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    Tamiya 1/32 F-4E HAF SRA

    Hi guys Just finished my Tamiya 1/32 F-4E as an HAF SRA Hope you like it. I will try and take better photos during the weekend. 20190313_203120 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203122 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203137 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203125 by periklis_sale, on Flickr 20190313_203139 by periklis_sale, on Flickr
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    Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

    This will sound a bit eclectic. but....Tamiya has never done an F-86 Sabre in any scale. So how about making a nice 32nd Sabre.. with optional parts for at least 3 variations. Just for me? I,ve been good,really I have.
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    Revell 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair

    Dad gave me this kit when he was cleaning out his study. The fuselage was unfortunately wrecked, but thanks to Kagemusha, who was able to supply me a fuselage he didn't need. I'll be building the kit for my old man, not sure on colourscheme yet, probably build it with the wings folded too.
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    Forgot the redone head armor. Still missing the fastening bolts
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    Dragon BF 110 D

    Here is a small update i've painted and finalized the engines, i used some Mig pigments and oil staining from their armor engine weathering kit. im pretty happy with the results. although i did not check how easy it is to leave and engine cover off this kit! The exhaust are painted using alclad exhaust Manifold i really love the look. as for the cockpit, ive did some detail painting but there is allot more to do before its done. i did attack the IP but im really unsatisfied and i think im goin to strip it down and start over. I would really like to find a detailed tutorial on how to pain instrument panels has this is always a pain point of my builds and i feel i could use a better technique More soon!! Thanks for following along
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    Hi I have been working on this kit for a little while now. Some pics of where i am at the moment. Everything not stock is scratchbuilt. Working only a little bit every day so it will take a while to complete. Finished control column, redone engine primer and Dunlop brake relay valves Elevators control crankbell Seat support frame with holes and rivets Rudder bars redone with adjusting star wheels and thread. Heel board work started Control column rework Back and bottom armor for the seat Bottom armor in place and seat back cushion Vincent
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    Hi all, While walking through town with the wife, we went in a 1 euro/Outlet Kind of shop, just to pass some time. There, hidden in a pile of puzzles and other useless toys I saw a 1/32 Tamiya F14 Tomcat "Black Knights", I could hardly believe my eyes! Upon checking the box I saw the original pricetag of €149 ($152), it was reduced to €75 ($77) and when my wife asked what the price was, the girl at the counter said it was €35 ($36)! So without hesitatiion I bought the F14, and a puzzle thing for the wife. A very nice start of the Weekend! A happy Sunday to all of you! Rob
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    Hobbyboss B-24: no turret fix in sight

    I'm not making changes to the Consolidated turret. I am reworking the completely bogus Emerson turret to look as close to the original as possible. Will it be perfect? Doubt it. Not even the Tamiya 1/48 Wildcat pleased everybody. But for $15 a piece, most will get a dinner and a show, and go home happy. I will keep all of the non clear details. The wind covers over the machine guns are wrong sized, That's the only real change to the Emerson you'll see.I am not doing any interior work. My mission is to eliminate the stupid seams, incorrect size of the Emerson, and make these two sets affordable.
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    Thanks boys! Its growing on me now that I have implemented the execution of the full scheme. I wanted to try to replicate the way some German mottling looked, with consistently larger mottles in some areas and varying sized mottles in others. I didn't really love the look with the consistently sized mottles on the fuselage, but it was all part of the plan, so I forged on, hoping Id like it more when fully done. I broke out the airbrush again last night and finished off the RLM 80 mottles on the wings. The wings have a closer pattern to the real deal, with smaller and larger mottles mixed in on the wings to break up the pattern, and give it a bit more of a random, but still even look. I also removed the masking on the fuselage white stripe as well to see better how things looked. Im much happier overall with the scheme now: I've got most of the markings made in my Silhouette cutter program including the crosses (made those before I purchased the Maketar set) but will use most of the markings from the Maketar set, since it was designed for the model, and already sized correctly. Thanks to our own Mark (Mark31) I also now have the JG 27 decals too. Other than the crosses, unit markings, swords and oak leaves w/ victory marks, and swastikas, I still need to make the yellow 14, as well as the "Otto" for the port side cockpit fuselage. Im working from home today, so Im hoping I can get a start on those, and start adding the markings tomorrow. Cheers!
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    Just to let you know I am alive, work has begun on the inboard landing gear doors. Here is what I want them to look like (Dottie Mae): I mean to include the following features: 1. The hydraulic actuator rod attach (rod not shown here). 2. The stainless steel doubler that has a clearance dish for the tire. 3. Two rollers that help lock the door in place with gear up (one shown above on bottom of door). 4. The two goose neck hinge fittings along with matching fittings on the wing rib. Here is my progress so far: The outer skin is .020 plastic sheet, the build-up is .156 tall by .08 thick strip, and the inner skin is .015 plastic sheet. The hardest part is to file and grind the spherical shaped dish on the inner surface, and then get the inner skin to lay down inside the dished area. Next post these will be finished, and mounted onto the wing. At that point, it will be time to permanently install the wings to the fuselage and permanently install the wheels onto the gear struts. I am approaching the finish line albeit very slowly! To go are bomb pylons, centerline bomb shackles, and pitot mast.
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    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    Thanks Marcel, Brian and Alain! Alain, I really enjoyed the Scotch Brite technique you suggested. The point of all these techniques including salt, and Marmite, and whatever tickles ones fancy - is to achieve a certain randomness that nature provides, but the brain-guided hand can't. Modellers like Fancherello use the sponged on masking fluid followed by the Scotch Brite to really heighten the effect. I thought I would just highlight two further weathering aspects I have incorporated on the Fulcrum. The first is fluid leaks on the underside. I used to use thinned oil paint for this, but found that it dried matt and didn't give the impression of oil or other lubricants. This time round I used Tamiya clear enamels with a drop of black as required, and I am quite pleased with the gloss translucency it achieves. Then the issue of scratches. The MiG-29 is full of panels that appear to be regularly removed to access the systems underneath. The fasteners are loosened or secured with a large screwdriver, and many scratches adorn the panels (much to the crew chief's disgust). This is a real challenge, and I eventually decided to only add the odd scratch here and there so that it didn't look too contrived. They have to be even thinner than I managed in order to be really convincing. The next post may well be in "Ready for Inspection"... Cheers, Sean
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    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    Having reached an amazing US$30k in donations, and with Paul's insurance company now starting to pay out, we have decided that the GoFundMe campaign has run its course, and will be deactivated soon. I've disabled donations in the interim, and would like to thank each and every one of you who so generously supported Paul and his family during this difficult time. It's made a world of difference! Hopefully we'll see Paul back to churning out modelling goodies sooner rather than later! Kev
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    BIG Stuka - Airfix 1/24 finished

    Yes, good point. Although I have seen a period photo with cushions in... Thanks Alain. Still undecided! I’ve just about finished the cockpit. A couple of odds and bobs to add. The HGW seat belts really bring it up a notch. Apart from that, I really haven’t added that much which I think is testament to the kit. Hair spray for the wear and tear. Generic placards from Airscale. Guy
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    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    Working on the Oberursel engine... Different stages of the engine detailing, spark plugs + scratched lifter arms. Engines are painted with 'oily steel' dark/black wash + 'fresh engine oil' - Exhaust pipes are painted with Alclad exhaust manifold. Cheers: Kent
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    Working on the new rudder/tail combination of the Curtiss F-5-L... Drawing of the rudder/tail transferred to 1 mm styrene sheet. Thin 'stringers' applied to both sides of the rudder. The outer skin is another styrene sheet 0.5 mm with 'ribs' made with a ballpoint pen from the inside... Rib tape made from 0,15 mm styrene strips with added stiching. Test fitting of the rudder/tail. Cheers: Kent
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    Hobbyboss B-24: no turret fix in sight

    I think I have the two turrets correctly proportioned. Consolidated on left, and Emerson on right and in first cast resin. I will fill in the seam between the new top and the turret bottom. Then make a new mold. from there I will cut, chop, and grind the upper and lower dies, then make molds. I hope to have the Emerson done tomorrow. Then on to the Consolidated. That should not be too difficult to get into production. This weekend is looking better for release.
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    9th Hog finished. HGW wet transfers & seat belts Barracuda wheels Maketar mask All colours Mr.Paint/MRP
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    Special Hobby V-1

    This is Special Hobby's 1/32 scale V-1. A lovely little kit, the usual lo-run moulding features, a bit of etch and a good decal sheet. All paint by Mission Models with a final wash of Flory Black Weathering fluid. Very fast and easy to build and paint. The rear end of the fuselage and engine was assembled and painted in one factory, the explosive section in another and the nose guidance system at a third, all painted where manufactured. Like most munitions, they would only come together as a complete unit prior to launch, being assembled and adjusted in the local bomb dump. Hence the mottle cammo on the back end, the linear colour demarcation on the explosive section and a freehand wavy colour separation on the nose. Some areas were treated to a very thin wash of Mission Models Tyre Black to change the RLM83 and 76 on some sections to emphasise the disparate part manufacturing.
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    Mark M

    Revell Bug

    jesus, this is fiddly, im glad its in flight this is way way too complex ive treated it like the old airfix bucc, glued one end clamp (add a little CA) then move down bit by bit
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    Kevin H.

    Sponsors & Prizes

    Thank You very much for the 1/24 P-47 razor back. It will be awhile before I can get around to building it. I am in the process off building two 1/32 HK.lancasters so that will tie me up a bit. But thanks again . Cheers, Kevin Haan.
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    Fokker pair

    Hi all, Apart from final weathering, the fuselage front end is done, Mike
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    Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

    Very nice! So how did you do the different "stage" shots in the same frame without multiples?
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    Mark M

    Revell Bug

    just to give you an idea of the stand
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    Bf 109F-4/Trop 8./JG27 - mottling

    During sawing of the exhausts the cheap handle I use for my saws broke. So the test fit of the Barracuda exhausts and the Hasegawa heat shields is postponed. Since I'm finally adding an air tank to my compressor, it's completely stripped down and I can't airbrush the rear cockpit compartment and the canopy. So I turned my attention to some small stuff. First of all the wingtip lights. Hasegawa provides clear parts and an effort on the light bulb: Well this good enough for small scale but in 1/32 there are better options. Stretching some styrene, sanding a spherical end and some polishing later: Those macro photos show every nasty imperfect seam. I cleaned it up right after I saw the photo. The clear rod may seem a bit bent but it#s just not centered in the hole because I left some clearance for the clear blue/red paint. Then it was time for some real fiddling - the brake line on the landing gear. Getting this distinctive feature right is a must for a Bf 109 build! So I went ahead with some 0.2mm copper wire, thin stripes of thick aluminium foil and the trusty Tamiya tape: That's it for today. More to come soon!
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    HB B-24J "Going My Way"

    More interior bits. Still a lot to do. The rather empty bulkhead in the radio compartment I'm jazzing up a bit based on photos and how Monogram did it... Rather surprising how few photos there seem to be of places like the nose section (lots of D, not many Js). I freely admit I'm going for effect as much as accuracy, but since the plane's shaped all wrong anyway.... You can see the seats. Working on the belts and weathering. I can't complain about how this goes together--so far, no real issues apart from those circular molding things you have to fill or sand off--but that's most models anyway. Instrument panel up next. I may come up with some sort of blanking part to cover the back of it, not that it'll be terribly visible but I'LL KNOW IT'S THERE!
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    Thanks, fellas! The 1/32 scale Bristol Beaufighter cockpit design is nearly complete. Some of what you see here will change. Need some help from you Beau experts. Reference photos of wartime and restored aircraft do not agree regarding the position of the RT.9D radio for early aircraft (BoB) nor the TR.5043 radio for later aircraft. Perhaps the position differed from aircraft to aircraft and over time. Any help confirming radio positions of the TR.9D radio and TR.5043 radio is hugely appreciated. Also, detailed reference photos of the pilot's seat cushion and heater box have eluded me.
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    Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

    A fresh, new perspective, never expressed on this forum before... jk
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    John Everett

    Cessna 172, Nichimo, 1/20

    Cessna is done. A few pictures here and the whole series (and everything else- including the red Cessna - I've ever built) on the website link. http://www.coldbasementmodels.com/?page_id=334
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    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    When the paint dryed I could tape the wings and fuselage. It looks like this after quite a while When this was done I could spray the smoke I also installed the control cables, and fiwed attached the wings to the fuselage Finally it's looking like an airplane Next is the torpedo. The longer I looked at it, the uglyer it became. The grooves are way way to big. So I decided to make a new one. Now that i finally have a cnc-millingmachine i must use it. Thanks for watching Ferry
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    I know, I know! ANOTHER Tamy Corsair build! Forgive me for choosing a kit that is more than well represented on these boards but it is next on my list and I wanted to share my work here. I'm primarily a modeler of Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs so this is going to be new territory for me. Hopefully, I'll receive some help along the way and hopefully, the build journey will be of interest to at least some of you. Many of us grew up watching Baa Baa Black Sheep on TV and I was one of those kids. So I'm going to do one of Greg "Pappy" Boyington's many reputed mounts: Bu No. 17740 of VMF-214 based on Vella La Vella in 1943. The kit will be, of course, the magnificent Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1a kit. I've heard so many glowing reports of this masterpiece that I half expect the kit to magically build itself! I'll be adding some customary bits and pieces including the Barracuda cockpit stencils, Barracuda resin wheels to replace the kit's vinyl tires, HGW belts and the Vector resin cowling flaps. Markings will be masked using Montex masks. Fundekals produces a nice set of dekals for some of Boyington's Marine Corsairs and the informative PDF instructions will be used as a painting guide. Does anyone have an interest at looking at the sprues of this kit? I don't want to bore anyone but it is actually beneficial for me to present the sprues as a way to familiarize myself with the kit contents before I start. I'm not as familiar with the Corsair as I am with Luftwaffe fighters and I will be using past builds here as references, of which there should be many. I thought I was being cute when I picked up a True Details parachute to serve as a visual interest prop but there are at least 3 Corsair builds that have had the same bright idea as me. Takeaway?.. there will be nothing new here. Except what I bring to this build. And at this moment... it ain't much.
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    Following a waffling back and forth between projects, having bumped the dino-girl thing until I can decide on what base I want...post apocalyptic, alternate universe or what...I pulled a few different things out of the stash, fondled...(I mean checked the fit)...of the plastic parts and decided this one needs resin that one needs decals...don't want to build that one just yet, I settled on this resin kit from the same maker (Scratch Aeronautics) of the Casa C235 I posted earlier is the Casa C-295-W. The bigger brother of the 235. This version has turned up winglets, and a longer fuselage and different fit of the engines otherwise it'll be very similar to the 235 that's parked on the shelf right above my head as I sit here typing. Some pictures... the bag o bits wings, needing the tips changed to the winglets off to the side opening up the windows and cleaning up the resin a bit the bigger pieces under construction please bear with me as I try to make this look airplaneish
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    Wichita 06: VF-1 Wolfpack F-14A Tomcat

    This is the Tamiya 1/48 kit with DXM VF-1 Wolfpack decals. These are my favorite markings for the F-14, and I was glad to finally be able to build this. No dramas with the kit (as expected), and I just used Eduard wheels and the Quickboost gun vents, probe, and beavertail in addition to the decals. This is also my first venture into 1/48 scale in years, and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. Flankers next! Cheers, Tom
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    Thanks gents. Happy to report that this is now finished! Thanks to all that followed along. Studio photos soon.
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    Lukgraph Curtiss F6C-1 FLoat cat no. 32-17 Scale: 1:32 Kit designer: "Dziadek" Jacek Diorama + trolley in set Full resin kit Kit contain: etched parts, decals, panel cutted sticker, color manual, windscreen template + foil More photos: http://www.lukgraph.pl/?p=1185
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    Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

    I dont think there are enough memes in the world to describe how much I am in agreement with this...............
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    Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

    I would be REALLY amused if Tamiya did a helicopter. They would be torn between doing it in 1:35 or 1:32, a terrible, rediculous, pointless problem dumped on the modelling world, 1:35 being one of the stupidest of decisions ever made in the modelling world, in my humble opinion! Made by..... Tamiya!!! Ha!
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    Mark M

    Revell Bug

    OK so unlike most kits this starts with the engines. This kit worries me on page 1, how many kits instructions tell you to remove flash!! its a new kit FFS then they tell you to file down surfaces, now i may be wrong but if your making a kit, surely youd make it fit rather then ask the builder to file bits down? so moving on to my build, as mines going to be inflight, i need to insert some 4mm tubing into the jet pipes, so off comes the end of the rotor head the tube was then glued in place with epoxy, sadly i couldnt push them in further because it would foul the tail plane fixture. However the fit is so tight on the engine face and the exhaust and ive packed this with epoxy, it will never move
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    Revell FW-190F8 gunsight replacement?

    Quickboost makes a decent Revi 16b. That is what I was planning on using when I get to that point in my build. Bill
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    Any Tamiya 1/32 rumours?

    I wonder why people enter into discussions they think are pointless. Because it's fun ?
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    WNW Handley Page 0/400

    Funny I was looking at that Ilya Muromets just recently. For the money, I’ll wait for the hopeful day wnw does one. Other opinions may vary
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    me 109 k4

    I have the Hasegawa 1/32 K-4 kit in my stash and am planning a future build. I haven't looked at it closely but I'm guessing the open tail wheel doors are similar to the 1/48 Hasegawa K-4 kit, which I have built. On that kit, I removed the doors and used a piece of sprue to close the area off.
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    1/32 F-4J Phantom

    Thanks guys for your comments. Kev, I have adjusted the link now so that should help with other readers. This build will take a bit to get going as I clear a back log of projects and wait to get the AM for the kit. In the mean time I have continued to open up some vents (Carefully)and get rid of some of the raised panels. I have also started to modify the intakes to address the issue of the seamless intake trunks. Thanks for reading. Gord
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    Thanks Scott! I'll keep tabs on those sites to see if I can incorporate the metal exhausts on this build. I'm still feeling out this kit and don't really have a clear path forward, especially when it comes to the cockpit. It's a multi-step process with many, many small parts. Most of it is contained in the central cockpit assembly but there is also stuff that needs to be hung on the fuselage walls. It's hard to figure out what to paint, when to paint it and in what order. I have to account for any added details (which won't be too many) and the Barracuda data stencils. There are just so many of them and I don't want to put in myself in a position where I can't apply the decals properly. I selected the forward cockpit bulkhead to test my cockpit painting procedure. I'm going to lay down the base color, Interior Green, on bare plastic (no black base), highlight raised structure using a lightened Interior Green and pick out any details with a fine brush. I'll then give it a dark pastel wash. Since the bulkhead will be largely hidden and comprised of only two parts with no stenciling data, I thought it was a good place to start. I'll have to figure out weathering on the more accessible parts of the cockpit like the seat, foot pedals, etc.
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    Tamiya F-16C conversion to F-16A

    For the life of me I can't remember where I got the aftermarket seat from. The more I look at it, the more I want to repaint it or go with something different altogether. Some of these jets actually have the folding pitot tube although I can't say if my specific AC does. The rear deck is a bit different so I had to make a few changes. Removing the vent also removed the rivet detail. But positive rivet decals to the rescue! Onto the tail. This is probably the biggest conversion detail of the build since the base is different from the C along with the panels around it. I uses PMWP's tail for this which fits very well and only needed a little filler for minor gaps. It took a little bit of work to blend it in but nothing out of the ordinary. I don't show it in the photos but I added some posts for reinforcement where the base attaches to the fuselage. I didn't to this initially and ended up breaking it off while doing some painting. You shouldn't have to do this though unless you are a total disaster waiting to happen like me! One of the hard parts was attaching the kit tail to the base since there isn't a lot of glue surface and it's difficult to get if perfectly straight. I added some posts which helped a lot once I made sure the posts were straight. Blended the area using superglue so it would be easier to rescribe later. Before After first primer. Still needs a bit of finishing but I'm happy with it so far... Thanks for stopping by fellas! I'll finish some more photos tomorrow and post them... Bryan
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    Thanks guys. Tiz hard on the airbrush hand doing ultra tight, small patterns so have to break things up into many sessions. Bit of progress: Cheers
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    Antenna all made up, glued, and painted. Decals are on...there’s only 14 total so this was the easiest decal session ever! Microsol applied. Off traveling for a few days. Good time to let it dry. Clear coat when I return then it’s time to foil the exhaust and add the intakes on top of the engine area. Also, found the perfect size brass tube to make the pitot out of at the LHS this morning.
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    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    Thanks Marcel, Squizzy and Ben! In the meantime I have managed to get some more paint down. All the greys are in place, but even at fifty shades, it needs a bit more. As with the MiG-23 build, I sponged on some masking fluid and then gave it a coat of very thin white/ochre mix. here you can see the subtle and variable way it breaks the plain surface. Glossing the model was done with Tamiya (acrylic) X-22 and levelling thinner - a first for me. It will take some time to master the art (I assume), and micromesh had to rescue my "satin" coat. The nice thing about the micromesh is that it starts the weathering process in a natural way, exposing high spots and ridges! The Luftwaffe decals are from AirDOC, and although quite old (2002), did the job just fine. Some silvering had to be treated with chemistry, and one or two of the decals are oversize by about 10-20%, but it is the only way to do this scheme as far as I know. I really enjoy the decals on the vertical stab! Decals are provided for every single panel on the Fulcrum, but here again I saw the potential for madness - and avoided it... After spraying a coat of micro flat (more like satin) on the relevant parts - here we are ready for final assembly. There really are a lot of parts, and in my mind clearly separates an aircraft build from armour. There are some metal leading edges on the MiG-29, and they often look black in photo's. Here I buffed a white aluminium leading edge with gun metal pigment to achieve the look. Almost there, Sean
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    Hey Gazza! Thank you, my friend! It's all the same plastic right? Some things are going to much simpler. No mottling, for example. However, the weathering and fading on these Marine aircraft is going to be a challenge to replicate. I have the base colors in both Mr Hobby Aqueous and AK Real Colors and they are way too vibrant and dark. So I have to put on my thinking cap and ponder how to approach the painting. Thankfully, I have lots of time before I get to that stage! Any show about WW2 caught my interest when I was growing up. Was the documentary series, The World At War, ever broadcast in Germany? I remember being engrossed in that whenever it aired. Thanks Guy! I'm jumping around a bit on this build. I'll be leaving for a short trip to Hawaii in a couple days so I'm not ready to jump in full bore yet. So just checking things out... working on small details. I took a look at the Vector resin cowl flaps. I figured that I could at least get the casting block off. Fairly easy to do since the connection between the block and the flaps is very thin. It only required a light sawing around the circumference to free the flaps. But the flaps are pretty delicate and have a very thin ring along the top edge. This connection broke during sawing and had to be re-attached using CA glue. Also, one of the corners of the flaps was busted off. It appears that this was already broken before I worked on it. I used a piece of thinned sheet styrene to patch the corner. In the photos, I can see a small hole/crack in one of the flaps that I didn't notice before. Should be an easy patch. I've been reviewing other Corsair builds online. There is some wonderful work on Corsairs and I found one here at LSP by Wolf Buddee that gave me a little mini-project to do... the throttle quadrant. I basically copied what Wolf described in words and photos. I modified the quadrant by chopping off the levers, adding slots to the top of the quadrant using a razor saw and then adding new levers made from small bits of photoetch brass. The knobs are blobs of white glue but they seemed to have dried looking like raisins and not round balls. I may have to re-do them. I hope Wolf doesn't mind me copying his work. I'm not able to do everything that he has done in his amazing build but following his work did give me inspiration to try some of his techniques. Thank you Wolf! I probably won't do anything significant until I return from Hawaii next week. So until then...
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    Well it's been nearly a month since I posted any progress. It's been slow these days, because of a whole lot of life, which is preventing any big pushes. Instead it's a little at a time. Frustrating. Anyway, a major milestone has been reached, which is hanging of the completed flaps (both of them). I will show this on the airplane, as complete as it is right now. RH flap, fully deployed: LH flap fully deployed: Pan back some: I don't know if the pictures convey this - we have here a gigantic model. It's hard to pick it up without bumping it into something. The wings are not permanently installed yet - I want to wait at least until the inboard LG doors are complete and installed onto the wing undersides. That way I am dealing with a smaller assembly. A couple more pics: The flaps added another degree of completeness to my eye, occupying some space under the wings. Now it is on to the inboard LG doors which once complete will add more to the completed look, and occupy more of that space. After the doors, I get to tackle the bomb pylons - yikes! The LG door layout is tricky and difficult to get right. The parts will be scratch built, and will hang by two goose-neck hinge fittings per side. Also the hydraulic actuator in the gear bay will be attached. Visible parts that have to be right. Stay tuned for that!
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    My name is Mikheil (Misha) rochikashvili from tbilisi, georgia 20180303_133345 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr 13349 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr I make architectural models last 5 years besides my main work. thats why have no time for bench 20190109_075609 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr me and my wife 20190105_131148 by mikheil Rochikashvili, on Flickr
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