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    1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat

    All done Build thread here: Very hard to photograph being so large... Surprising how different the colours look with a differing background... And, again, don’t usually do black & white for aircraft, but it kind of suits the aircraft... Thanks for following along, Guy
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    LSO up close

    I guess the LSO wanted a good look at the landing: Jari
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    evening folks as it's a Bank Holiday here, I had a bit more time at the bench.. the windshield parts were made up and painted... ..then very carefully assembled - I also added the fixed gunsight and mirror.. ..and thankfully the coaming fits nicely - Steve from Model Monkey has kindly 3D printed the gunsight which I think will arrive tomorrow so once I have that I will detail it, fit it and this whole assembly will be added to the airframe.. ..I had to find another part to do and as the glazing was going pretty well (hope I don't speak too soon, it's my nemesis), I decided to start on the side windows... ..started by making a mould profile to make up the PETG in boiling water, pressing it down on foam to adopt the shape.. ..once done, I used the PE frames I made to size the glazing... ..I also had separate PE frames for the front sliding part of these windows so they were also carefully added.. ..then the detailing started, there are lots of very small assemblies in each one, and they are subtely different (or will be) as the top canopy part hinges off one side.. ..another bit I was dreading sorted out, hopefully I can get them all finished without any mistakes like scratches or CA blobs TTFN Peter
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    Ready. To early order write to rust1968@gmail.com. PayPal payment.
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    Progress for the last week - the battle continues!
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    Looong time since I shared on this forum due to trouble with photobucket, Flickr etc etc. Here's my take on Blue 16 I used: MDC cockpit Henri Daehne spinner and props HGW rivets Barracuda wheels Master barrels Montex mask Avia (Eduard) decals Untitled by stormer1, on Flickr by stormer1, on Flickr by stormer1, on Flickr by stormer1, on Flickr by stormer1, on Flickr by stormer1, on Flickr Pics taken with iphone, so....
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    The best rules for a young modeller: 1. Never marry a woman who does not have a hobby asking for regular expenses and journeys. 2. If you could not resist when you met her whereas she did not comply with rule number 1 (typically because you were still young enough to have other things in your mind than plastic models when you saw a cute young lady), do every possible effort to find her the relevant hobby mentioned in rule 1. 3. If you did not succeed in complying with rules 1 or 2, be prepared for a quite 'challenging' couple life if you cannot do models at night...
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    1/32 Italeri F-35A

    Hi guys, thought I would show you my latest build its the 1/32 Italeri F-35A, OTB with the edition of the Eduard seat belts, its a poor kit, that's all I will say about this, I have used Reedoak figures, and the MJ1-B loader from video aviation, and MRP paints enjoy Mike
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    Pleased to report I have a hugely supportive family for all of my hobbies (models, classic Lotus, classic motorcycles, flying and photography). My wife, Anne, knew what she was letting herself in for when we met 21 years ago - and has been nothing but supportive - even though she has to cope with hobby detritus around the house a lot of the time. My son - well, he seems to have adopted the 'if you can't stop dad, then join him' and has become a very committed enthusiast of 1:35 AFVs and military history... They bought me the Wingnut Felixstowe for Christmas when it came out - need I say any more? Iain
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    My dear wife came in the den the other evening and said "I wish you would look at me that way". was about to responded with,and quickly put the brakes on it.."If you had the lines and curves of a Spitfire I would". will file that as a close call. Otherwise she is very supportive...in everything.
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    We take a look at the brass undercarriage insert set for the HobbyBoss B-24 kits from Aerocraft Models. Highly recommended to all B-24 builders! Have fun... Iain
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    Work continues ! And i've started working on a Reedoak figure: Bye! Fanch
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    I'm embarrassed to admit just how long this one has taken - but there at last (I think!). It's one of those things where I keep finding more to add - but really have to call it quits at some point! https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2170 My eyes are tired now - please shout if you spot anything awry!! Iain
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    My Family is pretty OK with the hobby as long as walks are frequent and the supper bowl filled a few times a day
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    Little update - but big milestone... I haven't been doing a lot of modelling recently - this summer I've been mostly flying (shout if anyone wants to see Chipmunk and Bulldog formation pix) - as well as fettling motorcycles and the Esprit! The Esprit has been tucked up in the garage, off the road, for last 10 years whilst, well, life happened I guess. Focus has been elsewhere - but very happy to report my 'toy' is now serviced, MOT'd and back on the road, where she belongs - a little bit of escapism. A few things to tweak - but not looking too shabby for her age (she left the Lotus factory in December 1982 - I've owned her since '97): Drive safely! Iain
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    WNW releases...

    It is an Austro-Daimler 6 so my guess would be either the Albatros D3 or we are getting an Aviatik. Either way it's a Porsche.
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    Got rid of the spousal unit years ago, and my dogs couldn’t care less about the size of my stash
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    Like others, I'm very lucky. My wife has let me set up a hobby room in a spare bedroom, with a large new desk, TV, blueray player etc. She has even gone as far as to buy me a 1/200 uss Missouri after a holiday to Hawaii and trip to Pearl Harbor. I've got a keeper!
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    I'm a lucky one, my SWMBO was supportive from the very first day I started with RC models first, then later switched to plastic modelling. She joins me when I visit shows, she even shares my hobby room with me to watch some TV and to share time with me. Couln't get any better. Lothar
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    Yup - that's us Carl - well spotted! As some around here will know I'm a bit of a 'petrol head' - with a particular passion for all things Lotus - so being at the 70th Birthday at the Hethel factory (an old wartime B-24 base) was a bit special. We're also working on a possible feature on the car in another magazine next year. For any non-Evo readers - this is the bit Carl spotted: The piece mentions my excitement at having the car signed by Elisa Artioli - after whom the Elise was named when launched - all grown up now and a real enthusiast: Brilliant day - topped off with driving around the Lotus test track with 700 other Lotus cars: And, for F1 fans, Classic Team Lotus had a number of their famous cars out on track during the day - wonderful sights and sounds: Colin mentioned Wheeler Dealers - that was filmed in 2008 - same month we did a feature in Classic and Sportscar. Filmed at Kemble, that's me driving and not Mike Brewer (from 48 seconds). And photo-shoot for Classic and Sportscar: And the pair together - need to get the Esprit back on the road next year - she's been sat in garage last few years... Have fun! Iain
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    Dragon Bf 109E-4B

    And windscreen on! This is more of an accomplishment for me than it may appear. I’ve painted and added the gun sight glass, masked the canopy and repaired a few errors that were the result of some over-zealous grinding with the Dremel. Still a few touch-ups to do, especially to the aft area of the ‘pit, then I should be about ready for primer.
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    Same here. I fired the lady (or maybe she fired me... anyway....) when I understood that the only hobby she would accept was taking care of HER.
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    That's what a REAL and fearless modeller does: Lothar
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    I think that's the perfect mindset - yes, built straight from the box most people will see a very nice looking B-24. Hopefully my review makes that clear... I was a little nervous posting it as I know passions can be high when it comes to accuracy of kits. What I've tried to do is be thankful we have the kit in the first place and illustrate areas that can be improved if the builder wants to. I've said it before, but I'll re-iterate; I really think this is a great value kit that is a great canvas for modellers to do their own thing. I hate the negative hyperbole that some kits can generate. Have fun... Iain
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    WNW releases...

    Sorry to rain on everyone's parade but if it's an Austro-Daimler 6 (and it sure looks like one), then it can't be a standard Albatros D.III only the Austro-Hungarian version i.e. the Albatros D.III (Oeffag). The standard Albatros D.III used the Mercedes D.IIIa engine. It does mean we're likely to be getting something Austro-Hungarian from WNW for the first time, though.
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    I must be going blind in my old age, I just found the needed parts, mixed in with the clear stuff. Now I feel pretty silly.
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    My wife does not understand my passion for the hobby, but she has no particular problem with me doing it. One thing she definitely struggles with is the need for a 'stash'. i.e. "Why have you bought another one when you already have so many?" It's not the money element either.. (and indeed I could easily have a counter-argument by citing the numbers of shoes and handbags she buys!) She just doesn't understand that you'd buy something if you weren't going to build it straight away. "Not another model?" So, I definitely identify with the cartoon of the 'model detector'! She does however actively enjoy going to air displays with me - which is good.
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    My beautiful better half is fully supportive. She buys me WingNuts kits on a regular basis, and comes to model shows with me. I do the same for her with her hobbies and interests, it's a partnership and we enjoy each other.
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    My wife is a typical 'thats nice dear' kinda girl, she has no issues with what i spend my/our/her disposable income on, i only have a small stash of 10ish kits and i intend to build them all Modelling is my escape and passion, i'd really really really, yes really hate it if she liked modelling and wanted to sit at the bench with me. Beer Models Solitude perfect
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    That's what my first (ex)wife thought of all of my various interests. She wasn't like that at all until we exchanged "I dos". Wife V2.0 knew what she was getting into, and has been generally supportive of my hobbies for the last 19 years. If not, her status would have become ex-wife V2.0. D
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    My wife will often banish me to my workbench so I don't think I have too much of a concern. The only time she became upset was when I had 5 or 6 kits arrive in two days. The first day it was a sizable box and she was annoyed that I had bought them thinking it was excessive. The next day a larger box showed up with more kits and all she could do was laugh. Nowadays, our two sons have shown an interest in models so it's become a family activity. I may even need to get a bigger bench to accomodate them. Carl
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    Speaking as someone who has actually designed models, I can tell you that it is not possible to "enlarge" or "shrink" models at a push of a button. All parts need to be redesigned in order to comply with tolerances such as: thickness of material, size of detail, engraving, etc. The breakdown of parts often needs to be rethought. Larger models often include detail that was simplified or even omitted from smaller-scale models. The only thing that can be used directly when scaling-up/down a model is the exterior shape, and that is only a small fraction of the work. Radu
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    1/32 Fw-190 F8

    My Revell Fw-190 is finally at a point I’d call finished. This kit has hands every bit of aftermarket thrown at it, much to my chagrin at times. This is my first aircraft, I’m still learning the techniques, so I’m not 100% happy with everything. It’s all a learning process though! I used Vallejo Model Air paints and a pretty cheap airbrush, which resulted in a less than great paint job. I am swapping to MRP and a decent airbrush for my next project. This is a fictional late war aircraft, as I prefer to build that way, rather than try to precisely model a real aircraft. I have since taking the pictures realised that I’m missing the gear indicators on the wings, and that the machine gun hatch clamps should be on the body and not the hatch. Anyway, on to the pictures! Excuse the poor photo quality, I only have my phone to take pictures, my DSLR is broken sadly. Hope you enjoy!
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    thanks mate, they sure look alike following the "Erla Camo Pattern" some RLM 74 now, cheers
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    That's great news Iain! I just put my Honda Beat back on the road this year after it was stored for the last 18 months. It didn't pass the emissions test last year and I was dreading doing the timing belt and water pump since they were last done 12 years ago. The e-test ended being eliminated by the government so that took care of that. A couple friends then gave me a hand with the last two which aren't easy on a mid engine car that's for sure.
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    1/24 Aftermarket R-2800's?

    So #4 with no engine fit issues................... So that confirms it all for me. As they say at work: - A one time occurrence is an anomaly.............. - Two times could be a coincidence............. - Three times and you have yourself a pattern.......... - Four times and you have a definitive answer. Id say Nigel and a few others should really re-think how they assembled things. No need to buy/remake/change or otherwise replace any extra engine parts what so ever IMHO, unless you just want to dress things up a bit and add some extra detail. If four different modelers can build the kit with no re-design, and no extra parts needed, Id say near anyone can do it.
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    You know after reading some comments on this thread it goes further to prove my old saying of that everyone should get divorced at least once, lol. Seems people are so much happier with a second marriage or being singled than they were before or during the first marriage. Coincidentally, my wife and I are on our second marriage each.
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    KH OV-10A Pave Nail

    Historical Interlude: I think this photo was taken in November of 1970 at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The Major at bottom left is my father. After training in the OV-10 he went to NKP Air Base in Thailand to lead the 23rd TASS, which is the same outfit that had the Pave Nail's, however I think the Pave Nail program started after he returned from SEA. The airplane is 67-14605. I checked out in the OV-10 as a 2Lt ten years later at Patrick AFB, Florida. Some of the airplanes I flew with the 20th TASS at Sembach AB, Germany where from the 23rd TASS, and I know my father and I flew some of the same airplanes. One of them, number 825, is sitting in a museum in Fort Worth, Texas. My father passed away in 2002. One thing to note in this photo is the AOA probe sticking out of the left side of the fuselage just forward of the aircraft data plate stenciling. Normally there would be a cover over it so you don't impale yourself on it. Here it's casting a nice shadow.
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    Congratulations, Iain! And as this thread is a bit of a dedication to all things Lotus and as we sit on the brink of Spa 2019, I thought the thread wouldn't be complete without a photo of Jim Clark in a Lotus at Spa, 1967. Kind of represents Lotus at the height of its powers, for me at least.
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    My wife was a 2nd Lt in the CAP and a major in the USAF so she shares an interest in planes. Besides she knows there are worse hobbies I could be having. In the hobbyroom I just got finished building she has one full wall and the corner that gets the view out the window to the lake. I get two long walls and a closet, lol. As long as we don't leave our stuff all over the place, we do pretty good not getting on each other's nerves with our hobbies.
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    hello all, this weekend I made the 40 mm bofors gun by Italeri, aluminum barrel is underway, also up-dated one 20 mm oerlikon a 20 mm ammo locker, must have 4 of these also made the pyro locker, cut some plastic 1mm thickness ( 20mm ammo locker is made the same way) glue together, glue some more sheets plastic onto it in different thicknesses, on the right is the hood detail the hood the hood is glued onto the box, above is another hood which will come on top of the hood some more detail work has to be done enjoy, Rammstein
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    I have it pretty good. Though my wife may think the size of my (40-50 kit) stash is ridiculous, I regularly point out to her that it is much smaller than many. For Christmas and birthdays I either get gift vouchers to the LHS or I am to proffer a list of desired kits. Last year she got me 5 kits for Christmas. I often jokingly ask her if she wants me to bring her a Messerschmitt or a panzer from my club meet, or the LHS when I go. We have our own accounts and financial duties. I know guys whose wives see them at the bench and ask if there isn't something else they should be doing. Thank god that isn't my situation. I'd be a single as Jennings.
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    My wife is super supportive. She knows modelling is a cathartic creative hobby for me. She has her hobbies too. She doesn't complain when I buy modeling stuff and I don't complain about her buying stuff either. She dutifully ooo's and ahhh's when I show her something I've built lately.
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    If mine was forty years younger I probably wouldn't have any time for model making. Tony
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    SWMBO doesn't get it. She classes them as 'toys'. But she knows how much i love doing it and how it helps me de-stress from work. Now that my sons have taken an interest she is trying to show interest for their sakes. I also kindly remind her when she tuts and scoffs at a new kit/paints/resin arriving, just how much her last visit to the hairdressers cost. I'm normally still well under that particular cost
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    WNW releases...

    It's going to be a long wait until next year when those Dreideckers are available!
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