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    Here it is finally finished ... the paintings ak real are great to use ... a little rest and zou it will be necessary that I finish the other 109! A huge thank you to Vincent Kermorgan and jean-claude Mermet for their invaluable help! See more on my FB's page: https://www.facebook.com/125768474675320/posts/431152264136938/
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    Attitude Aviation Buchon Conversion

    Once again I find myself struggling for quality time at the workbench, but I've managed to squeeze a few short sessions in here and there, so here's the latest progress update. Firstly, I managed to fix the too-wide fuselage at the forward end, by slicing away some of the upper section of the forward bulkhead with a #11 blade, until I could press the fuselage sides into a better position to much the upper cowling part. This at least eliminates one fit issue. Rather than plough on and try to get the nose to fit at this stage, I decided to switch to dealing with the lower fuselage section that goes between the wings. This needs modifying to accept a resin forward part. I decided to use the chain-drilling method for removing the unwanted plastic area (which is what I should have done when modifying to fuselage, too): Note that the resin part is positioned backwards in the photo above. Here's the assembly after the removal, and much test-fitting and refining of the mating surfaces: The conversion instructions aren't completely clear about how to handle the subsequent assembly of this area, so I decided to take what seemed the most logical approach to me. Since everything becomes a bit of a jigsaw puzzle at this stage, there's plenty of room to get things wrong, so I elected to glue the kit's plastic spar to the two remaining locating holes, which I figured would help anchor the resin section in place while the CA cures. However, the join between the resin and plastic parts has a lot of vertical flex, and I could see it becoming too concave or too convex if I wasn't careful, and getting the spar sitting at the wrong plane in relation to the two parts would have made things worse. I decided to tape everything up and fit it to the fuselage, and the poke the Tamiya Extra Thin brush into the wing roots to run some cement into the plastic locating holes and pins. This meant that the spar would set up in the correction position, and I could then CA the resin part into place, confident that the geometry of the assembly as a whole was as good as I could get it. I know that's a pretty confusing explanation of the process, but here's the result: The next step was to fit the new resin locating socket parts for the landing gear, which you can see in the photo above. But these introduced some new fit problems, as you can see below: The solution here was pretty straightforward - reduce the width of front tab on the upper wing root: Much better! But now you can see that the roof of the landing gear sockets is forcing the leading edges apart, so I'll have to reduce those before everything sits how it's meant to. I'll be back after some filing and sanding! Kev
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    After 7 months of work, the Albatros D.Va (OAW) is finally complete...The build is based on the Wingnut Wings kit and finished as Hans Von Gössel's flying skull, circa mid 1918. The kit was extensively modified in order to make the small details more accurate. Additions were Bo Monroe's 3D printed wing radiator and Fuel tank, HGW Models textile harnesses and Yahu photoetch instruments. I completely scratchbuilt the air valve assembly behind the starboard instrument panel and linked the piping based on the NASM plans for the restored Albatros (the restoration book was of tremendous help with the plans and detail photos). The kit received a new windcreen made from thermoformed clear acetate to thin it to scale, and the coaming was modified to add wrinkles and retaining washers for the leather. Master brass jackets were used for the Spandaus. For the engine, i had run out of Taurus resin overhead cam so i just scratchbuilt the valve springs, the induction manifold was wrapped with teflon tape and the heat shields were made from lead sheet and MENG styrene bolts. Taurus resin spark plugs were used and everything wired using Modelkasten rubber thread. Rexx metal exhaust attached. The Niendorf propeller was my first hand carved propeller and i used different veneer sheets and then coated it with MR. Paint clear. The wooden fuselage is finished with Knotless decals from Uschi van der Rosten and a few filters. The decals are just flawless in their application and in the result you get. I initially had the rigging attachment points 3D designed and printed by my friend and ALM Studios team mate Imad Bouantoun, but they turned out too big due to their hollow nature and limitations on SLA printing so i ended up scratchbuilding those using styrene and thermoforming the domes with styrene sheet to be able to use the Gaspatch Models albatros specific turnbuckles. Rigging tubing is from Bob's Buckles and rigging is done with EZ-Line thin. The lozenge linen is Aviattic and is superb as are all the linen decal series from that manufacturer... Alot of additions and scratchbuilt items which would be too long for me to itemize here, or which i might have forgotten over the period of time since. The figure is to give a sense of scale and was painted by my friend and ALM Studios team mate Bernard Bassous. You can find all the juicy details in the build log . Id like to thank everyone who encouraged me to push the envelope so to speak. As i mentioned on the wip log, it looks like the stars were aligned for this one! Thanks again, Stay safe and happy modeling! Karim
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    RAAF FAC OV-10A Finished!

    Thanks Brian. I do like your white EZline idea it looks great. I was a little concerned at how it might react to paint and washes over time though. Another action shot of Graham. Some more work. I tidied up up the wiring, glueing short lengths of plastic rod onto the fuse boxes to simulate plugs and sticking the lead wire into them. They should look pretty good once painted. I carved some T shaped fire handles from plastic card and installed them on the rear IP Much has been said about the way the wings, booms and fuselage join together. This is one area of the kit that I think could have been done a bit better. I assembled a long spar that went from one wingtip to the other. This was made from plastic tube for ease of glueing it into the wings with styrene glue. I then used a length of brass square tube, to allow me to bend and set the angles of the wing in case of any alignment issues and then used some think music wire in the middle for overall strength. Wings attached.
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    Ju-87B, 1:32, Trumpeter

    Ju-87B (Trump) + BigEd + ...
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    1/24 Airfix Hellcat

    Hi All, i remember when Airfix first announced a new 1/24 kit was on the way and all of the speculation started.. maybe a p51b, a gloster gladiator, A Corsair (how awesome would that be!). Or even a P38!! So when the hellcat was announced I was a bit disappointed and a little underwhelmed! That didn’t last long and as more and more details of the kit emerged I came around to the idea and nearing release I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m not disappointed, what a great kit, the plastic is great to work with, the detail is brilliant. And the finished model will have real presence in any collection. I’ve made a start on the cockpit and engine. The plan is to have all the panels open like my bubble top typhoon. And if I’m brave I may also fold both wings but may end up with one out. cheers Matt
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    Make the others jealous

    Wait till you see THIS The pink JS-2 is the gate guard. And the yellow and green "Armoredslidedevice 2000" above is part of the museums playground for children Otherwise all of the display items are properly painted in camo colors or factory finish. Regards - dutik
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    Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire MkVIII - FINISHED!

    It's been slower progress on the build for the past week or so after I finished the cockpit, although we're moving along. For the past couple of days, I've been laboring in the world of "why am I doing all of this nobody's ever going to see it!" with the Eduard PE set. I must say, though, having completed it (without losing a single tiny part - a first for me!) it is satisfying. The enjoyment of modelling for me is the process at least as much as the finished product. PE addons to the main landing gear and radiator fairings (chiseling off the "L" on the left part was more for practice with a new tool - discussed more below) I had a glue misadventure, unfortunately, while attaching the gun cover panels, and had to do a little rescribing, re-riveting, and sanding. I sprayed a coat of black primer to see how my work looked. I decided to wipe it back off so I would have an even surface for final paint, so I sprayed it down with IPA and wiped it off. This inadvertently gave me a panel line wash/preshading effect, which also gave me a really good look at where my scribing was and wasn't adequate. Starboard wing got the worst of the glue trauma, and unfortunately lost a few of those beautifully fine raised fasteners, as you can clearly see here. In other exciting news, though, my backordered Yahu panel finally arrived, so I was able to do this: Followed by this: Unfortunately, I did something wrong with that landing/ID light that is sandwiched between the fuselage halves, and ended up with about 1mm x 5mm gap along the bottom of the fuselage, which I filled with thick CA glue. I take issue with that light, actually, as well as the one that they ask you to delete in the instructions. Both are, I think, contrary to Tamiya's usual elegant process. The one involves trying to cut out a perfect half circle from the bottom of the fuselage half, and the other involves removing a prominently molded piece of detail from the middle of the wing section, which includes both raised and engraved detail. I'm leaning towards being inaccurate and leaving that as is, because I think the likelihood of my messing up the beautiful detail in surrounding areas is great. I also wanted to take a minute to praise a couple of new tools that I'm using during this build. The first is this micro chisel I got from UMM: http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_28&products_id=7431. It's a very precise and beautifully (even dangerously) sharp tool, and I've found several good uses for it already. Highly recommended. I also am trying Gator's Grip for the first time. It is a nice thick PVA glue that dries quite fast and strong. I've used it as well as CA for my PE in this project, depending on the particulars, and found it very useful. FInally, these little guys retail for 8.99 at Harbor Freight, and I got them on sale for 5. The 1/8 shank means that they can be used in my Dremel, but it also happens to be a perfect size for using them as hand drills as well. These have already been very handy, and I'm sure will continue to be.
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    So, here I am with another update. The roof is finished - or finished enough for now. It's looking pretty good to me. It's hard trying to keep it all in scale but I think I am doing alright. A test fit of the bridge and neck was okay but I had to remove some stuff off the back left sidewall to allow the neck to slide all the way in. The fit is not the best - I'll be honest, I'm not sure if it's all me, or part me and part kit or just the kit itself. Either way, I'll have to think carefully about how the final construction is going to go. Well, that's me done for another couple of weeks I think. I'll be making a start on the lower level sidewalls tonight hopefully, then the main body which will be very time consuming I think. Till then Adios amigos Si
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    Real A-10 in black primer

    I've seen modelers using black primer, but I didn't know the real thing has black primer: Here's the link to the article: https://strategypage.com/military_photos/military_photos_20190713153130.aspx
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    Large Scale Flak - 40mm Bofors Gun

    A little something I threw together watching the Cricket World Cup the last two weeks. This is Bronco's 1/35 40mm Bofors gun. It's a good kit, well detailed and fitting but with some frustrating points. Some sections are over complicated with detail included that cannot be seen once completed or photo etch that could have been included as molded on detail with a loss of detail. Also make sure you read ahead in the instructions as parts often need to fit into others in steps down the road, if you mess up the alignment you will have trouble down the road. It would also be nice if Bronco included some extra smaller parts as they are easy to lose. It's finished with Gunze Olive drab and weathered with MiG pigments dry mud and European dust.
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    Given we have a beautiful Mossie in 32nd and Strike wing Mossies are a popular subject would you think a dedicated Mossie rocket set would be a good seller? Id be up for at least two sets...
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    It’s like other dust, only classier
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    I am crossing my fingers for you. In any case you should cut the rear wing as this kind of undercut is very difficult to cast. Resin casters typically separate the shapes to get correct casting results and avoid damaging the molds.
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    Hanriot HD.2 scratchbuild

    This is my scratchbuilt Hanriot HD.2 I built for a group build on WW1aircraftmodels.com. The only commercially made parts are the engine (WNW), machine guns (Eduard), and instrument face decals (Airscale). Enjoy!
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    Ok so some of you may know, I had every intention of producing a HPH Catalina in respect of this GB, and I must be completely honest, of late, I had felt a little burnt out with modelling, that and other "real life" projects getting in the way of any spare time. That said, I am now coming out to play but for various reasons I cannot do the Catalina as intended, (bearing in mind the 32 Sig table theme for Telford was Navy) I have now committed to producing the HK version of the Dambuster Lanc which Neil at HK has graciously made available for my to build in time for Telford. I now have approaching 5 months rather than the 5 weeks I had last year so hopefully I can 1. produce some sort of WIP as required by this GB, 2, savour a little more of the engineering involved in this kit and 3. produce something resembling the famous aircraft. OK so, the kit goes without saying, It is HK's brand new not quite to market yet, Dambuster. I will be adding only Petes Airscale panel set and replacing the kit guns withe the set from master barrels. Started the Airscale panels a while ago as a "standalone" model before even the Dambuster hoved into view. This is where I am at the start. So hopefully I can build and post as I have a very poor track record of WIP builds. Tons of Plastic. A full lancaster with the addition of the upkeep mine and launch mechanism, a second addendum to the instruction booklet and a set of decals representing Guy Gibsons famous special 464 Lancaster. Here goes nothing!
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    Dragon Bf 109E-4B

    Here the IP has now had some paint slopped on and is awaiting clear coat and Airscale decals. Admittedly not the best bit of painting, but I think I can live with it.
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    Dragon Bf 109E-4B

    In an effort to see if I could close up the fuselage before adding the IP, I taped the fuselage halves together to check. IP will most definitely not be able to be added "after the fact", so I've moved on to the IP itself. I'm hoping to have the fuselage all zipped up in a week or so, but I guess we'll see about that.
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    Actually, it’s on the RF-5E Tigereye too.
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    Thanks Kevin and the rest of the gang for the "likes". I'll be starting on the engine assembly and painting next. I've been doing my research so as to build as accurate of a 004 as possible. Stay tuned: Here's where the completed main part of the build is as of now....
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    They do not necessarily reply quickly but I always got a reply from them, typically from David Lajer. Hth Thierry
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    Here is photo.
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    Hello gang... For this update there will unfortunately be no photos as there is nothing really worth photographing in terms of step by step or work in progress type photos. The Albatros is finally finished and sitting in the middle of the shelf, reigning over every other single model i have built in the past ten years. The wings lined up exactly on the strut locations which is typical Wingnut wings, and the rigging went smoothly and was very enjoyable. I added the scratchbuilt flare rack on the left side and finished off by adding the photoetch latches to the lower wing panels. I also painted the bottom of the tail skid iron and finally installed the various subassemblies like the wheels, the home carved prop and other little parts. Touchups were made to the parts that either lost their luster or where paint had flaked off due to handling during the building phase. I am in the process of preparing the text for the RFI section and posting her there... The stars were really lined up for this one, so to say! Thank you to everyone who has checked in during the build and encouraged me and pushed me to go beyond my skill limit! You have all a part in the end result ! Karim
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    I was thinking about having a go at a Banff Mossie but it appears all the Aviology decals are out of stock. Anyone else do Strike Wing subjects for this kit? For that matter, any resin night fighter conversion sets out there?
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    1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat

    I answered my own question. I found an old file envelope that was mailed to me in 1994 from the Grumman Corporation. I wrote at the time asking for some wing fold details for the Hellcat. What they sent were some engineering drawings of the wing fold hinge and photocopies of some overall drawings. On the last page is a fold-out drawing of an F6F-5. The caption at the wing states “ ROCKET MOUNTS When used, 3 Rockets were carried under each wing and protective covers fitted to bottom of fabric surfaces of outboard flaps.” It has the Grumman Hellcat logo on the page so I guess that’s as “official” as it gets. I totally forgot that I had this.
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    RAAF FAC OV-10A Finished!

    Eric, you can't receive messages. I have OV-10A & D manuals on cd if you're interested. Sincerely, Mark
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    Silhouette weirdness

    This is a function of vector graphics, aka CAD drawing. A regular printer (I'm going from memory here so be kind to me) converts the page to raster graphics - left to right, top to bottom, but CAD or vector graphics has a (for printing) a 2D start point, vector and distance. When a printer (plotter, cutter, etc.) that prints vector graphics starts the file it prints the first line drawn in the base program, then subsequent lines in the order they were added to the original file. It gets a little more complicated when multiple files are merged or items are imported into the base file. I think that's why you are seeing the cutter jump to random points during the print cycle. When I was cutting with my laser cutter and printing plans on my plotter (old r/c business) I imported my CAD files to CorelDraw and created layers to help speed the printing process. In Corel I could re-assign and re-order the individual parts to prevent the (seemingly) random printing process. I learned later how to do it directly from the CAD program so I could eliminate the additional work in Corel. Try looking at your file to see if it has been layered. If not maybe experiment with that to see if it changes things. Mark
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    The David Brown should be ready during August. Graham
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    Been busy this weekend making the mould. First part of the mould : Second part : And the first test shot : I'm quite pleased with the result. There's very few air bubbles and most of the details are present on the test shot. Before I cast a second shot, I'll do some clean up on the mould cause there's a couple of spots were the rubber has formed 2 layers in stead of one. The mould could have been a bit wider, I'll take that into account for a next mould. I took out the first test shot (after 24 hrs) before the resin had fully cured. According to the instructions the resin is fully cured in 7 days (!) Should be able to cast the second shot on thursday or friday, will take photos of all angles when the resin has fully cured. Sincerely Pascal
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    IMAM Ro43 1/32 scratch-built

    Hello, Little work on the fin: Contrail profile and Gaspatch turnbuckle. Left upper wing And a blank mouting to motivate me.
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    Make the others jealous

    I've got printed Well, not the whole book. But there is a fistful of my photos inside Regards - dutik
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    1/32 F-5E Kittyhawk Double job

    Hi, guys! After some time in posting the updates of the kits, besides that I had made progress in the kits, I failed in update the jobs. So let's go: I was unhappy with the Wheel bays, so I decided to made some scratch to get a better results. I sanded the original tubing. and created the tubing of the bays using brass tubes. The results: This work gave me so many troubles, tat I decided to made the scratch in only one kit, leaving the other one OOB. Here the two planes completely assembled: Here a modification (I can't resist). The position lights of the kit are quite ugly, and not create a good shape in the wingtip pod. So I discarded them and made new ones, with colored plastic. Much better, I believe: Here, finally I received the Archer rivets set. One part absent in the kit, as the Kittyhawk kit are not an F-5E, but an F-5N, is the windshield cleaning pod. I copied in resin from the pod included in the hasegawa kit. Here applied: So after the correction of some issues, finally I started to paint them. First color in the two(Brown in the 4870 and grey in the 4857) Soon, more updates. Cheers, Paulo.
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    Amongst some recent goodies from Harold I received these F-5E wheels and a counterweight for the RF-5E and F-5F, sadly missing from the kits, as is an ACMI pod which he also makes, which I've bought previously.
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    Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire MkVIII - FINISHED!

    Got some washes on, placard decals from the Barracuda set, a little touch up painting, and a final dull coat. My Yahu IP is on backorder, so this is as far as we go on the cockpit for now. Mar on the starboard sidewall is where I had the oxygen hose attached, but realized with test fitting that it needs to go on after attached to that fuselage side. [/url] My second attempt at HGW belts was much better than the first. I threaded the belts through the buckles while they were still on the sprue, which made things much less likely to go pinging off into the ether.
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    RAAF FAC OV-10A Finished!

    Nice work! If you need more or thinner scale wire bundles, I found that white EZ Line stretched and held together with sections of the thicker EZ Line work tremendously well \
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    1/32 Sikorsky Ilya Muromets - myth?

    Apparently offered by De Agostini as a monthly series build. Has anyone ever seen one in reality? For some unknown reason I have a fascination with this aeroplane, and would would be keen to build a 32nd version. Here are two links from the net, from what I can gather there are 24 issues, but only 7 available? http://mavzolhobby.com/store/deagostini/legend-aviation-scale-132/
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    Very nice indeed! Kev
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    I would recommend Graham's products any day of the week! They are simple to build IMO and if you buy more of those products then I'm confident more will follow! The prices are very fair and the quality outstanding! I've bought several items and I'm very satisfied with all of them. All you need is some five minute two part epoxy glue which is easy to mix, and apply, and it's job done! Give them a try, you won't regret it!
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    Going to follow this one. I really want to make one of these.
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    1/32 F-5E Kittyhawk Double job

    Rudy, thanks for your kind words, but I'm sure of these lights. And a curiosity: The lights on the sidewinder pod are red and green, but the round ligths in the wing are red and blue, in the same way of the ones in the inlets of the fuselage. At least in the Brazilian jets. Cheers, Paulo.
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    Troy Molitor

    MIG-25 FOXBAT 1:48th

    The tiny canopy surrounded by such a massive airframe just makes this interceptor look so menacing. Again awesome efforts going on here. Well done. Troy
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    Hi again Thought I'd share some pics of the successful lighting test of the hangar bay. I'm very happy with how it's come out. The light's aren't too strong which is good. Not far from finishing the top section. The windows have all been drilled out and is now ready for the fun task of installing the fiber. Joy Thanks for looking
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    Afternoon guys! This post will finish up all the interior detail I needed to do before closing both top and bottom halves of the fuselage and then I can proceed to finish off the detail on the exterior of the fuselage. So what needed to be done was the ammunition belts from the emergency ammunition cans and the oxygen bottle for the gunner. I'll start with the ammunition belts.....By using just paper and wire I'd thought I would show you how I went about this task ..photo by photo... 1. The first task was to cut 4 pieces of paper to the length/width of the belts....I used paper as it will bend like a real ammo belt... 2. As you can see I then cut all 4 pieces..(you will see in the next few photos why I did this!)... 3. I then got some garden metal wire twine (I chose this as it looked the right scale for the rounds)... 4. This then had to be straightened using a flat piece of metal rolled across the top of a length of wire...... 5. After measuring the width of the pieces of paper I then had to cut... (loads!!).... of pieces of wire which would replicate the rounds,....laborious task!...although I don't actually mind doing it!! 6. These were the super glued onto 2 of the 4 strips of paper.... 7. Then the other strips of paper were glued over the top of the rounds This is the time that I bent the paper to the shape I needed.... 8. A couple strips of paper were cut and glued to both sides of the belts to make them look more authentic and I then painted them..... So now all I had to do was super glue one end of the belts to the ammo cans and hook up the other ends on a couple of posts....(the reason for this is that because I have exposed the top of the ball turret I couldn't glue them to the entry point of the turret!)...here are a few photos of the task complete...... The last task to do before closing the two halves was to scratch the oxygen tank for the gunner. I have so far made loads of oxygen tanks for this project so I just made them the same way as before....and that is a sanded down piece of balsa wood with plastic strips glued to them!......here it is.... I then glued the tank onto the post and made a couple of paper straps ....to replicate the securing straps! So here is the finished Ball turret connection structure...... So now its at long last time to place the top to the bottom!!..ha ha! I am now getting close to the end of the Radio room section of this B17G....the external detail will now have to be thought about before proceeding......so I'll see you all the next time around! Thanks again for looking in Fozzy
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    Dragon Bf 109E-4B

    I have more than adequate references, probably too much, really, especially given that I tend to not mess with details all that much these days. This is just three of those references. (Even though my books are certainly related to this hobby, I generally see them as a hobby unto themselves.)
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    ade rowlands

    New Modelling Den

    For those interested I’m willing to sell you Deans address. I will consider trades for 1/32 kits.I have an extensive wants list. My plan was to hire a mobile crane, lift the whole bloody shed, contents included and make like a bandit back to my mud hut in the inhospitable Northern hill country. Or alternatively I’m willing to take several kits from Dean to not sell you all his address and test his security. Of course, the only fly in the ointment is he has my address.
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    Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito

    It's the Tamiya 1/32 kit with the Eduard Brassin port engine, Xtracolor paints and Aviaeology decals. The aircraft represents one flown by Squadron Leader Vic Cherry, a Texan who flew with the RCAF's 418 Squadron.
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    IMAM Ro43 1/32 scratch-built

    Good times for scratchbuilders here on LSP - another gem to follow. Excellent start, can't wait to see more!
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    Dont they make the 1/43rd scale (or whatever scale) LSP Mellinium Falcon?
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    evening folks Hi Kyle - I am afraid I have no idea! I am a long way from doing the tail, so I guess I will find out when I get there Hi Oliver, thanks for stopping by the template is one of 6 I got from HLJ made by 'Brain Factory'... they are often out of stock I find so get one while you can.. so, on to the P51.. I remade the seat back as I wasn't happy with the proportion of the rod frame so having done it 3 times already including test parts, one more wasn't too painful.. ..behind the seat are two natural metal struts which carry big springs I guess for damping or seat adjustment, so I taped some card to the seat back to get equal spacing and set about making the brackets that hold them to the seat back.. ..I made the springs by winding fuse wire around a brass rod - I CA'd one end of the wire to the rod so it was easy to spin the rod and get a neat looking facsimile.. ..these were then added before the lower brackets were fitted.. I will get the spacing of the spring 'rings' more even once I have finished building it.. ..I added some small tube fittings where the seat bottom meets the frame and as it is such a weak attachment I went belt & braces underneath with a big bit of plastic to give the set-up strength & rigidity.. ..there are two channel type brackets that brace the two seat parts sort of where the pilot's elbows go so after trying folding litho and failing, I settled on filing down some brass 'U' shape section to get a similar profile.. ..and added with some micro bolts... the main structure is complete now, it just needs all the levers and fittings added.. ..I now need to make the bracket you can see at the top of the seat structure where it mounts to the armour plate - I was going to do it in 3D, but I kinda want to keep building so will have a stab at it tomorrow.. ..in other news, Denzil from Aircorps Aviation has been in touch and to say I am thrilled with what he and Eric have sent me would be a huge understatement!! Yesterday I received all the artwork for all the placards & labels in the real Lope's Hope which I will be able to copy to make a bespoke set of decals for the cockpit and all the airframe internals - amazing.. those guys are so supportive, I am hoping one day when the real one retires from flying I can put the model with it wherever it is displayed.. ..in other news part 2 - don't try and catch a dremel diamond slitting disc spinning at 15,000RPM if you drop the flexi-drive... I did and have some nasty cuts on my left hand (thankfully) so may find things a bit difficult for a few days.... what a dummy... TTFN Peter
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