contact Airfix and get them to send cash - that would be great I wasn’t a Hellcat fan either, I just got the kit as a sample - but it’s totally grown on me, I’ve really enjoyed it. I didn’t fancy the dark blue finish either but it looks great on this size model. The stressed skin really gives the uniform finish some interest! I got the masks today from Top Notch and have just finished painting the markings. They are great and really easy to use as there’s only one colour to mask. Guy In progress!
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    Thanks Terry, You know between this and the Desert Rat, I'm not sure who'll be finished first the way I'm going! Anyway, back home after 6 weeks in the States, I've found some time finally to get some runs on the board with the C..... First up was the rudder pedals and centre pedestal, followed by the permanent fixing of the two rear seats in the cockpit. I really like the green I ended up with Then, in a change of direction I decided to get done something I've been procrastinating about for a while - the nose windows. I covered the interior of the nose section with putty in an attempt to replicate the soundproofing felt. How successful that will be remains to be seen, but it has made the walls quite thick. I drew up some frames in Rhino and printed them on the Photon; still have a huge amount to learn about resin printing! Once cleaned up, each will form the inside border for the window. On the outside, the windows will be oversize acrylic which will be sanded and shaped, then the final window dimensions will be depicted by the aluminium skin. Takes a lot of grinding and test fitting to set each one as they are bevelled to allow support of the acrylic pieces..... Then fixed in place with epoxy. On the last photo you can see how the support will work so my clear bits don't fall in More of that, then hopefully some colour and fitting out of the nose section to come soon! Cheers, Craig
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    1/32 P-40F Pumphrey Pin up

    In way, the kit is done, just the landing lights and small details to finish. So before posting to the RFI the fully finished images, here's the kit wheels down. I painted the scalloped quarters in interior green to give it a little color. Now just need to do a good photography session for this!
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    Shawn M

    What's New - 17 August 2019

    B17 walk around is great!
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    LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B

    Here is an article by Paul Gillan on building an Aussie Hornet, http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/raafhornetpg_1.htm Cheer's, Jeff.
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    OK, so I guess many of you, especially from the States, already have had this 'experience'. But being a bit sidelined here in Scandinavia, getting a close encounter with a real living 4 engine bomber, is a rare treat. On friday, B-17G 'Sally B' flew in from Duxford to be part of this years Danish Airshow and of course I had to come and meet 'her'. Please bear with me, I just had to share this truly awesome experience! Engine startup, wow what a sound! Nice atmosphere: A group of reenactors with Jeep's in front of 'Sally B'. Fun fact: The preservation society keeping 'Sally B' in the air is headed by danish woman named 'Elly'- Ellinor Sallingboe, wife of late aviator Ted White. In 1979 Elly Sallingboe and Ted White formed B-17 Preservation to operate and raise funds to keep the last re- maining B-17 in the UK flying as the USAAF WW II Memorial Flight. My favorite 'girls' - Miss Pick Up & Sally B 'Sally B rolling in from a very nice late evening airshow. Sally B Cheers: Kent
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    LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B

    RAAF A and B Hornets has the catapult launching bar deleted from the nose landing gear for the first twenty years of their lives. Nosewheel shimmy on landing lead to the installation of a weighted surrogate. Below is a good snapshot of the fleet in 2003. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/opfalconerhornetskb_1a.htm
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    Thank you guys! I really appreciate all your kind words. Thanks Mark. Regarding the color I was trying to get some blueish engine grey. I mixed Mr. Color 306 Gray and Mr Color 72 Intermediate blue in ratio around 3/1 and lightened with few drops of white. I was trying to get similar color as onthis picture Brian, Kent, thanks a lot for your words. I was just trying to make it as good as possbile but honestly the ignition ring and cables are the poorest parts of my engines. Ignition ring supplied in kti was not the best part and required some sanding to get nice surface. I was trying to drill holes for ignition cables but just destroyed the ring more. I made the ignition cables from 0.3 lead wire, glued in position with CE glued followed with epoxy for strength. The issue was that even I have applied small dots of epoxy it dried in form of a drop which is quite visible but it was beyond my motivation to try to correct it somehow. cable painted with mixture of MRP Gold / Copper / Exhaust soot with ratio aprox 3/1/1 to achieve such metal brownish look ignotion ring painted with MRP super silver Connectors between the cables made from alu foil. I have used mainly these few pics as reference. HTH a little jan
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    hello all, Juggernut I will post how I made it, hopefully you will benefit from it. I do not have any photo reference how I made the vegitable locker, but I do have photo's regarding build main mast. into place on vehicle deck main mast dry fitted with radar on top, radar is by Italeri from the PT conversion set I made the yardarm , main mast in the back, with a working platform in between the eyes in the yardarm are made with a drill, insert a thin wire and than drill thickness of the drill is 0.9mm, this will be also the diametre of the eye, cut to lenght and glue. The making of the platform is straight forward, draw 2 circles on a piece of sheet, cut out and sand, drill a hole for the mast, a piece of strip is glued in the center resembling a support and a piece of sheet is glued on the side. the platform is glued in place, then the yardarm, this is how it looks regards, Rammstein
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    Pete Roberts

    LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B

    Ok, looks like several options for exhausts, but all pretty scarce. Sierra Hotel, Black Box, Mk 1, Lion Roar and Eduard have all done exhausts in 1/32 for the Hornet, either as a resin part or photo etch. (And Aires) Just secured a Black Box set so one very happy camper, but may also get the Eduard set - anyone had any experience with the Eduard set? Thanks again for a great thread. PR
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    Pete Roberts

    LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B

    Great news about the undercarriage. I have an Avionix cockpit set coming my way- more good news there. Thanks for the heads up Rog. And D mold for the intakes. They look brilliant, especially like the split on the line of different colours. Now its just the exhausts. Looks like Eduard may have to come to the rescue here but not overly keen about bending etch.... Oh well. PR
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    Pete Roberts

    LS Australian Service F/A 18A/B

    I have one of these (Academy kit) in the stash to do as an RAAF a/c as well, so appreciate the original post and all the informed advice here. Thank you! I see Avionix do a 1/32 cockpit and fin set for the F/A 18A - any info on how this compares to the Aires set? Looks like the G-factor landing gear and Mk I exhausts are no longer available. Any suggestions here for alternatives? I was a little surprised to see from my Google searches that the Rhino sets are alleged to be copies of others work - if that is the case I would rather not go that path. Finally, it seems the kit u/c legs can sag over time - ? Would pinning them with metal pins help do you think? Thanks PR
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    Desert Fox

    This is the Trumpeter 1/35 Fennek, in service with the German Army in Afghanistan. The kit is extremely detailed, with a virtually complete unseen interior. Fit is generally good, but why have one sprue attachment point when three will work? In other words, lot's of cleanup! In any case, this was a fun build of a very charismatic subject. I added the anti-slip texture, lead foil belts, the side window shades, the front wheel brush guards, and the tow cable. I also used custom mixed Tamiya paints and DES wheels. Cheers, Tom
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    Finally back again at the bench after 4 months. in past 2 weeks I was able to work on engines. I really like details provided in the kit, however I went extra mile to make the front part which will be visible as detailed as possible main parts glued together exhausts painted decent wash applied final results, quite happy wit the outcome thanks for looking jan
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    1/16, M1A1HA Abrams, w/ TUSK I upgrades

    Here are some pics of the External Aux Power Unit (EAPU), Smoke Grenade Launchers and the Muzzle Reference Sensor (MRS). The EAPU is from the Trumpeter M1A1 kit assembled with all the detail sanded away. Smoke Grenade Launchers MRS Thanks for looking in. Barry
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